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Mecelle-i ahkam-ı adliyenin Fransa'da tercümesinde Dimitri nikolai dinin takdimi

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In the Light of Science, a book on the history of science and on science itself, is a LIBRARY JOURNAL bestseller.

It is reviewed together with To Explain the World, the book of world-renowned Nobel laureate, Steven Weinberg: "The two books are as much philosophical as historical and as much about the present as the past."—PHYSICS TODAY.



In the Light of Science is a unique approach to the history of science revealing the important links between the ancient past and the present scientific endeavor to understand the universe.— Publisher: PROMETHEUS BOOKS

Demetris Nicolaides is featured at Hawaii University International Conferences.

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Demetrios Nicolaides is an Associate with The Humphrey Group, based in the Calgary office. He provides one-on-one coaching as well as group training, and is involved in strengthening and building client relationships. He works with a wide-range of business leaders, primarily from the banking and energy sectors. Demetrios makes his clients feel comfortable and at ease through his calm and poised demeanor, and he is proud that his work is able to instill confidence in others so that they can take their leadership to the next level. Demetrios is an expert in the area of conflict resolution and is an accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator as well as a full member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Before joining The Humphrey Group, Demetrios taught as a university lecturer and was the Director of Customer Service for a multinational financial services organization. He has a PhD in Political Science and Conflict Resolution from the University of Cyprus. He is also fluent in Greek

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