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Sa'dî that the east of our country reached perfection its spirit,'
Teaches a truth,that means:
At the right time, five or ten convoys arranged at the desert;
We walked all day,we came to a mansion at night.
Not long after, I looked, a man confused andhopeless 'running...
in fact lost her child.
The poor have asked to go to all the tents;
If he has seen even a stone, just interpret as his son .
Poor Dad, where you find him! ... saying
I saw that holding beloved child's hand,
Is filled with joy to us,righthappiness is now flowing through the eyes !
Approached to the cameleer finally,suddenly said: I found my child ... But how? You knew ...
What I see against me, her! I said, never passed, Mislead my guess thousands the dream of,
At my determination not show looseness, has left despair ...Since I have found certainly if he is alive .
Swimming in the sand, I went down deep into the darkness;always tries to spirit ... Neither I drown, nor I depressed .
showed the help of the grace of Godin the end.I saw my beloved in front of me finally .'
Wherever we look carefully, here is obvious.Sa'd shows us a path full of lore :
Man running towards a goal to reach,initially if hold his determination well-built,
Sooner or later,will certainly find what your heart wants by working .because these events are manifestations of the world, really
God's help to research, research depends on this help. The aim must be the condition for determiation.
The goal with determination and Keep on researching,What is possible,God's help appearing after !
Occasionally some shortages leads to despair... At that time the human should increase his determination.
There is no end of despair, frustration to him once Disappointed; you cannot rescue from it!
doomed to despair by himself on the helpless father, if a child in those dark nights,
If he gave up looking for,what would he find certainly one would have lost his life, one would have lost his beloved !
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