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"I told them: 'Make not mischief on earth" they say,
"We do not do anything else breeding" they say.
Open your eyes, well you know that:
They do not have, here are the real mischief-maker, not that
They are not aware of. "(1)
A pile of fire victims saboteur nation,
Now suppose that landed on an absolute great verse!
O stateless untidy, O low arsonists!
The nation, standing more or less a religion, there is an honor.
Now it's their ... They also burn, right?
Get rid of an entire world of Islam!
Even in the presence of an emotion called "O shame,
Many are not aware of the brazen, shameless!
Look especially!
Then you threw a somersault in a common fame;
Skullcaps dropped, he went bald appearance stark naked!
If the purpose of this ambition have a cone;
Sooner or later, will honor its own capital.
Or, stop the dealing with conscience of the people ..
After many many times hanging forehead patch!
O villain, if you find a shameless face let get it:
Both the meat and corrects see corruption everywhere!
If your habit spend your own honor generously;
Your own property, the right to use, what he says who?
But the nation is still innocent children
Damn this despicable habit of waking up on a whim!
We have broken everything in aimless thought that the existing;
The only thing that survived was ...
Just one thing: family.
What we able to done better instead of we destroyed?
Here is ruin the country!
Each hole at each hole location!
But God preserve, if the family is distributed,
No possibility cannot afford even the most powerful arms.
Who gets up that says,
until his understanding of the animal does not exist!
"A family get the revolution!" said, would regret;
Not take anything else, simply .......( 2) becomes.
Because the "nudity" revolutions the end of infamy..
O low arsonists, we have seen it many times you
One of the people have religious, often attacked.
See all become: a nation carved kills feelings!
Religious sacrifice should be done, to save the country…
Hold on, hey idiot, you're the scholar go to your understanding!
Each community is five to ten heathen, it Many natural.
But a society can not be atheistic.
Are there any members of a nation without a sense of religion?
Take a look at the largest tribes: first of all Religion is strong.
Wanderer folks, do not be deceptive about their
decorations we all know that many have limited knowledge
Do not look to the East, the West does not know, no portion of manners;
Not a red face, the whole capital of a wetting eye!
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