İki Arkadaş Fatih Yolunda
-Is ferry approached?
-Already! -So out on the bridge.
-Oh, on the passengers inside! ..
-But do you know,
Behold, not like those old boats of people!
"Incline" the statement said, shy, goes back to the expense,
As fort he rage that the bridge could give to a tos Loser robust belly drilled six checks
Wood swallows've got a little pain in my ...
Though bringing the physician, the physician does not at that time!
Dressing makers, fortunately, master things:
Ax in his hand, income, three cuts, would put a five ...
"Patience at the beginning of the Yankee Omar!
Hold Memi! "I'd
look surgery, done by leaps and bounds!
Amasra coast is a very old institution;
The ball is lackeys surgeon ...
Estimate now!
Go to the forest today sharpened ax:
Clean, no matter not leave for tomorrow!
Also learn how to plant a little ...
The man you too! See what you think ...
You learn this in science ...
That science does not say:
gives exact results! Other trends fitting, and he hardly is natural.
-To do this science in accordance with what is left to blast
-Why, if you seen the exit gezseydin
Know the foot of the forest reserves
Zigi can not accommodate today has become a rabbit the ridge,
the sun does not know at all the green mountains
heap stack rocks
seraplar ages
again threw a great deal of wit in the morning no,
not my shopping with my imagination believe that:
I told her what I might see I love the most is that my profession in the world get word,
such as wood,
get the one true the road is not bad,
but it will be quite steep Wood said, the strange,
what came to my mind, look:
No other product was a poor country
Although there are the most abundant
were the property of wood land man talk back is a joking way,
but not the man.
We would like wood from
Europe soon Do not send our buds at that time I wish I could walk a little faster acting heavily ...
I would like to go slow to save time do not have time to win the rebound like a bird shame or not,
could not make out the meaning of this word without thinking about
why it denied the appeal
We spend time count gain now means that
we have any business no,
I have a moment Is it so important what job?
I want to make prayer fatihte Will you come?
come on
what is harder is no longer hang around the
blood and sweat in the heat sink?
if the purpose of prayer
The mosque is full of temperamental like in like in
Enter the purpose of prayer is not only a man
who preached to the public will come out today in over lunch okay now the time to listen to nonsense
Like it still calls it ridiculous plague the nation's superstitious beliefs but not all at once or ruin job
Do you know what genius grew schoolIs genius?
Let's look at the large pouch never
bored taken without getting bored
Why assign dear, if you do not believe, I tell you.
stop known to waste five or ten names
ignore fatigue: their job is not to memorize but,
we wonder who is preaching to savuran herz What if ...
no, or ultimately,
a turbaned mullah we are with you,
brother, came in the morning only that the logic of the silent Inada
I never see them mercilessly
with covered head elders of the ummah is not unfair to belittle Although
I was in the days to come and a sermon was the finger remains,
God knew in his mouth
There is a stubbornness at times what win
come along with me, conqueror
Get to be here I come guidance came? well done
Let us assume on my way to a flat
now say the remote close to the landing ramp to ask
-Let’s go slowly, come on enter the right arm
Oh, look at the grandeur of the temple is full of these fertile;
looks at looks at enough of: I have caught absolutely in love
He wants with really the beauty of the eyes ...
buggiest foreigners around, but very clean!
shack is similar to the following structures,
they want to creep into the temple in the bad- tempred
- yes, I saw that liked square distance;
emoved and subsequently spread slowly!
Foundations need to wake up, so now...
- let's say I woke up one side when I save
until you see the black stones on gold,

How to clean up, how is demolished?

no,saying,mosque cover the belt;

in less than destroyed them one by one

how to shut off?

- quite simple:
following area, days inn that was the way, is no longer garden;

they will pass it yard pass to prayer

saying shut off! man, real smart!

recently attempted to destroy the other gallery either!
- that is to say they are mad as a hatter!
Will you ask? or crazy?
How does the human hand in a crazy,
Put out this gallery, or this great passage?
We said that “We have known our civilization that is old…”
But they will tear to pieces stone of the document only,
Go around 'in the wide streets without getting bored!
You said that He wasn’t shamed.This is true.
-Not You’re quick-eyed!
-I do not understand either, but it must have been very valuable
-Is this passage really very nice?
-What does this mean? He might be talking to pages of knowledge of architecture,
with the sleepy eyes, such as
-The beauty of the gorge, overlooking some batter on the ...

-Is it okay to wonder if the belt so the knowledge of architecture?

-What did you tell? -I s this belt nice?

-have a science or an engineering “tersimi'
-implementation procedure of the so-called ...
The application of his mastery.
-that is to say it is very important his investigation.
-your eyes are good ...
what time is it?
I fix it... stop, stop it already installed ...
-It has been one of the ten and a half, the other has been three ...
-How beautiful! ... in time when
there was already something like that.
but the big mistake
kamer account the solar cycle, the Gregorian
Three kinds of smart folks who know say the calendar memorization,
Have you ever solo stops at a time?
Not stop, yes!(L)
How to have a beautiful building on the bank?
-Not so much Not bad, if not compare, a shaped wall Remain, such as next to the mosque...

-Strange! If you look with my eyes

How wonderful!How majestic!

-Then another...If they ask for style “is” not attempt to
First of nobility in art should be...
This hybrid! No, not at the hybrid ...Maybe a lot of style
That the mixed state, to resolve if he attempt:
Long!Noble looking for work in:Look the fountain, here…
He poured boil over, the high poetry,
That witnessed the creation of purity:Original spotlessly clean;
Blood vessels in a floating, life in the Ottoman Empire!

See the ecstasy in this art in the spirit of ancestors,

Tightened the city’s tightened a little children!

-Boredom, old guys, a rare

It had been said that a disease that has passed now!


-Changed mood because this century,

-Oh, these “mood” a “ideal”

Or not it a shame, it tickles my nerves!

-Why do you get angry?

Location bigotry?

Now you must change the old mindset a little bit…
"Language-no Do not innovate!"I mean madness

-No, not that bigotry...We, however:

For one thing should be considered to be necassary,

A new professionals should be left to be done at…

Is that the way we think?

-Of course.

-Where! Evidence:your own words

-Who, me?

-Yes! - What I said?Forget…

-Darling now “mentality!”
-Did you like it?Do not have a French “mentality?”
Its for…
-Or worry about is already here!

If we take the same style of language in British usage, French usage

What happens after the state of their own style language?

Each nation must have the weight of its own tongue.

If this is not easy to develop and progres.

-A little or a conservative opinion, which now…
-Yes, the conservative…
Do you know, in this fashion

-Mainstream begins…

-Start!What happens?
-Do not placethe amount advanced;tongue is broken.
Today, what has happened mascara guise of the nation;
Language is like that!
-Understand, stubborness…

-Do you know what this poor state of Umman?

“Yehafü” rattlesnke i’lali gravity!

-How, how?

-Especially patience:
”actually afraid of…”
Who teach at the heart say many sentences
Sir, i’lal course close to end
Present at the time talking about the shape of two rhyming
I always used to say, this is obviously atradition
“When the word and before him without movement vav (a Arabic letter)
Salim’s letter if the without movement,
He reads long vav folk alliance…
So even if we extend our hand:was Yehafü”… yes!
Matter what we do in Europe, with the actual movement according to us:
“Then we’ve done, even!” saying now simulate

What an innovation of this kind of no hope?

-But, “i’lali of yehafü” so hard ha!

-The summary of his, or would take a lot more!
-Do Not bad?Look, I have not heard of the hill plunged chat somebody
-Indeed it is! Have taken a long way ...We do the following?
-The burn school look ruined fountain at the weeping…
The old fire debris they were here!
-So, we are near Süleymaniye Mosque
- "I mean," Are there or? In front of you!
-But the man, How do I look to climb back before dark!
Today, looking above us on our work, Maintaining even frustrate, do not...
-Indeed it is! The following is the temple?
We look enchanting!
-Drop the mosque in the world does not work like that;
But what these monuments, these madrasas is!
Remote look like silver belts,
Willingly embrace the unity that the beautiful assistant;
And three by the noose thrown around his waist;
But not the waist, have not passed into the hands of her skirt!
Not the Son of man?Rise in the wisdom
How amekiri embrace the person of God?
Yes, that splendid palace of unity in front of the madrassas,
Each time the respect of science, religion represents the opposite
In madrassas chain like waves on domes,
As if closing people prostrate before God!

-Today, but so too?

-If not, who has flaws?

We are wicked sons, our fathers, innocent
Gougelike a rat in a belt of every four steps,
Disguised as squalid houses grandfather opened it?
No, grandfather hospitals have made you look!
Besides the faculties of medicine, what's done! Do not have a huge mass on what you see?
Faculty of Medicine.
I mean, this school, a medical faculty?
Shame, shame! - What is it a shame?
- You also get to see you do not know ...
- If see so ... But "we do not know!"
you said again!
- Medical science was honorable so that the location,
Our old teacher in madrasah most distinguished persons
Trained as doctors were people familiar with the theology school science sciences.
Alas, that great generation disloyal sons,
Just left, never looked at these institutions;
What do people see, when you enter the madrasah!
Will move some of that I've been asking:
Step wreck at the beginning of labor for centuries,
Behold the feet can not be grated!
Eye care if you look at a stack:
Or buried secrets of a researcher's messy;
Or works of a scholar of anatomy hidden ...
And how sad!
Lecterns large marble-handled all the mud ...
I mean:
His teacher did not memorize anatomy;
His body was the length of the book ser stones,
Has found the face of open and read.
Today, it lies in bookrests he was dead;
unmarried is boiling beans on them!
- Require the crooked street Vefâ'ya lo ...
-Yes, it goes down Vefâ'ya
- I think quite a few distant ...
- Not at all ...
You apparently tired!
I forgot, you know I came in there already.
-Deviates the time, right now Suare to Fidelity.
-Allows you to be like a little…
Or at least I was you! - Take what you get: The tomb, the stone mansion, police station ...
But it challenged the hell? This is almost a way ...
Weird or not?
Once upon a time ...
maybe it was square Although the increasingly closed, the old name remained.
There are quite a few coffee ...
Where does not? Everywhere!
These pathetic folks have suffered with him in trouble!
Would look into the world is not infinite, the future of thinking!
Lie down on peykeye: means you find the
Here after! Imiş first time riding the old boat;
Caique slip up in oil, such as exposed;
Glowing eyes, lit a cigarette says:
"Ya no! Life life here in this life:
both sit down, and recording! "
On the benches that smokers' lifetime,
"said Wife of boat ... Will you come to the side ...
What is the best! Life flows might take ...
But grieving?
From time to time, this time ...
- I turned to look at go ...
Take a breath, stop!yourself that, or halfway out or did not tomorrow!

What came to mind?

- Did you think this mutual buildings?

- Why are suggesting, first tell me why ...
On the right side?
- The school in
- Yes, this is the other?
- Need to be a former theological school ...
Not? - Okay.
So what? Little is explained, much is missing!
- Poor nations away from unity "duality",
Do not laugh? That dirty in front of the teeth?
How to make spitting on people to look at?
What we'd like to break down, destroyed faith,
Wanted to separate the religious from around the world
Dedicated, but continually ignored by the Sharia;
But more importantly, without resolving a row accunulated worldly!
Yes, this skinny body stops breathing tomorrow;
But you see these "Ekmekçioğlu Madrasa"
lives with iron, such as breast, perhaps ten thousand years ...
Because of the steep stone ribs bullet!
Event is a huge nation-brained head;
"Since throw a body, head to one side,
"Smart is not the work!" would not say it too.
Let's ask what happened? The nation's own son,
Foreign to cut more hostile to each other!
- Finally, brothers are again naturally.
- Time knows it now.
Belt seemed especially ...
- Do not want either?
Even passed a considerable part.
- Poor hiding:
Carpet does not want to see!
-Overlooking the times on the old “eyes” to ask:
What was that? Values that would be dominated by a mountain of earth ...
What is the current generation of rust holding the crashes and gone now?
- Indeed, so small that said:
"No", the late anymore ..
- The real assets such as this does not play the fool?
-"Die" about that?
left of us, what is?
Humane way to die is not easy to have it ....
From among the congregation:
"If the hand like it,
Dies likes of "If four men, bring!
Let the die, tell me what you see on the belt! (1)
Is the size, Oh Muse of this skill?
- As for the Ottomans looked at that country,
No matter. Water is very important, but ...
- Of course.
–I thought of where it was how to bring;
So finally they did a job that: Many scientific. Many scientific.
Or in fact any other way being held today,
Bring water, distribution, strong pressure Is with the help of ...
- Of course. - But the machine (1) where Saraçhanebaşı 'There are old water belt.
Yet unknown, that force, rather than
Water resources have been obtained from different heights
Strong pressure utilized.
When you find the easiest way to pressure the best,
Arising from a height of no difference to seize,
Immediately started to erect monuments on ...
But the technique or mastery over it?
No! You are one that centers on the distribution!
Own way, do you wonder...
What fine job, what professionalism!
Nothing really surprising ..
What scholarly account! Water is distributed in such a:
-if there was devastated
Would share in any fountain, drop one-tenth of
Even felt a difference of up to "measure"s
now standing in front of us I think the shrine dome ...
- Ayol! Prayer goes ...
But chat smb to be immersed in!
Drop in a little shrine now you hurry!
- Why run towards dear?
There are plenty of time to either ...
Even if we have reached, accidents are possible!
- No reach, attitude of seeing that it is possible!
I mean: plaster ablution ...
Anyway is a fountain Event ...
FountainDid he? Get here! - Stop, but do not go!
- I figured it out long-lasting, stool;
Foti extraction, I do not know what ...
Because I do enchanted.
Let me go in, you can come later ...
Delay, ha! - Income .. I want to see anyway.
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