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That we somehow have heard the name from mines Husam Effendi wanted to call up to the palace of Sultan.

Orders come, then, while apology, didn’t approach around the palace, not to go.

This reputation and a lot of time over the past coquet; One day, a Besiktas side of the business,

Masnavi expert dragged in that direction Abdulmecit heard one of the leading men of the event,

"Do Çağırtalım?" they said, "yes," he said, the royal The team had set off the team right guard. Secde Husam Effendi was currently Dolmabahce palace,

You,O beautiful,while smile is sprinkled, bloom in some places Sky, places downs, tulips and roses;

Can you smile for orphans on a home? Still it’s orphans ; All fire downloaded in one day download Nur.

No, I switched to smile, alone, afraid of anger, Colorful stone-cut hopes amazement at prostrating blossom

God so I was depressed, where grace? Where is forgiveness? Is Lethal Drizzle let alone separation horizons?

Yes, think which I did, but not human negligence? Cried a life bathed in tears, not enough? Come now, no trace of the world, now, homeland, God is homeland:

alcove believe smoking flame, where laid YATANSA, my prostrating. Now what do I think that there is a trace conscience, O Yezdan. He connected with prayer rug lamp, but the ruhdan away from you,

While remembering the name of the depths of the Divine tinkle my bosom stops, Only that slave, this deserted place without you ruined?

What is the meaning, unless Mabud then, the altar, Presence to address the fear, self-switching of all these useless things?

a faith ruin, lies within the areas of deprivation

They came and trained men, three of five, behind

-The Lord has sent us, is very salute; "I want to see you, does not want to own?" he says.

Long is not the palace, here in four steps; Now go, go, I do not think this time! Turn around, please ... -Listen, be patient: Fifty-five years, the only way of I walk While not the end of the distant, went out of life; Have you ever held a'm back, burned day!

Hilvan February 4, 1925

(1) Husam Hodja Effendi (1839-1861): Sultan Abdulmejid lived in the period, especially Mevlânâ'mn Mesnevi'si deep knowledge about a well-known sheikh.

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