Olmaz ya... tabii... biri insan, biri hayvan Hakkın Sesleri (3.Kitap) Mehmet akif ersoy
Mehmet Akif Ersoy
Bir yığın kundakçıdan yangın görenler milleti

Bir zamanlar biz de millet, hem nasıl milletmişizEdit


"You command the good of the people and trying to keep them away from evil,
That you believe in God, for the good of the people unveiled the most auspicious of a nation. "(1)
Once upon a time we are also the nation, and how a nation
What nationality ever taught to the world!
When there is no light at all the horizons of humanity,
Light and darkness in the bosom of ;
Split the remaining periods, the longest night of anarchy;
Tomorrow is tomorrow thrown the idea was born!
Tomorrows so that: Humanity completely removed;
What is the enduring light of morning recognized the eyes closely.
Twenty-five years (2), twenty-five thousand years or so fertile!
Look at what moment of development!
See that the dates His extraordinary memory of astonishment was still falling;
Similar to that seen great progress, and humanity will not see.
On the one hand religion, morality, our culture;
On the one hand supported by the sword our justice, our generosity;
Flock to rise from the tribes embraced;
They all lost in the harmony of the union to be successful.
Favor direct role Muslim brothers;
When he sees an evil brother the other obstacles,
No one thinks of condone injustice;
Affects the whole community from the evil on eper person.
What are we now taking a look, what a dream that?
Religion in the fur coat was the same:putting on reverse turned.
Look, now appears in the middle, to prevent goodness, evil aim or the morality of the firm:
For those in the ignore!
A thousand of inferiority pen destroyed the honor, we've been talking away;
"Silence is the best" he trailed off ...
You expect we didn’t hear!
Hundreds of filthy mouth vomited all the provisions of the Sharia;
Oh, at least a sound heard reporting to hate!
Six hundred thousand lives go, faith decreases million; People will not see!
Thinks that it is destiny that saw idiot!
Then, if he receive damaged feathers:
Finds at the ruined who heard the fracas!
Months to trim a little, or not delayed;
Keep raw bread, rice, finished, "say, not show,
Fes, cone, cap, provided you look at your turban, hand in hand;
Open to the sky in bloom in the stomach of a fuss!
When it upside down while the sound not made, you know, So now you come to a meeting, watch me!
When it upside down while the sound not made, you know, So now you come to a meeting, watch me!
Get rid of this nation, God, the only miracle of a show:
Show a "sense of shame," Give us the hidden treasure!
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