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Beyan Beyanın nevileri Beyanname Bill Beyyine İlm-i beyan
Ruh-ul Beyan İsmail Hakkı Bursevi Google books :[1] Tafsir Ruh al-Bayan
تفسير روح البيان Author: Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi (died 1127 AH) شيخ اسماعيل حقي البرسوي Tafsir Ruh al-Bayan is one of the famous Sufi Tafsirs of Quran, popular in Sunni scholars and often quoted from. Arabic version contains 10 volumes. It has also been translated in Urdu by Mufti Faiz Ahmed Owaisi. The author Sheikh Ismail Haqqi was a great sheikh of Naqshbandi Mujaddidi order and belonged to the Khalidi branch of this order. One of his Turkish books has been translated into English with the name "Kernel of kernels".
The Kernel of the Kernel

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