İngilizce Tercüme
Property throughout the whole floor
It doesn't deserve dropping of blood on the ground
Persecutionheavy mace, Oh, bloody brow;
Hang it on your gold gilded wall as if it is your ornament!
Take a bloody winding sheet and decorate your pavillion.
Light bells mourning shelter's torches
Dark edges of grave holes,
Bones like the teeth of anger and suffering
Remember your opressions endlessly
Legend of thousands of bloody buried people
Sacrifice thousands truths to a dream.
Dig nation's grave by an iron hand
The lights of light that disorder the horizons
The most intense darkness of the night passes through the spirit
Night of the darkness of my soul who had the most severe
sun lights of idea You, O'therazed'
The Dead' bones of the cluttered, such as
the little houses that scatter mourning
Persecution of his rabid horse under the feet of remaining
'grave adorned the rose bud
Director state crown If hold the world of ideas fame
Do not think of'You have worn the government crown.
Thanks to tied with grass tomb of Saadi
Sa'dîs' grave, yes, a handfulof soil'...
Your throne is a world that 'take up the skies !
However, the throne and the crown are sacrifi

ced to the tomb...

retreat to the graveat the Actors silence
not worth to your last screams that your disturbance appears ridiculousbehavior to me
Thousands of property,the claw of destiny destroyed the nation
Certainly, A person is needed to refrain endless.
That is the past that it is the reality of the graves,
Nations,'non-visitor to the tomb
Run an eye over the darkness of opression;
You notice at the nationscorpse' on behalf of the
The rulers that cluttered foreheads, ancestors' their bones, collapsed grave
It comes to mind for taking it as a warning.Get a think ...
This rank is too much for a handful of soil!
huge Napoleon takes the climates A hole is the thinghe won .
Look! Here is his
The last throne'is' his mourning grave ',
Scorpions are chat friends,, snakes are his close friends
No place at your'lofty palace, Look and shame:
Full of Bereavement palaces, the whole country!
The person that make the people obey the rules given by him Formers-we think today -not while-
The mouths are strong to shout, You are still arrogant what is it?
Throughout the whole world, not worth a drop of blood spilled over. " Sa'di :::::::
This terrible clamor of you causes Iran to moan permanently. victorious person that says are all traitors,not being deceived.
Who is he that you overcome? Think once, the nation?
Is it a victory to shoot the tribe wanting justice?
Are not destined to get a piece of humanity?'
How don't you care about complaining that rise from nations '
Be sure that the curse broken from many opressed hearts,
Get down the curse of Allah one day surely
The shelter of persecution in the magnificent palace is very strong You still imagine ... However What castles: what is reinforced
'Relentless shelters, Absolute majesty of fatalist,'
It was overthrown and destroyed with its roots in a moment
That, the terrace which for you destroyed countries was built
'cemeteryin Iran is going all
yes, You make Iran as a grave, you destroyed it;
Make it as winding sheet you smashed to bit hopes!
There are many a drop of blood for all the world has to say, you, the Ummah innocent floods poured on pâkinden hun-i!
Because of thepitchto act in moderation 'is no longer remove the saddle:
What about you, how creation, told to the world!
While the banner of freedom for the purpose of Islam,
Whyunder the feet of tyranny trampled starboard
Bringing Russia cossacks, you let your race trample;
Be happy the spirit of Sad Yezîd ... I'm sure because you did!
Thousands of venturehouse of God pushed;
Act as if you were a brave man and hang a lot of God's bravery soldiers
Not embarrassed from God, not from the Prophet R: Overthrew the lofty goal of religion, got destroyed!
The heroes of the nation held a one killed,' All the East crying, all the West laughed so ..
No, no laughing, no aches in the conscience of the West, Iran to exhibit the bodies' For those innocent!
Sa'd 's, then Hâfiz' s, then Ferdowsi, then Razi 's, Ghazal 's, then Kutbüddin, then Sa'düddin, then women.
Trained, it is Martial 's, he enlightened many in the Light of wisdom' sun of the world's climate,
Today, a sect is under pressure bandit!
What is the secret of the mystery' I do not know, in this Ma'bûd 's.
No, not installing them the meaning to Ma'bûd'a:
Not to harbor murderer-one time Mevlan .
Strong and daring, O king! Time, the persecution does not,
You are wrong still you say "No one ignores ."
Give a finally that this bullying is no longer:
The future But it causes many here say, the square in the Dark: Collapse

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