QUR'AN COMMENTARY / Elmali Mohammed Hamdi Yazır

1-Fatiha: [1]

Name of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful

1 - Qur'an-ı Şerif There are two kinds of formulas. One of the early time period and the post independent period, the formulas and the other Humid Period (Humid, 27/30 ) besmeledir verse. {0}One of the early time period and the post independent period, the formulas and the other Humid Period (Humid,{/0} {1}27/30{/1} {2}) besmeledir verse.{/2} HTML etiketleri ekle_«Öncekiİleri»This besmelenin, Humid period is a part of this verse clearly known.Therefore, there is no doubt, and this is besmelenin verse of the Qur'an, and scholars with an open tevatür alliance is known for certain. But the time period separating the beginning of each period, and post and read at the beginning of kırâetin besmeleye is: this is one of that period of time or a part of each of a verse or verses from the Qur'an itself veyahut whether or not a piece of a full, Humid, this is not obvious, such as duration formulas besmelenin matter whether or not the Qur'an, tafsir of scientific knowledge and procedures that gave rise to a controversial issue, especially faith, prayer and related issues kırâet.

Said b. Cübeyr Zuhri, Ibn Mubarak Ata and the nibs at the beginning of each period besmelenin said that a verse that the Quran is one hundred thirteen verses. Imam Shafi 'nibs, and his students on this view. Then the first verse Fâtiha'nın besmeledir seven. And "en'amte aleyhim" is not a per-verse. To do this, read aloud besmeleyi Şâfiîler prayer. Because they say Şâfiîler; predecessor (the first term scholars) have written this besmeleleri Mushaflarda, as well as advice to the Qur'an verse Tajrid things have not. And even at the end of Fâtiha'nın "Amen" yazmamışlardır even. If time were not at the beginning of the Qur'an Bismillah yazmazlardı them. In short, the Qur'an from cover Mushaf'ın two are nothing more than the absence of the alliance of Islamic scholars. And it also supports the specific hadith is narrated. He is one of the hadith of Ibn Abbas (ra) from: "Besmeleyi verse fourteen hundred who left the book of God is abandoned." Abu Hurairah (ra) from: "The Messenger of Allah, our Lord 'Fâtihatü'l-Kitab (the sura Prologue) Seven Divine, their head" Bismillahirrahmanirrahim "is said. Umm Salamah (ra) from: "The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) Fâtiha'yı studied and the "Hallelujah rabbil Bismillahirrahmanirrahim world" I singled out a verse. So if it is not a sign Fâtiha'dan, a part of the verse. Therefore, prayer is obligatory to read and read aloud. As Imam Shafi 'Ahmad b. Between these two hadith Majesty Hanbal also narrated two are hesitant.

The other hand, Imam Malik, even all over the nibs of the Qur'an through the Qur'an is clear and certain that tevatür, whereas a word about the different opinions from the Qur'an in the tradition of the people of that time period hükmedilemiyeceğinden and Medina, because of what the early besmelelerin Fatiha nor other times, nor the whole Qur'an is not a piece of private and Humid Sûresi'ndeki besmelenin verse of the Qur'an is not time to distinguish between someone else and donation (blessed are counted), and therefore suggested prayer for the written opinion of how high the secret would not be appropriate to read aloud what he said. You will not read for the Master of the prayer besmeleyi.

Hanafī when it comes to the healthy view of this sect is this: at the beginning of times as a sign in itself Kur'ân'dandır formulas. At all times and durations of one to distinguish between not being a part of the donation at the beginning of time period to be dropped. Indeed, the above-mentioned two different opposing views and evidence emerged in the exact spot is known as. Now that you, in accordance with the above-described conditions yazılmadığına anything else about the Qur'an from the Qur'an alliance between the two containers there are formulas then in the early time period Kur'ân'dandır. This is the exact claim that the evidence put forward by Şâfiî'nin. Now that you besmelenin, a piece of his time in the beginning, there is no evidence indicating that mutawatir open, so that no one is a piece of. Here is what Malikis evidence of a definite claim. Therefore, these two points close to each other evidence that the meaning of the phrase, as we have said is a sign that besmelenin all term separation itself, on this topic in different "Ahad news" from the joint provision lerden this happens. Then, like Al-Fatiha, besmelenin read each prayer is not wajib. But the need for both prayer and prayer and the reading of the Qur'an except at the beginning of every important work sünnettir read. For this, the prayer every rekatında, kırâetin read at the beginning, do not read the middle. However Fâtiha'nın not get that part of the prayers read aloud in kırâeti he read it, and so reading all the Hanafis görüşbirliği are in secret. That such a distinguished Divine.

ANALYSIS: Foreign apparently four-word formulas. Indeed, as the titular seven-word. Because the reality of the "" to have in one word in describing prepositions. Forfeited in the case. Because the Arabic language of the provision has not been described edatlarına never a word in itself, although it is "Ba" and the word itself, as well as hazf Telescope (deleted) failini taalluk also reported that the three words with the force of a verb. Therefore, with a word from the compound. In this rule, vasl hemzesi (elif falling in the middle of the word) and yazılmaktı, but besmeleye as specific as said, this is reduced to silent signs are written. And instead of "bi" of the head is extended. Until the first centuries besmelenin elif head a long line of writing that has been the rule, this rule Kufi calligraphy üstadlarının also known as lines thuluth and naskh issue. Alleviating much due to the use of this nüktesi they say. But in this particular visâl taalluk-i like to express the strength of wit, there are spiritual. Some hints, such as that found in the hadith clearly understood.

As is known, the real subject of every science there is only one Qur'an in the science of wisdom in the universe with God, and in particular the relationship between people and the people and the link works.

Here is the title of a divinity and worship and relationship with the outlined Fâtiha'da ago, after all, this relationship is described as a gradual completely besmeledeki of the meaning of the Quran. which is always a verb or a verb, and it is similar to a name a word that connects taalluk a preposition, a draw patterns and that the meaning of the original paste. But this pasting, mixing, and draw, dileme help, there are many varieties, such as reinforcement for the use and swear that one of the show mânâlarından dileme besmelede tefsirciler alone or help draw. This Ba hazf connector that is avoided, it will act now to begin besmeleyle. Start, the arrow, starting, as I read.

"Name" dictionary meaning of the fact that the emergence of signs and sign that something is in the mind. Portend a clear meaning of the word Örfte alone that he is described, it is outside or in the mind in its original form or meaning is called müsemmâ. According to widespread opinion, the original name "sümüv = supremacy" clause. "Vesm = stamping" is also possible that from. But the plural "esma" or "esame" property income, and they were completely in our language words. Adjectives actually kısımlarındandır name. The specific name or names for the genus name or the name that signify site sections separated by an adjective such as name or name of the person he separated from each other. The importance of this difference is the Almighty God Hüsnâ'sında Asmd-i. The name is actually "name" and "fame" synonymous with fine differences, although our language we use them. "I am doing this work on behalf of someone or something." on-site ", or name doing on behalf of John Doe" diyemiyoruz. In the same way "is a name people" call in "is a name, a namdır" meaning. It is time to say "that man's name" instead of "name that person to say" we prefer.

"God" is the name of the true divine special. More accurately, the name and specific name of the person. So this is the most exalted and the great essence to us the Qur'an, the names will introduce a complete and beautiful qualities of our universe and all the interest in him and tell alâkamızı. Therefore, the so-called God of the universe occurrence of the largest and most noble person, as well as the continuation and maturation of a first cause "God" in the name of the supreme knowledge and wisdom of our language so special and a great start. Accepted and confirmed the presence of Almighty God and unity of the universe and the universe without understanding the layout and feel of a dream, and at the same time a seraptan compensation will be composed of the impossible, like a pain, "God" and assembled a special order, be put on the name ilimlerimiz, arts, all the information and training is not coming together the two ends of the swept and the presence of scattered ideas, will consist of a meaningless dust and smoke. That is, all the sciences and the arts around the small little knowledge of a subject has finally modulating modulating a high-regulating us with a unity of science, works to raise before the stops. Body on the matter and act with the force and rate of recession, merged in a natural science, distance, location and time, according to the quantity not met in the concept of a mathematical science, science mefhumunda not met the rate of body and soul to a knowledge of psychology, according to the outside world and the mind of a truth not met mefhumunda scientific reasoning, goodness and evil than a moral beauty and ugliness mefhumunda not met, finally, wisdom and philosophy of causality can not find a rate and asset mefhumunda not met. Düşündürtmeden meaning of Being, the true causality rate of making the most of us accept that there is a small real bildirebilen no art. Currently, there are property details. Here is the whole purpose is trying sciences. Existence, reality, causality relations, science and the arts in all the right to accept that the prevailing thinking and principles. Causality, with reason müsebbebi connection, and the retention ratio law, which is the largest law judge asrımızda all sciences. Merged in the field of causality can not find any science to this. This ratio is, the cause of a startup called müsebbeb a result the relationship between the so-called order of the universe that we call the whole thing and tells you this is the only relationship. Therefore, we think the presence of verification, in terms of cause and effect can not think this is complete and verify the connection. Then this is also true that tasdikimiz minds, and the relationship between compliance with the truth, we set up on the right hakikatına dayandırmazsak, all labor and çabalamalarımızın, all anlayışlarımızın, lies, unfounded and seraba will turn into a matter of kuruntudan dominates. But then it is to admit the fact that such a dominance. Therefore, even while denying the truth of his human right to get rid of having to accept that. About the facts on the possible existence of which is essential, both ilmimizin both the starting point and the first cause of our being. And "God" is the name of his. Human impact on attracting people who can not be considered anything that God being in the back.

The presence of Almighty God, which is essential so that a zattır, both objective and subjective need for the course of our existence all the depths of our souls and, above all, shows the presence zaruretini zatına oversee certification of a certain fact that there can never be denied. In fact, the supreme reality of our within our simple and concise, and an unlimited relationship, there is a spiritual duygumuz. And all these hidden feelings are the basis ilimlerimizin; limited emotions, anlayışlarımızın, our minds, our ideas than all right, all of them stronger. Because it surrounds them all. And surrounding them, but His essence, this world is limited and a radiance of His power and strength. While we would always be the case that many, time spent being absentminded and forget ourselves. And usually, the errors we did, this heedless and dalgınlıktır source of perversions. Such subtleties of our understanding of ourselves and dalgınlığa düştüğümüz are times that we have this secret feeling, this is the first understanding and then deduct the heedlessness with it the way our minds to remind us and warn us the means and the evidence we need. Allah's revelations will remind us that the universe (marks) is filled with. Qur'an, the verses of us, short and concise words, and reminds us of a name for provoking the "mash-Zikr" is. God's wisdom to us here in the many logical, rational and spiritual özetleyiverir evidence. On the other hand we have a secret feeling that the other emotions, such as a limited and distinct appearance inside and outside of, and the moment of interruption, and in this way to win a limited form of assets, such as parts of the visible things that will limit the disclosure of our understanding we desire. This desire, wisdom, a sense of visual continuity His tecellisindeki flavor. But Allah encompasses everything in this information and force, created assets, such as to turn it impossible to work there a point that will break the pride of self, this point is impossible to transmit negative consequences for many people. He can not think of a poor soul proud that when he first starting point of the whole universe open, understandable, clear beginning and end of the draw a border, as well as goods that appear depends on the moment of interruption. If such a deduction is not possible at the moment and the root of all feelings and all being cut off and disappear. It is an obvious feeling of exhaustion and not arrive at understanding, karışmaktır poverty. Mental evidence of such a goal, and with the ministers of God in the face of the unseen and the visible manifestation of the infinite encompassing all the assets of the pride of their souls rest kırmayarak şuhûd deprived of the pleasure "of Allah did not find that I called." saying, she has suffered harm in the name of art and philosophy are declared. Allah is with the heart to detect the difference between right and wrong, and the relationship that separates the two eyes and be able to realize a certain extent.

That "God" exalted name, all our feelings, our thoughts are so deep and the first requirement of a single hidden emotion, visible and invisible beings united in a gleam in point, without any obstacle to directly show that the supreme God zatına signify only that ' belonging to a specific name. That is one meaning of this name before, and secondly it means the mind with the essence of Allah is the name of a specific name. Not being a meaning in mind and in person only a certain person's name is the name of the special. In one word apparently meaning, in this sense, the name of truth and meaning and define We walk. For example, God, all adjective-i kemâliyyeye (completeness and maturity, qualities) that is located in the presence of person's name, which is essential. Or the supreme worshiped hakkiyle person's name, we say. Found himself transferred to the second one would come true. If there is no share in this way, he really feel that God is actually the name itself still can not understand anything else. According to us by name, being named the same. But he really feel that any kind (üslub) and was given a name for themselves with a share name can find and distinguish from each other will not need to prove that God either way. But we understand the meaning and the meaning of the name actually means a nature as to signify a share in itself, even if we accept the time that this name really understand anything. But we need to prove the existence of that thing. Hence the name, if proved before you put the name of the realm name is found, that fact can not be special. The name of the world would be placed in person, but after being proved. For example, in the buff for the blind "ülker" name, but may be a special name, for those who see the name of an orgy. Regular language with a special name in the world of science in the name of aranmazsa difference is the difference between them. Here are the reasons for the person's name and realm name of the supreme God is it possible, is it not? There is a debate among scholars as deep. Let's say this much more than that to cut out, three manifested detected. Person's manifestation, the adjective manifestation, manifestation of the works. Names associated with manifestation of one of them. Zat's name, person's name must be a manifestation of the phrase, because the manifestation of an adjective denoting the names of the names adjective, verb names denoting the names of the works is called manifestation. Zat, adjective, and with his work with the vehicle itself, as manifested in the opinion that it is possible manifest. Possible manifestation of self and the world at least the name of the person that is enough. And we know all the names are mainly names of Allah Almighty that oversee tevkîfîdir they are reported to us through revelation consists of, say. Therefore, the notion of a special name in the name of person or name of the notion that a person is actually possible and not just for us.

But so far, and we place ourselves before the manifestation of person's name will not be able booze. Indeed, the new-born child, seeing him put my name, yet this is a special case, we hear the name and realm name, and then you realize the only manifestation of a name being put into a name for themselves by name united. Commenting on the names and the names of adjective and verb, but interprets it finally works, and her person's manifestation manifestation manifestation of the adjective and it is over. Each manifestation of a name that describes the beginning, the Qur'an also tells us of the supreme manifestation of God's name before: ff Therefore, the Qur'an actually begin before any thought of God's name have not been busy with the name of a person (private name) will be. Rahim Rahman and briefly interpret these two qualities in the name of the attribute to him the meaning of zikredeceğiz They give a width that, in short, the mana, the great mercy and a laminated area and the expansion will be the beginning point. After explaining the meaning of this will raise slowly with these names and places at that time, the skies do not fit in our hearts the name of God's creation right person will begin to see the manifestations. Manifestation of manifestation of the names will be in the works, dolaşacağız universe, manifestation of the works will come to manifestation of adjectives, not presents will get displayed. The display of banner and will increase with increasing pleasure, love and joy for the manifestation of that person's time with the çırpınacağız, all tastes, flavors, all hopes, will be collected at one point and sometimes the burden of sin that oppresses yıkacağız tears poured our hearts, sometimes the wind will blow Vuslat, happiness and contentment with what we will get . Finally, "O peace ended delicious! Have been willing to settle for itself and as the Lord Telescope Back! (My beloved among the servants out for you and enter heaven!) " (Al-Fajr, 89/27-30), the invitation will come, God exalted Him forever banquet cemalini'll dive watch. "Some faces that day, shines brilliantly, looks at his Lord." (Quran, 75/22-23).

"God," the name of the person, to think as a special name of God with the actual attributes of Selb and subutî adjectives together to imagine the whole person, and then collectively as a whole to address them all, and it should be stated. Therefore, it is stated in the following way: "He vâcibü'l zat-i-body that has gathered to him all the attributes of ripeness." Only the "person-i vacibu'l-body" is enough to say. Kemal itself, because all attributes to be collected, the means by which the presence of essential "vacibu'l-body" s an explanation, consists of determining the quality.

A summary of this is the "right mabud = True god, God is real" meaning. This is known in Arabic meaning God and the means by which a certain "hand-the Divine" is summarized with a special name. "Carpet-i universe = the creator of the universe" or "Carpet-i Kull = creator of all things" with the meaning of the yetinilebilir. With the name of God as supreme, or can we identify them verbally. We would admit that in any case, our "God" we hear the name of the supreme (we understand) the meaning, the meanings of open and more perfect than all of them. Therefore, this particular name, the name of a world that is closer to our hearts. Both the special name, the name of both parties, the "God" with the name of Allah, the supreme god anılmamıştır no other. "You know him is a namesake?" (Mary, 19/65), as shown in verse, is its namesake. Hence the name of Allah, there is dual and plural. Then, however, permissible to have multiple names. May be even more special and even the name of the supreme God in different languages separately, possibly with a special name. And permissible according to Islam. However, we do not know a name synonymous with this well-known languages. For example, God, Huda (Persian) names "God" is not such a special name. God save the Lord, such as the general meaning of the names Mabud. Huda, the Lord is not to say that "Hud'ay" and short for the word "existing vâcibu'l-body = absolute" mean if not a specific name again. Arabic the "god" of çoğulunda (Alih); "Lord" in the çoğulunda (SEP) as it is called in Persian "Huda" çoğulunda of "hudâyân" and our language of the gods, ma'bûdlar, deities, called rablar. Because they are both real, and the gods are not real used to. But "Allahlar" and attempt to denilmemiştir. Such a word sayings, talker is ignorant or unaware that the fatigue. In recent years, in order to respect the special names in literature and the plural, for example, "Ebussuudlar, Ibn Kemal" Although it is in fact, signify the unity of God the "God" because it is inconsistent with the purpose to respect the supreme expression of such a name and reality, both are considered indecent . This is only the supreme glory of God, (we) shows that. But this is not the name of God, and god is like mabud. Mabudlara do not deserve the "God" is called. But this is the name of a genus. Those who shirk taparlardı many gods to God. Falancaların like gods, are called falancalarınki. So "God" breed name "Allah" is not a synonym for a special name, a more general sense. Therefore, "the name of Allah," "the name of God" and can not be render. That is, Suleyman Celebi Mevlidine "God" started with the name, "the name of God" dememiştir and at the end of the Bahri "God is One, God the moment is no longer available." god he used the word for god. We need to say a word to complete this description. French "Dione" in the word god, god is the name of a genus, such as words, he or she is plural, it does not change the fact that use special names, such as pointing with a large letter. Unable to render the French word for this allotment, monotonous tercemesinde "Dione Dione no other." they say "no god except Trinity." becoming said; meâlen tercemesinde the "Solo Dione, diyödür." ie, "God save Allah; alone." they say. Obviously, both the god, and Allah is in place, "Dione" they said, and the name of god with the name of God ayıramamışlardır each other, and although both of them to write a special name such as "Dione" but not "god" was the word tercemesi. At first glance, this is a meaningless verbiage and there seems to be the same words after the first negative to make a positive, visible example of a conflict overseas. "Another Dione Dione alone, diyödür Dione." apparently mean either a haşiv (empty word), or contradiction. However, it does not say who said: "There is no god but God." contradiction and inconsistency in the open and never says a non-monotheistic (birleme), he says. Furthermore, in French, "Dione" of the special name of God be the Prophet. The person of Jesus and the person's body shape is based on the idea of entering. Those unaware of this point, "Dione" render the word of Allah is he, and even "God" when told that render the language "Dione" Yu says.

Tefsirciler, "" special name, and tried to examine the history of religions in the history of language enthusiasts also had engaged with it. Mainly to their goals of this study are as follows: The word is Arabic, in fact? Not? Taken from one language to another? Have a question on which said without thinking? Derived, descended from a word? What is History? Let us briefly point to them:

I know at the beginning of the work is necessary to admit, it really is worthy of worship in the same way against the name of God such as zatını kuşatmadığı missing. Terms of use and in Arabic "," (Allah) there is no word like the name of the supreme and it is impossible for the original show. We know that some aspects of it in terms of language signify.

First Prophet. Muhammad (pbuh) knew the name of this particular prophecy asrında known to all Arabs. Holy Quran also tells us that: "Verily to them: 'Who created the heavens and the earth?" I ask, of course, 'God' they say. " (Az-Zumar, 39/38), therefore, as we have now of that name at that time, there is no doubt that the Arab language, a complete property. Then the Prophet. Ismail is also known since the time is in effect. There is no doubt in this regard is in Arabic. However, the Qur'an, it is understood that existed before the name supreme. Therefore, Hz. Abraham from the Hebrew or Syriac language to Arabic in the past, such as that advanced the opinion of those who passed on the thought and the language is Arabic. But the 'Ad and Thamud stories of the prophets who lived before and the only meaning of language, not in person at this particular turn of the name circulates understand Arabic and Hebrew, or Syriac languages before that there are also absolutely do not know. For this, the root word in Arabic before, and the sheer speed of the first Arab Araplarına up to date there is one. Therefore, "Israel, Gabriel, Michael," such as the Hebrew words in Arabic in the past is a foreign word to suppose that there is no evidence.

Secondly, the Arabic language, in fact, some foreign words in Arabic do not need to be careful about is that some special tricks, it is possible to examine the original of a word with them.

Judging by this point, "" (Allah) the name of the supreme, the language we see that a unique form of usage. According to an opinion, at the "hand" the most-Najm, al-ayyuk etc. will not be permissible, such as separation of words and a determination to leave words like preposition. Hemzesi, is superior to the words at the beginning, when combined with another word in the middle of words, "By Allah, Billah, İsmüllah, Kâlellah" etc. in places such as pronunciation and paper hazf söylenişte or both shall be (reduced). According to another opinion in the "manual" setting is not a preposition. Because if one of the recall, "" he can stay silent signs and a constant "O eyyühe'l-Grace" and called names such as the call between the preposition does not need to add a word such as separating. But "hands" would not be such a determination would preposition.

If the "hand" to determine the word preposition probably something else as the name of Allah, exalted be transferred and the second is possible thanks to a stem. But initially it is possible that the Arab language and the other from the first principle is a noun or adjective. Determining preposition "al" kalkınca the "lah" remains. Indeed, in Arabic, "lah" is the name. And that transported a large part of the scholars told Basralı. "LAH" mean the act of concealment and promotion as well as gauge that "god" is a noun that meant "Lahu", "lâhümme is called. An Arab poet: "Abu Rebâh'ın such as an oath, God hears her elders." he said. Likewise, the Prophet's grandfather, ring the door of the Kaaba by sticking vak'asında Abdülmuttalib Elephant, "O Allah! Kul protects his own house, you also protect your house! measure the cross and trick your enemies as they come victorious! " I begged God. (See The Explanation of Surah Fil).

So "lah" per name "used" by bringing "God" was called and is made of a special name. Others went further in Arabic "lah" Syriac name is said to be "Lahaye" is the name Arapça'laştırılmış imagined. Because Belhli Abu Yazid "lah" is a word not said in Arabic. Because the Jews and Christians, "Lahaye" they say. The Arabs took it by changing the word "Allah," they said, such "Lahu" in relation to the Hebrew "elûhim" is. But in terms of history in Arabic, "lah" is before you, or Süryanice'deki "Lahaye" is before you? As it is not possible to determine the relationship between the two languages have such a word, absolute proof can not be transported from the other one. If you do not have to come back to back in both of the previously considered a main language to spread would be more appropriate. And there is evidence to support it. There is no foreign language use in the smell of the word Allah in Arabic. Then the "lah, Lahu," although even if they are transferred from one language other than Arabic "Allah" al "suffix" lah "If I had taken combined with his hemzesinin interjection from him (recall) to remain in place in case the language would not allow the rule. That is, in many languages and their knowledge shellac, God of the word "lah" is not from the "god" is synonymous with the genus name of the "hand-god" is transferred from said. This is the divine hemzesi hazf and "hand" instead of identifying patterns and laid hemzesi and slide to determine the "best-Necmü, Es-Sa'ku" has become such an integral part of the word. Therefore, according to its origin at the silent signs, and another letter in the sentence hazf the interjection by pointing to the use of on-site (call), if not declined. "Divine" in the word actually ilâhet, ulûhet, such as the divinity of the meaning of worship and the meaning of being free veyahut veyahut heart with peace and the peace of the meaning of termination in relation to the meaning of fear and veyahut "me'luh" that worshiped him, or the minds wonder, providing convenience and peace of mind or hearts or distress, fear saving would mean that, "mabud" (worshiped him), there are all these meanings. "God" is also really has all the meanings. Zamakhshari, Kadi Beydâvî many great researchers have agreed to this review. Accordingly, "lah" in the original of the word "god" is. (NAS), and (Unas), such as words. Indeed çoğulunda always "Alih" is called that, and diminutive in Arabic language, such as Masdar, plurals, is proof that the original word

Derived from the name of God according to the summary review of these two languages with one derived from the Arabic meaning of the name are transferred to contain and has its principal. Both the original and his Arabic. Meanwhile, according to the assumption of some of the original Arabic, but then just because nakledildikten Arabic Arabic.

Andalusian scholar Abu Hayyan tefsirci Grammar says: According to most scholars, "" supreme, and not derived from the name of a promise just spoken. In other words, first used the name of the supreme God's special. Razi Imam Fahreddin the "Our opinion is that we choose: God's special name for the supreme God and the fact that the word derived from another word. Imam Matthew b. Ahmed and Sibeveyh, procedures and scholars of Islamic legal scholars that's all speculation. "He says. Indeed, recall the word at the beginning of God hemzenin düşmeyişi mode and together with the combination of a preposition in this hemzenin recall going into anything, the word is actually a proof. Therefore, "hand" is not a preposition determination. However, use of prepositions, such as those often used to facilitate the word of God to the end and have not been tenvin. Though I be hazf hemzenin, is more than words and is more than adhere. But the "= either" with "= manual" setting, and therefore did not attend the prepositions together "yennecmü" vs. denilemeyip (O eyyühennecmü), or hâze'l-Harisü, or words like eyyühennâsü or placed together as though (or God) is so hemzenin yetinilmesi to remain in place and then never used this word to no one other than God because of the presence of the "most-Necmü, the most-Nasu wa'l-ünâsü" shows that in terms of choice of words and meaning of this feature as needed.

In sum, "" The name was derived from, or transferred to another language is not Arabic. From the beginning, was used as a unique name. And the essence of Allah supreme vasıflardan before all the names and the like "," name it is. Ulûhiyyet the name of Allah (divinity) is not pleural, divinity and mabudiyet (tapılmaya worthy of being) was characteristic of him. God, to worship God in the person, not because God is to worship him. His "God" League tapılmaya and is worthy of worship to be spontaneous. Human idol worship, fire worship, sun worship, heroes, tyrants, or worship of some favorite things, when they worshiped god, mabud (worshiped him) are, then cayar of them, would not recognize, were makeshift mabudiyet and then they lose the properties of the divine . However, people like to recognize mabud God, whether it should recognize mabud, he mabuddur himself. Owes everything to Him in worship and worship. Even those who deny Him, even unknowingly, even if it is obliged to worship him. According to the logic of the research could be argued that, partly to get specific names are placed before the names of genera. Then, what it meant to resemble one or more aspects of the property consists of gender names. Hence the name of a genus name or specific nature of each claim to have been taken will be void.

Third: It can be said, the above-described operating style, "" the name of the supreme feature of the Arab language, and therefore appears to be a special name. But why such a barrier is to be taken from one language to discard the other? Is permissible in the name of God being more than one month had passed. Indeed, it is called in Hebrew "iyl" means God. Because women and other tefsircilerde Beydâvî even "Israel" outstanding servant of Allah or Abdullah has been interpreted mean that hemzenin hazf to be "isrâl" and to translate yâ'ya "İsrayil" in the form of read. On the other hand Syriac "Lahaye", in Arabic, "lah" or there. Therefore, by combining these two names in Arabic, "illah" composition "God" is a special commemorative name comes vazedilmiş that "God" and reminds meâlini god "ilâhü'l-Alih" (gods) refers to the meaning of God mabudların.

But the logic of such a relationship, so that the truth does not signify. Such language would certainly declare it to us. Because, first of all due to the non-specific name and the word ucme munsarif and perhaps should be used as mebni. Because Ba'lebek, Israel, Gabriel, Abraham, Ishmael and other proper names, all non-munsarifdirler. However, "" The name and munsariftir mureb. Second, if appropriate, in the state of hemzenin hazf hemzenin is not suitable to remain stable condition. Because the Arabic "province" with the arrow came hemzenin fraction even though "God" and read the silent signs high. And honestly, "City", "god" mean. Because "= province," he müzaf (determinated) happening. Then, not to say God had taken from him and the "provincial lah," a composition he would think of what you need? In short, God's name taken or derived from one language to the other under these conditions is not possible to determine. And in this holy name, the name of the owner in terms of language, such as in a ezeliyet curtain. And all of them to get the most meaning to say a simple question, and Great is amazing. Allahu akbar!

"Er-Rahman", this is a name off the supreme God. It has a special meaning of. But the person is not the name, the name of an adjective. Both vasıflanarak used both vasıflanmadan. So with the sheer sheer name of an adjective is a word. The draw for the preposition with is not transitive, the verb does not make such deeds. "This Rahmani." denilmez. But izafetle (with phrases), "World Rahmani," is like the deed. Such is not the title of this word, verb, adjective indicates that person. And the winner of such adjectives adjective-I (superior adjective) is called. In fact, the qualifications of each person included in that capacity he distinguished qualify, although it is appropriate for the specific use of a person used widely seen as the only means of his title. Advantage is also used as a name when I found a degree of force than that, Most Gracious is the case. And this is coming, or indeed superior, or is in the form of assumption. If a thing before, and then used as a general allocation gerekmişse "real sense", if not experienced personally before the general use of the language as a rule, in accordance with the "sense of assumption is called.

er-Rahman) side of the overriding assumption is that the name and only used a special name for God. Because in terms of language (Rahm) and (mercy) derived from the continuous and much pity mode which means that an adjective-i müşebbehe very compassionate, very mercy of the owner of an adjective meaning. Thus, it is found who has this adjective (er-Rahman), saying that revenue should be possible by means of comparison. However, no such unused, infinite mercy, without a real blessing and a meaning that is allocated from the outset due to other than Allah Most Gracious denilmemiştir supreme. However, once a false prophet Müseylimetü'l-Kezzâb'a gushing over his limitations as a poet LAMS "You do continue to be the Most Gracious." and though it would have used the phrase (er-Rahman) dememiştir. Such terms, although it is not the religion of Islam, even in terms of language stated that the poet's error. Come on come on the poet uses a false expression of religion in terms of constants. If so, absolutely, "Rahman" is the name of an attribute of the supreme God. So much mercy as the fact that the owner of an adjective, very compassionate, very compassionate, very compassionate, or the infinite mercy of the owner of the property, he edilebilse commentary, the name will not be possible due to the tercemesi. Because proper names are not render. To render the names of their private means changing our language and there is such a name. Some Merciful "Merciful" I see that they render. But "spare" in fact, jealous, mean to shame. "She spared him." called. Then the enviable preservation, storage is of course withhold, in accordance with its meaning is also used to protect. "Esirgemiyorsun me." We say, "korumuyorsun me." means. But "do not you pity me." such as, "I esirgemiyorsun" denilmez. Therefore, the fact Merciful "jealous" will mean an arbitrary interpretation of the Merciful will not. Elemlenmek, the means by which to hear the pain acımaktan "acıyıcı," the tasteless and tainted, dry is not a smart mercy. Compassion, to eliminate the scourge of pain and joy and goodness in its place is a good feeling to put that word in our language is completely known. We fully understand the compassionate employee in öbürlerinden understand the meaning and especially the most merciful sweet spot "acıyıcı, Merciful" Do not say. To do this, here ascendant "yarlığamak" the verb "yarlığayıcı" used the title. "Yarlığasın by the mercy of my Lord," "Lord of Mercy yarlığa either!", "Mercy yarlığa hair or gani (rich) such as" we, dampening the word "Adjusting" and "yarlayıcı" is said to have been at. And in fact, "half (friendly) to be treated" means that the result of compassion. But, "yarlığayıcı" adjective, not the name. In summary Most Gracious "very compassionate," he render While there can not be interpreted as a shortcoming. Because "most merciful", what an adjective is used only for God, what a special name, "Rahim," It can be also. Then the great mercy of God, compassion, a sense of heart, a sense of psychological well-being is not one which means a slope. As described in the eternal blessing of the good of the interpretation of sura Prologue kasdetmek or meaning-making. Meaning in our language it is known for mercy, but because of this interest in "The Most Gracious," name "Vehhâb = very forgiving," the name would not be appropriate to mix with. Vehhâb, such as the specific name of Allah, Most are not. Therefore, Most Gracious, Vehhâb or Afüvv (very forgiving) mânâlarına the "forgiving" with the adjective can not render. Tercemesi ezberleriz and with this name, not the interpretation of the meaning of mercy and try to anlamağa.

"Er-Rahim" with the adjective-i müşebbehe or exaggeration ism-i is an adjective used as a perpetrator. The difference between the two adjective to be more open to the second here is more appropriate that the "Most Merciful Killer" would mean. This is one of the great attributes of God. But only used as an adjective, mevsufsuz (characterized without) used alone. Therefore, the winner of Rahman-i like the adjective (the word is usually used as an adjective), and proper names and verb but the expenses can also be used for other than Allah does. Is to determine the preposition at the beginning of the known person. So the first words alone terkibindeki adjective noun, the second is both a noun, and adjective, the third solo adjective. The three-word adjectives, special names was opened to the general meaning. And these two adjectives, "God" person's name has given meaning to our hearts. These are the first cemal tecellileridir seeing God.

We see that, (the Most Gracious, Most Merciful), both of which have mercy masdarından exaggeration (not plural) adjective denoting one but there are important differences between them. Quite a few commentators have made the statement to show these differences. We will only write the following as far as: Almighty God, Most Gracious fact, without (olmayışa the beginning), the uterus is being lâ yezale (immortality) are based. Therefore, the creatures, the supreme being of God Most Gracious mercy of the original, the result being in the uterus grow in the future blessings arising from Mercy and benefit from it. Merciful to point to this point in the world, the hereafter called Rahîm'i. In fact, the supreme God in the world, in the hereafter and the Beneficent, and the Rahîm'idir. And this phrase was transferred to the old scholars. As a priority, but both Rahman Rahim As sonralık to indicate that the world is called the Merciful and the Last Rahimi, "and the believers, the infidels Beneficent, but only believers Rahîm'i" also called because it comes from. "God is very forgiving towards the believers, Most Merciful." (Ahzab, 33/43).

Some explain this fact: Most Gracious, the supreme God and the immortality of arch includes a special name because it is. Therefore, this kind of mercy, mercy and blessing of the emergence of giving kullardan unthinkable. If the uterus does not belong to God alone, does not require eternity. And therefore it can be considered a mercy and blessing be done by giving servants. I mean, is not contingent was a mercy of the Merciful, Rahîm'in depends on the mercy of contingent, contingent occurs.

Allah, Most Gracious be, and it pertains to a property belonging to someone else, but izafet ilgilendirmemesi and deeds with that, one thing all the realms is run condition refers to a general meaning. Without mercy of Almighty Allah, Most Gracious is the General. The first is the creation and invention of everything received from the relative occurrence of all the innate talent and material employed ihsanlar of Allah Most Gracious. This is not trace of mercy in respect of any asset is unthinkable. But the first creation, only God-given assets, and algebra. So with the choice of work and no one, not only are based on Rahman occurs. The stone, stone, tree, tree, people such a compelling human being is a work of mercy. This point of view, the universe, everything has been gark Mercy Merciful. Therefore, Allah Most Gracious, and all hope of being a source of confidence for all assets. Sky to earth, molecules, celestial bodies, spirits and bodies, canlısından cansızına, stone, tree, plants animals, people to animals, employees, çalışmayanına, obedience, rebellion edeninden edenine, mümininden kâfirine, one God Allah inananından koşanına circus, until it reaches the Worlds, all the angels of Allah, Most şeytanına 's, and this respect was mercy gark got rid of terror. But was of it, ignorance with knowledge, life and death, working with the free standing, with the rebellion to obedience, faith and kufr, Sukru with ingratitude, with the right of the curve, no difference between justice and oppression would not. And that will of the universe had no trace of the movements that require work and bulunmazdı. Science and the will to work and struggle, and then it would disappear with the progress and increase the possibility of course would always, tabiatçılardan (Naturalist), cebriyecilerden together. Both ourselves and the things that compelled God would see gatherings. Nature, doomed I knew the need for mercy. Because what he will and choosing what we could not have a mark on our freedoms, not going to hear, that we know can not handle, we should not over our desires, all our actions, such as a stone or a spinning top is rounded like a weed stops or ends, we'd go Yiter. Ahlata pear, cherry tree, Idris, lemon, orange, grape, American bar aşılayamazdık sergeant; tarlamıza ekemez crops, bread pişiremez, rızıklarımızı, elbisemizi and other arts and mastery needs (jobs) could not get through; özenemez out of the skies, the heavens could not enter the resort, the animal income, the animal went. Under these circumstances, the fact that Allah Most Gracious would not be an absolute ripeness. Therefore, the supreme God's own will and to act in any way represent the will of its own assets to create a work and progress according to their wishes of good will and mercy of ettirerek blessing from him and to take advantage of growth in the ill-will and according to studies and otherwise deprived of blessings etmekle them, with grief and criminal punishment, it is the sum of wills with his own will to provide harmony and the harmony and wisdom to give them a share of the requirement would be a mercy. Here is a wisdom of nature, not a work of wisdom is a divine perfection due to the fact that the supreme God, Most Gracious and the Most Gracious vasıflanmış fact that another man that is at the mercy of the uterus, while at his own will, the owners of the uterus at the mercy of being given a share. Main birds, the Beneficent the creation of a piece of art, with the instincts of the existing wing claps at the beginning of offspring, the womb of the moral influence of the people on the pity and compassion compete in charity work. Plants, animals, anatomy, and limb many subtleties of man that sees the benefits of the sciences of Allah Most Gracious, we read. Morality is the science of human life in the pages of maturity, of the prophets, and by working parents iradeyle menkıbelerinde also won the biographies of great people to read the effects of Rahîmiyetin jobs. Initially, employees, and send it to the world of çalışmayana without looking to manage assets is a mercy of Allah, Most of its occurrence. Then they work to employees to donate maksatlarını Rahim also a mercy of its occurrence. So, without the mercy of Allah, Most of its occurrence, we yaratılamazdık, we have capital creation, God bestowed on essential skills, stay in deprived of the greatest blessings. The mercy of God without the occurrence of uterine creation capability and the initial creation of the existing situation, even one step further gidemezdik of blessings eremezdik subtleties. Fact that the absolute despair of Allah Most Gracious, leave no possibility of an absolute despair hope, an eternal lütufdur. In fact the womb of God, and private ambitions and private despair maksatlarımızın response, responsibility, reward for effort and time and a desire to show cause of action. So, in the face of Allah Most Gracious man that the world and the Hereafter, they are believers and unbelievers equally clear difference between the face of man that, while leaving the uterus. In other words, "a company in heaven, the fire at a company." (Sura, 42 / 7) is going.

Here's the world and the Hereafter and the Hereafter Rahîm'i Beneficent, the Merciful or believers and unbelievers, this is why the believer is called Rahîm'i. The late Sheikh (Mohammed) There is no sign Abduh'un lügatta these meanings zannetmesiyle former scholars have shown that differences in terms, negligence is not true. Because "The Most Gracious" and a verb lügatte sıfatlardandır also belong to Allah, There is no connection. Ezelîlik (not the beginning) looks at the reports and the starting point. There is no connection and there are a verb, this feature is Rahim'de. So, zevalsizlikte valid. Mercy of the Merciful, initially asking for the sake of Allah is an adjective zatına. At the end of the goodness of His mercy Rahîm'in to be accepted as an actual adjective best opinion. So with Rahman Rahim, a meaning of mercy containing different from each other etmekle becoming one direction was superior. So Allah, the Beneficent, the uterus is a reinforcement adjectives alone (te'kid) were again not to. And each one has its own unique aspect of a special meaning of an exaggeration. On the one hand is superior to the mercy of the Merciful. Because every yaratılmışa is attributed, on the other hand is superior to most Rahîm'in mercy. Because the weave (the Most Gracious), more fertile, and a de facto proxy to Allah and His servants are also available takes into blessings. Some commentaries by pointing it at the mercy of the Merciful supreme blessings, mercy Rahim'in they say is related to the elaboration of blessings. Exclusive use of the Merciful, the general area of interest. Rahîm'in area of usage, the specific area of interest and work in the capacity of the supreme God have mercy on such a patched vasıflanmıştır and they delete the people a sense of hopelessness and a sense of optimism instead of an endless need to set up. The spirit of faith and confidence in a general way is desired. Most Gracious, Most Merciful are desperate to get any infidel who disbelieve in Allah, but there is no reason to be desperate believer. "The result of sin would be cautious guard against evil." (Qasas, 28/83). And this joy besmeleden be enlightened from the divine.

BESMELE'NİN COMPOSITION: a seemingly izafet Basmalah two adjective phrases with phrases and preposition at the beginning of interest in relation to a united, independent of a complete sentence. In fact, this connection and what it meant hazfedilmiş (destined) promise the arrival of a connection with the agreed full very short, concise and clear a significant full promise. "" A izafet clause, "" an adjective clause, "" the other an adjective phrase. Izafet of the name Allah, "slide" or "min" izafet there may be hidden patterns and that, first one, "the name of Allah", the second is the "name of God" would mean. Izafetten first, before adjectives; Most Gracious and Merciful vasıflanan with adjectives "high with the name of God" or as izafetten (tamlamadan) after "with the name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious and Rahim that he attributes to qualify as well." be thought of as a meaning. But the second in the (description tamlamasında) "God" before the name tamlamadan attributes collectively with the thought of a name and then name the word to describe him as zikredildikten müzâfün ileyh (complementary) is enabled. And this is the case of the adjectives alone zikretme zikredilmezler clause in the title. Thoroughly investigate the importance of giving the name and person, however, to tell irâbı izafet irâbı a three-word that is distributed, it is essential irâb name. (Slide) which is hidden izafette "" is considered to start in terms of meaning and the absolute (unconditional) remains. (Min) expressing izafette explanation of the "" after him, Rahman and Rahim adjectives, from "God" is explained with the name. Most Tefsircilerin the first one (containing the secret phrase Lam) are preferred. Because he is open to both nouns and adjectives and the meaning of irâb kasdedilir himself. Names for the meaning of the word absolute (unconditional) will remain connected with the signal through the specific name. Others Lebid'in "... Until next year, after the name of Peace be upon you "mısraındaki" ismü's-greetings such as "expressing izafet preferred explanation. Because the owner of mevlid (Suleyman Celebi) "name of Allah," saying it has taken into account. You understand that, besmelede "" according to the purpose talker izafet phrase "God's name" or "the name of Allah," according to one of mânâlarından every one of them to fall when the render is the very meaning persists. Specific name of God and "the Merciful" in the title of special tercemelerinin-change, and we were shown was not possible to break the will.

Here are two adjectives to do with the composition of interest at the beginning of a phrase, "= b" is an indirect object with a preposition or a verb of the sentence of a state secret failine brought in connecting to a full and tafsilatlı eloquent words (regular and artistic promise), and has been abbreviated. Here are hazf (hidden), which attracts acts formulas that no one will attempt to read, write, eat, drink, get up, sit, start a verb, etc.. No one in the heart of the purpose of starting the business of hiding the name of Allah alone without a break and pulls besmeleyi paste. Here are two important components of the sentence to ensure that the overall benefit of the act and the perpetrator were hazf. The clue to prefigure this hazf "= bi" is. Speaking party, according to instead of the state and the acts and perpetrators of hazf is to determine the tip. Hazifler such as Arabic, our language, there are many. For example, a guest uğurlarken "state, in peace"; "state and soundly," "honor" and such words, or who wish a better future, "farewell," I say, "go" verb is a word in our hearts even in hiding, and he'll do a full and proper sentence we have addressed and no one understands this clearly. There are many like them in other verbs: "blah" on behalf "in honor of something" that "doing", "eat" I mean, as in the same way as "health and appetite eat" means .. etc. Here are similar to them in formulas. But here is hazf act, there should be considered at the end of besmelenin. So "= bi" is due before the verb. Although the word in Arabic, Turkish, on the contrary, the complementary words must come later. "...Read the name of the Lord. " (Alak, 96 / 1), such as. But come the last part of the sentence to be an important complement to the elements and features of the sentence refers to the side of the head. Indeed, at order of reading is in fact, the most important element of the sentence was read at the most important issue, read the name of Allah, etc. issues, girişilecek zikretmektir before the job. And here is taking this forward, aid belonging only to make him only for Allah, and meaning dileneceğini specify. Because it is known as the most important work of every nation, he believes the size of a name begins with. Arab idolaters, he or affairs "with the name of Lat," "Uzzā with the name" would start with the name of one of such idols. People between the shopping and other tasks, especially the opening ceremonies and special programs "in the name of John Doe, or something in honor of" various instances such as we see it. Here is the end of the sentence the verb besmelede be leaving all this rejection of God's name forward Watching that is to begin to allocate the name of Allah alone, "I myself and that is what someone else can come to mind, but not with no name on my business with the name of the supreme God start to start. " means. Therefore, the formulas in this way included the meaning of monotheism. In terms of sub-elements of the Turkish verb of the sentence before and the allocation of the act is required to arrive at the end of the sentence as a description of the natural changes and "start with the name of God" should mean. This narrative style of the actual verb is the verb together with the description that is not available. Then "it is with the name of Allah, I start, I read, I get up, go." sentence like this draw a clear narrative style edilebilirse appreciate. But the act hazf "says start" in the form of dilimizce is difficult to find a clue. Apparently eliminated all the benefits of Zikr and a common abbreviation in question will be spoken.

This explanation can be assumed to be according to our language and then besmelenin tercemesi must be one of the following forms:

1 - Very mercy of Allah, Most Gracious with the name of a Killer, (meaning the phrase slide)

2 - The Most Gracious, the uterus with the name of God (the phrase mean slide)

3 - with the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful-i (name or description of clause)

4 - the name of Allah the Most Gracious the uterus.

But at first glance, in each of the four-shape "of the" adjective conjunction, leads to a wrong understanding. Because "to be" the actual existence of our language as well, and also used the situation as a partner because of changing mânâlarında; imiş not previously been in the post-Rahim Rahman-i, can express a meaning, such as later occurred. In conjunction with the use of the word is not good. Therefore, with this reduction of your connector;

5 - "The Most Gracious, the uterus, with the name of God, or;

6 - Most Gracious, the uterus with the name of God "would be more correct to say. Also the name of Allah, the most important person in this respect has not been taken forward and as a result of the intervening acts of mercy are opened from. Hence the name of God is portrayed as a name with adjectives;

7 - Allah, Most Gracious-i-i with the name of the uterus, or;

8 - Allah-i-i rahîm'in with the name of Allah, the Beneficent, denilirse will be made directly since the name of God and God's mercy connection however will not be available again. This, "God, Most Gracious, the uterus with the name" will be fluent in all, according to the form in our language to say, may come to mind in this suspicion of a trinity. Although the name denilip, with the names of denilmemesi sufficient to eliminate this doubt. And at the same time, the names and adjectives have more than one person's obstacle is not the unity of the three names in the form of such a person to count them one by one thought to mind, such as the name attribute them to the future of the "i" have to read like a word by linking with the would be more secure. However, the compositions herein kurtulamayacağız suspicion of each other to come up behind.

So what words and what the individual is not possible to render exactly the terkiplerini and especially aspects of eloquence, can not be declared in no way convey the harmony, lips traveled from his stomach after all the letters still ended lip sweet and perfect in itself, even if the layout is unique and however, a very well known to every Muslim and a Turk, and more or less understands the meaning of a maxim in the besmeleyi a "and" or "name" for the sake of wording to render kalkışmayıp, we always say that according to its origin and the meaning of these descriptions and tefsirlerle try to think about the inevitable task. Therefore, a switch and oneness of all things (God's unity) of the verse, "" precious and harmonious word of Allah, no one believes in the unity of the state to reduce the idolaters like the meaning of "God as forgiving, Most Merciful" out of favor, such as to disrupt tercemelerle özenmekten obliged to avoid.

SUPREME BESMELE'NİN COMMENTARY: We understand that the most effective point is the leading sıralanışında besmeledeki words "= ba" is the letter. "Ba" through the letter we will bring God's name. All assets and property development of the initial starting point and a single request, the "-i Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful-i" in the name, we have faith in our hearts and yet we do not see happening, Chocolate sounds to words in our business by connecting a short, concise meaning of a word covering the world of opportunity, but söyleyebilmemize this "= Bâ" is. How much do we want our business if we let free, because we are not full of things is a fact. Because of our wishes, a clear chain of being is not the first limit, a change in the moment of its flow. And for that we all do not see iradelerimizin desires and wishes without any delay and the trouble occurred. So, achievements, first because of the wishes that everything depends on the relationship between the abundance of that at the beginning of this abundance of Rahman, in the end belongs to Rahim'e. We like to let us know, we do not know whether this proportion in the universe, this seriousness of this relationship, this connection with exceptional integrity and a general law of things exist, in the emergence of this Act. Here are the formulas "= Bâ" of this law and we make clear in a verbal factor. This flash of hiss that meant being the latest target point. In this respect, the focus of interpretation besmelenin "= ba" and therefore is the meaning of besmelenin "= ba" is located. Ba is at the called secret. This wisdom, and this law is to point out that, as a source of pride for the Turkish poets Hakani Hilyesi'nde:

"If it occurs in types of goods did not uzatılmasaydı yazılışında formulas?" he said.

The largest commentators say: "= ba" or the meaning of the concatenation of the asylum and a draw or help dilemektir here. In other words, the relationship of memories: "Allah Most Gracious-i-i the womb," the name of a refuge and a sense of togetherness and veyahut name (Rahman, Rahim) named with adjectives according to meaning, and signify that the Mercy of Allah to ask for help from and the feeling that the phrase is the first of formulas in terms of grammar, "state" and the other is indirect object.

The late Sheikh Muhammad Abduh Al-Fatiha for the duration of a meaning to mention written commentary and said: "All the nations and the Arab nation in the sentence as it is known that a captain or a major one-person account of the person and not to speak of his own when he wants to do a job for him-alone "in the name of something" he says. And the name of that person that says, "He and his order would not do this job and I could not do without." would mean. The most obvious example of this, we see that the state courts. Judges need both verbal and ilâmlarının provisions of the "chief or something in the name of or on behalf of the ruler or something," say the title. Here is a Muslim as they are also "starting to work on," saying "I do this for myself, not the name of Allah, but his orders and doing for him." is said.

According to this interpretation besmelenin Fucks "in the name of Allah Rahman Rahim" is meant that the "= ba" shelter in prime time has nothing to do. In short, on behalf of someone else to do, but it is to admit. Starting a business "in the name of something to say," I attributed to him by it, instead, by representing it, as it's a tool doing this job really is not my or anyone else, but the keepers. " would mean. This Wahdatul body with the idea of a (bad Fillah) state that, but the prophecy, guardianship, and savings of being Wise is about to have a special spiritual authorities. And so the early time period only due to the presence of Islamic law in general is shown, besmelenin as a meaning of its share and the person's personality is not to destroy, to revive the use and benefit of the authorities can not be applied. For example, take a sünnettir formulas begin to eat. But "I'm eating dinner in the name of God." is not very nice to say. In this alone, "God has bestowed I'm eating dinner." anlaşılabilseydi meaning of the right and it would be appropriate. But not yedirmekte, make dinner, meaningless and obscene act in God is a promise. In fact, "I would pray in the name of God." to say is not true. Because worship is done in the name of Allah, Allah, instead of him, not his servant is made by the Minister himself to strengthen his own behalf. But "I would like on behalf of Foo." said a representative, or an ambassador, "give in the name of Foo." said a judge's authority is not so. There is a request by tecerrüd own personality, such as finding or deciding that unveils a single body. For example, the judge, is connected to the head of government in personality and her own personality is the main source eritmekle's authority as a body that is declared. This prophecy, guardianship, to have wisdom and moral strength to have a special spiritual authorities such as the Muslims will capture one of the formulas may be appropriate besmeleye Mustahab wherever appropriate and the implementation of the withdrawal is not possible and therefore, can not be the meaning of besmelenin general.

However, as described above, "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, each book is the key." "Bismillah başlanmayan important jobs with the success of reach." Islam, like the hadith-i sheriff besmelenin us all of our business at the beginning of the appropriate key can be reminiscent of a general meaning. In this sense, the commentary may be one of the two scholars explained. However, the Qur'an, going down to the duration of the Qur'an, reading and writing at the beginning of their terms of its meaning in mind that Sheikh Mohammed Abduh'un besmelenin his comments and the description is correct, as in private places considerable importance.

A HELPFUL NOTE: When you stand on Basmalah omissions and ugly, stop saying enough and accurately enough, and right again. a full foundation.

EVENTS BESMELE'DEN PROVISIONS: when writing the Qur'an, "Repentance" is obligatory to write the beginning of time to another time period. When cutting or fire a gun while hunting animals is obligatory only to say. He is deliberately leaving the animal's meat is inedible formulas. But the formulas do not mind is forgotten. "(Discontinued) on the unnamed God Do not eat animals." (En'am, 6 / 121). Bunda, and in some places, such as sünnettir denilmemesi. Prayer is the beginning of time period begins to read the Qur'an, except to say, (Eûzü-formulas) sünnettir according to most scholars. Set as this sentence, such as proof of God by some imams. Solo "Repentance" during the formulas are read. There are two kırâet between the two time period. Our ace kırâetinde mendubdur read formulas. Start reading the Qur'an, not the middle or the end of the beginning of time period is the "Eûzü-formulas" mendubdur read. As described above, according to the prayer we Hanafī Fâtiha'dan ago secretly "Eûzü-formulas," read the circumcision, according to Şâfiîlere supposed to take the secret formulas or voice, according to the Master of the mendubdur okunmaması. The time period in between the two is the case we Hanefilerce (mendubdur).

Kırâetten other jobs or to start with the other important work, and in accordance to Islam in order of severity or mendub or circumcision, or proof of God. Kırâet explanation on this topic at length and belongs to the books of fiqh. Verses on the subject of commentaries in the future will be necessary explanations. İstiâze (Eûzü Billah mine'ş-şeytânirracîm say) that, "when you want to read the Qur'an seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast." (Nahl, 16/98) verse; besmeleden tesmiye more general subject of the "Read the name of the Creator of the Lord." (Alak, 96 / 1) verse; animal En'am cutting the time in reading formulas (6 / 121) I hope will be explained. Humid duration (27/30) with the relevant formulas will be explained again.

SUMMARY: Grace and Encompassing everyone and everything surrounding Allah (SWT), large-friendly glorious Prophet. Muhammad (peace be upon him) Efendimiz'in "And you are over a great moral." (Pencil, 68 / 4) and "(O Muhammad), We have sent you but as creatures of mercy." (Anbiya, 21/107) şereflendirmesiyle happy to make the "Spirit-i emini = Hz. Gabriel "and" right-i Kerim mübinini = Qur'an explains everything clear, "his choice of downloading the first of all, has given importance to breeding and finishing. Divine help and divine blessings that have made also to show its commitment to take forward the name to start with a copy of the sacred, such as literary taught to apply it to all the hearts of hope and ambitions of the beginning of the end point of the Mercy of Allah the Most Gracious and Merciful Allah's help with the latter being all relations in the divinity and worship under the law of the largest images, with a clear language to express the unity of God, is very short and brief with the extremely compact and exceptionally smooth and clear in a statement summarizing the düsturunu style, such as a key to everything and then this law has bestowed on the whole Islamic Ummah and the literary and discipline books, inscriptions, Qur'an readings, speeches and other important jobs, and needs at the beginning and will be followed by quoted has made a valuable tradition. Indeed in the Messenger-i Ekrem said Efendimiz'in buyurulmuştur hadith: "Bismillah is the key to every book." In addition, "Bismillah başlanmayan with all the important work remains inconclusive." Başlanmayan absolutely no business with the name of Allaah, his presence will not be available sublime, sunulamayınca also inconclusive, remains incomplete.

So, given a key so that the book of Allah is with us, we briefly in this issue of the science of the Quran, and before going to find the goal of Fâtiha'da, the second of each other as well as ignore all the times that the Qur'an-i müntehâ'yı days Sidre we will see in detail the secrets of spiritual emergence. This period of spiritual mysteries and revelations of the Qur'an to appear in relations between the organized and simple, subtle and delicate a taste in literature, not even in the deep and broad account of the science of wisdom is not fit into the arrangement and order forms. He zannettikleri some foreigners, as long as only seen in visible, tangible, such as medium-and short written expression of sense and is not a mathematical quantities. His life is thriving in the infinite dimensions of parts and other elements of the relationship between the quantity and quality of course and a beautiful, beautiful ahenklerine a sensitive ear, heart awakening of emotions, various quantities discernment, wisdom and insights about the logic that suits your solid wisdom, spiritual relationships to mention that shines , Pleiades star in the sky with the world of special relationship between the general law of attraction, even when fully measured and calculated as the scientific interest and harmony between the verses of the Qur'an will remain eternally again. "Say: if sea were ink for the words of my Lord, my Lord ran out before the sea runs out of words. Help for bringing that much more (though not enough). " (Al-Kahf, 18/109).

Duration of the Qur'an, poetic verses of a random coincidence, or just a feeling of power çıkıvermiş mixed with a sofa, but it is significantly large, such as through a single sentence and a word order, perhaps fasih a solid fit and a very wise and style statement come down with a divine promise. Located at the end of the beginning. Here is the sequence of all statements of the Qur'an, such as explaining the links between the start and conclusion, the supreme God, all creatures visible and invisible, and especially from the people and the people to God the supreme being and a strong narrative is a way of life, relationships eternity flavored zevkiyle . Fasih and a promise and I always see that, Hz. According to a hadith narrated by Ali, so we read every hatims and it (the settlement of emigrants from around the world that no one mürtehil = migration), it is said that those of us, totally disconnected describes the relationship between the world of existence that nobody died. This show is a scientific knowledge of astronomy as an example. Today we know, the whole subject of the science of astronomy, to explain the law of attraction. And more precisely in the language of science which we regard this "celestial bodies" are what we call the science of astronomy. Describing the mutual relations between particle masses of celestial bodies, and only the general law of gravitation and the directions we are united under the name, automatic movement of the universe, the planets each other to capture and itmelerini cisimleriyle gökcisimlerinin movement and in the meantime and cessation, stroke, and the rise, approach each other and uzaklaşmasından; collision and we accept the explosion occurred on the shape of the universe and think to some extent, the status of the account would gezegenlerimizin. But with it being a created world at large to realize the full knowledge of all relevant laws and orders do not claim to erdiğimizi level. The science of astronomy and science subjects except there are many more, in a correct classification of astronomy is a branch of science in their secondary. He is due to the rules of logic principles before the numerical techniques of mathematics, and research is under the influence. Therefore, a shot of his capture is not fully inclusive. Indeed, what celestial objects in astronomy gravity of atoms between particles or individual parts or individual parts, such as chemical relationships to each other tutunmaları and integration, the development of what is life about nutrition and organic extraction üremesindeki; what soul of goodness and evil, between love and hate, lust, anger meyillerini and excitement about the relationship of conscience, the emotional impression of what can be achieved with imagination and designs are conceived and expressed the synthesis and folded them to understand specific examples we see that if a property offers. Article realm of reality itself, the essence of the human mind to imagine the power and grip, and ten were thinking patterns to understand and explain reality, the share of property in the means by which information is capable of a similar capability. In short, space space, over time, as if there was time, subjective and objective sense of all the events occurring in space and time depending on the material employed, and offering us a snap to combine a single line of understanding, commonly seen and unseen, have entered into a sensory area and the rest of the senses beyond their own integrity Ezel and give us eternal gathered in news reporting, and even then with the absence of asset, the difference between necessity and free choice clearly signify the existence of power to show the creative power of the unseen realms mücerred assets of a will, into the realm of spirit beings need to self-realization, both sezebilmesinde understand what is happening in the outside world reveals itself in the moral force of attraction, world of humanity and community life, finally bringing it all together as a whole is a force of social attraction can not find another book. However, knowledge of the Qur'an, taking into all these different aspects of shooting a combine forces so compatible, so a bundle of integrative expression that makes a universal law of gravitation, we want to in this universal, or Partial, either material or spiritual of all existence, revealing the unconditional and absolute existence of the gravitational force of the characteristics of the creative power of the law say, the relationship between God and the existence, especially multi-faceted relations between people incelikleriyle think of all the manifestations of His ledünnî. With a thought too incomplete and unfair "Law of Universal Gravitation" celestial bodies that we call each other to attract only a small example of His Signs. In fact, we will see that from the work. This is an issue with exceptional integrity, so that, working in the sciences codify the greatest writers and philosophers throughout history, even superior to the sum of the common values capable of expressing. The greatest systematic philosophers and philosophical schools of thought this one time order of wisdom, reflection, colorful flashes of the highest literature, the aesthetic beauty of this one is an instant radiance. Nazmi-i celile Qur'an, scientific and aesthetic order kucaklaşıp layout on an integrated field. Therefore, the logic scheme put forward by the Qur'an, the integrity of science and art of thought put forward a more robust and more consistent. Different colored beauties of literature reveals a more colorful, more varied. And to ensure compliance with such Muhkemat müteşabihatın order to give rise to an aesthetic, but can be seen in creation. "Do not think deeply on the Qur'an? If it had been downloaded by someone else and not by God, they would have found therein many contradictions. " (Nisa, 4 / 82).

For example, the astronomy of the law of attraction, only the moon, the sun and the world order and the proportion between the trio, even full measure of kavuşturamamış light technology, based on data obtained, how the solar system, nor the system of galaxies and their layout and functioning of the science, logic and aesthetics argues that there is no point in conflict with all his might. Creation of this scheme, such as how our eyes, apparent, and the Western times and verses in the Qur'an between the scientific, logical, and even the aesthetic layout like him, even from him and from him rather than the abdomen rather than the zahir. Zahir kemalinden that, in the abdomen that sonsuzluğundandır. Here is what I, a poet:

"The idea of Bikr-I universe is hot knife, but was ismette Curtain-i Qur'an curb yet."

"Universe has been untouched ideas, piece by piece. But the veil of protection still remained within the meaning of the Qur'an. "He said.

We think the logical dimensions of aesthetics, literary thinking and principles of the rule of reason to sacrifice for our habits, such as the Holy Quran draws a ruler of all aspects of cohesion and harmony through the ölçemiyor If we also thought that her supreme joy of living fıtratı We might with ecstasy. In the Qur'an, this pleasure, rather than reciting the inhabitants to vouchsafe "This hidayettir pious followers." (Bakara, 2 / 1) he will appeal. Therefore, first of all gafletimizden, vesvesemizden, şeytanlıklardan taking refuge in Allah to purify all the consciousness of our abilities, "I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed." let's say, and it attracts everything from strength to live, "the name of Allah Most Gracious and Merciful." to say thank you with a sense of the formulas and key yapışalım Fâtiha'sından begin.

Maal-i Sheriff

1 - the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful.

2 - Praise the Lord of the Worlds,

3 - O Most Gracious and Merciful,

4 - He is the owner of the day of Allah's religion.

5 - Thank you kulluğu However, worship, and only wish you the help, grace. (O Lord!).

6 - Hedo off to entertain us,

7 - that way people who happily gave their blessing, he suffered the wrath that is not deviated to a path.


2 - surahs in the Qur'an, suras in most parables, kıssalarda verses, verses, words and letters in words all of these are open or closed, by word or meaning, and full compliance with the many ways there is a certain order, and to investigate them one by one too numerous to be called to reveal the details of the numerous, and almost all will be interested in the sciences and the arts closely. This is the first effort in the sciences Grammar (Grammar) and Rhetoric (mentioned in the art of singing) trends. Qur'an nazmında sentence structure, word before a relationship, and the flow of context, meaning and concept, with a meaning that fit between the (agreement), according to the content of word, phrase, signal, signify, iktiza, openness and privacy, the truth, representation, sarahat, innuendo, implication, telmih, logic, wisdom, knowledge concerning the purpose of conformity declaration, such as pleasing to the ear to come first, and easy to understand aspects of the word considered. Then they make promises to the heart to fill and impact fesahat (light and clarity), sweetness, smoothness, fluidity, delicacy, moderation, intensity, convenience, sanatlılık, innovation, versatility, consistency, harmony and the harmony, language mastery, style, word The balance between the meaning of the said extension, a very succinct words to express meaning and, finally, and again not to imitate anyone does this mean in terms of characteristics such as the IBDA and harikuladelik, and the beauty of promise, as well as the depth and richness of meaning into the area with a lot of beauty and aesthetic finesse There. In short, the original language and dictionary meanings of the Qur'an, the words signify in terms of their meaning, they signify in terms of logic, reason and meaning, of course, in terms of taste and intuition to sense that they signify a combination of three types of semantic cohesion and harmony in the right way to infinity and sonludan inceliklerdir they felt expressed the summary relations. It represents the spirit of their interpretation. In general, for the vulgar language in terms of semantic word meaning, semantic in terms of logic and reason to the scholars, writers and people of wisdom, and for those who enjoy estetikçiler, intuition and fıtrata semantic importance in terms of compliance. To change the language by itself render the first and third issues will be major losses. In addition, the heresy that it also affected in terms of reason and logic. For this, we simply try to show these relationships in some places. Because of man power is not enough to explain in detail. Therefore, longer than the other will focus on the sura Prologue. Consider the appropriateness of words between the first two terms Fâtiha'da. Siamese, siba the context and flow that first one (siba) words in the earlier promise, the second (cyan) in the words of his own pieces by him, and after self-adjustment relations. Bismillah, a part of Fâtiha'nın sayıldığına, according to the first (siba) can not be mentioned here, even though this verse nüzulü (descent) for the "Read the name of the Lord." (Alak, 96 / 1) is related to that verse, the Qur'an, which according to the arrangement relationship of a Siamese belonging to himself next verse. But look at it before because it is a sign on its own formulas.

SIBA (the arrival of word): Besmelenin relationship to a verb to be connected to anything else here because düşünülemiyeceğinden Fâtiha'nın in general there is a certain relationship with the formulas. I read with Bismillah Al-Fatiha, Al-Fatiha I am writing, I would praise, starting the Qur'an, etc.. But there are no other special way, strong relationships. So there is a relationship that can count a sign besmeleyi Fâtiha'dan. First, poetry and Chapter (verse end) relationship, the relationship between words in the second, third, in the form of summary description of the variety of its meaning have relationships. Once a Fâtiha'nın besmeledeki mercy appeal response is to say thank you at first sight to be seen. This is the formulas and the Al-Fatiha is that a connection between the secret and complete. Then a description of Al-Fatiha besmelenin, and meanings revealed revelation.

That is to say: Bismillah, real and nominal consisted of seven words. Three of four of them by itself is a word is the name of God. All of this preparation is referred to a part, some of them hidden in the word and the two sides agreed with the arrival of a bağlaçdan "= ba" preposition, ie, involving (which dismissed), müteallak (links to it), and the relationship of three parts, which means that combined with a full , respectively. However, Al-Fatiha, verse seven, four-word itself, three full-Foundation (stop) a promise from the combined full order, good for a while that this is a sentence of three full-vakfdan first verse as the first three sides, with the latter two sentences as an allotment verse binding relationship between the middle and the third sentence again as a three-verse, the last part has created. And this is the Fatiha, and with it, such as formulas in the form of a promise of a kind.

Come meaning thin: a phrase Bismillah us bond, bond, and two adjectives with the letter at the beginning of the end of a link that contains the secret of the Tevhidi gave a link to the full.There are special (name) from spreading to the general meaning (expanding) the name and the title was mentioned in the beginning and we (not the beginning of time) we were like what fiillerimiz with hidden and secret. More accurately, there is God, we did not. "There was God, there was nothing with him." Because of this relationship before it sarılmamıştık belonging to God. we call that time, although this connection has occurred, and thank God Fâtiha'da çıkmamıza that led to the world of being.

Indeed, a thank Fatiha (sentence) and we are starting with a secret, the divine presence in the area of the universe at the beginning of a relationship and that is taking place and the Most Gracious and Merciful is manifested in a further improvement after a period of one to two etmekle facts communicated the need for divine sezecek a legal obligation to nurture idrakimizi teach and talk to the copy of favor with God and ourselves bulunarak exist in a vacuum is to get to know us, and that when the unity of God, "only you would pray and hope not only help you," he gives the right to talk to us to make an agreement bey'at . And we are also talking to all the social vicdanımızla word and it starts doing this deal without such a relationship to a social and legal contract zevalsiz with mercy, and the moment we're doing, "neste'în" (We wish to help) is a saying in our will we, one thing We understand that the right to demand and yetkimizin taking place in the presence of God with prayer and immediately tell you until the end. Ezeldeki this way (not the beginning of time) and besmeledeki secret (meaning), also emerges as one of Fâtiha'da and at the present time without speaking, and does not seem apparent at the end of the talk will be ready with our idrakimizde and an addressee is also available to our center and our environment. work life balance of all of this is in the eternal and infinite. A simple sentence that looks like a few Al-Fatiha, creation, creator, creatures that collects all the secrets of a law-i-mell, (general and basic principle). As the end of the three-verse connection with the head side of the three verses of the Fatiha verse like this is an infinitely better captures the assets equation.

Fâtiha'da that spirit, the spiritual thinness, and this equation, we explained what a beautiful holy hadith: "I pray with expiration dates Fâtiha'yı myself I was divided in half between the servant, half me and half kulumundur.Kuluma do I want to. " Hz. The Prophet (peace be upon him) Lord also explains this hadith: Kul says, Allah, "my servant hamdetti me," he says, used says. Allah, "My servant praised me," he says, using say, Allah says, "my servant ululadı me." And so here is mine. kulumla between me, the only kuluma expiration own right to belong to any mortal human beings, he says.

Al-Fatiha, that such a sublime grace of God manifested in an asset balance of Registrant. This establishment, the foundation of the universe in balance with the balance of justice and the law of the fact that we see the clearest and most beautiful, while (right path), the supreme nazmında read clearly. If we look at it a pleasure to serve with this mystical balance and help with dileme andlaşmasını (Islam) whole ummah, "the land you caliphs (rulers of the earth save the people and the rule holds) He is engaged." (Fatir, 35/39) "the earth, the heir must be good servants, this earth will pass their hands." (Analytics, 21/105) clearly stated in verses such as God's representative to (the caliph), the people and the people he is a shadow of the earth in the form of construction and reconstruction of aksetmiş share and then you'll be granted that such worship Allah alone and to ask for help ' What makes a social feeling of belonging to a nation bearing the merger on any subject can be found in the Shariah is a heresy, that is, a nation understand that the issue of consensus is a positive evidence of Shariah. Therefore, the arrival of words between the Bismillah with Al-Fatiha (cyan), apparently fit, without the spirit is infinite and the equilibrium relationship between the emergence occurs. These verses, that's all there is in creation, our relationship with the divine consciousness âyetlerdir nakşeden. Broad description of them will see the Quran.

WATER: Fâtiha'nın personally promise itself is a form of teaching arising from the stream flow, and this of course. Indeed, in the name Fâtiha'nın "mes'ele Ta'lik-i" or "teaching subject" is. The biggest clue that the arrival of reading, and especially the "Read the name of the Lord!" (Alak, 96 / 1) we find at the disposal of the supreme. Hadith narrated in the order that we had other causes of that revelation. To do this, particularly some commentators "say that" meâlinde order that told the secret of the great scholars of exegesis, without the need for such a word is hidden, only the arrival of the style is sufficient to point to insist that such a thing to teach. So with the promise of science and faith in Allah that we have suggested (told) and not do with this narrative of the present time an order is not in the existing mode described. Because science and faith before that he had no right before the exit, let us explicitly addressed. Because we apparently did not have Besmele'de. However, the essence of Allah, but we were in the presence of the name.

Therefore, knowing about God at the beginning of Fâtiha'nın Do not see the three verses describe the style completely. Does not show him speaking. In this "world = the worlds" mode with intelligent beings there is a clear warning that this is a three-verse anyone who understands the meaning of intelligent thought, the spirit of the Worlds, what it is and how it manifested that their thinking and the beginning of thoroughly reviewing it, and the outcome of your mind and scent ability collected from time to time, and only then, "Praise the Lord of the Worlds, the Most Gracious and Merciful, he, the owner of the day of God's religion" is a true expression of the invisible God visible and invisible realm that God understands that and is ready immediately, and considers finds them. When I found such a "Thank you kulluğu However, the worship, I wish you the help, grace (O Lord)," he addressed him, by the way of meeting their needs and can request rates show him. For this, Al-Fatiha, Arabic literature gaibden (third party) to the addressee to perform the last and the compliment it was called by God in an open style of eloquence, "I and we" order, such as the one addressed directly to the first-person mode kapsamayarak "God with a human (individual) do not speak. But the revelation or from behind the scenes talks. " (The Forum, 42/51) and the notification has taught the meaning of verse. Therefore, the method of pronunciation Fâtiha'nın itself, a teaching method and style, the style has been a suggestion.

Edebiyatçılarının all Arab poets, and even Turks and nutuklarında kasidelerinde and know the art of using such a compliment, and many sentences are in need of a full meaning in such a short, concise, and clear and concise manner so that collects nükteyi demonstrated to be a very deep, all the Arab poets miracle of the Qur'an and the courage of their intention to challenge them in front of the head eğdiren broke and has been one of the points. Fâtiha'nın relations between words and phrases in the future if some of the above analysis and commentary during the past and will need görüldükçe. Here, sing this much that the best way tefsiridir elhamdü'nün. istiânenin also (help for it) a description of the same shape. And with the emergence of this chain secrets sura Prologue entirely original, the original terse announcement of the sentence consists of a unique Islamic theology.

As for the relationship between the Qur'an and other times, Fâtiha'nın Ümmü'l-Quran (Quran-s mother), Ümmü'l-Kitab (the mother of the book), based on the shape of heresy with the names of the Holy Quran is the general representative of the main root of all periods and that some of the above, we understand this issue and I hope in future we understand that all descriptions.

To sum up: It is a crown of formulas, the most perfect body of the Qur'an, Al-Fatiha of his head, this original face, (Fâtiha'da last) mercy and guidance (to find the right way) in this Faces of pupils, the outer face of the world and making sense of the hereafter, serve and help dileme language, belief in God is the spirit of unity.Of all the hidden sides of the body that is as clear-cut his lip while he TAÇDAM speaking, she faces, she glances drawn out his soul to read. That face, Hz. Muhammad (peace be upon him) 's face, it is manifestation of God's body. The word of God, who communicated the messenger of God. "As if no god except Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah's slave and bear witness. "

ASSAY AND TE'VİL (Analysis and Comment): Praise be to demand a favor or against a favor to his starting point with clarity of mind that expresses respect for the owner of that goodness is the word of praise. Partially medih, partly a tribute to you coupled with a kind of praise, or praise, or övülüş övüş good, nice to be praised, or praised, or a serious övücülük övülücülük extracts a promise that their meaning, covering the beautiful and serious. All of the meanings of the Arabic word used for praise. However, as the name of Masdar is used mostly in Turkish. Other modes, to praise or be, or the means hamdediş, praise be to him who is, or hamdedilen, hâmidiyet (to praise the quality), mahmûdiyet (praiseworthy to be) our language is called, and today it is a synonym of pure Turkish. Gratitude is like this. Turkish, however, a praise, and he and sena methetme (praise) is synonymous with. Praise be to God with the Medhi is a kind of praise and a special medihtir. Because medih, viability and the ability to act as what is desired is also in there '. For example, a beautiful pearl and a beautiful horse may be praised. But hamdedilmez them. Praise, pearl and forgiving horse, which God wants to be free to make and even his blessing, the science is done. But is the beauty of the body. Also medih, then a donation can be made before. Praise be to the good after a while is not. So far, however, until he reached the praise may not be a favor. Fortunately, this also is a must. Because God, who had come to a blessing or a verbal response to actual or her heart with the blessing bulunarak to give respect is gone. Solo acts and heart with God, what medihtir, nor praise. But as the language spoken on the time and praise, as well as Medhi and this praise, gratitude is the head. Therefore, praise be, in general, more private medihten (private) dir. Thank God at a somewhat more general and more specific ways.

All praise, medihdir. F akat not praise every medih.Then some of the praise and gratitude (gratitude), and praise be to God, although some do not praise God, praise, praise, there are not. So medih, empty of hope than a reality with a dry thrust of the lie, a dalkavukluktan mücerred can stay composed in a fair praise and gratitude always express the truth. Praise be to the joy of hope is justified based on evidence such as took place with the blessing of gratitude veyahut are available in the comfortable enjoyment of happiness to be with. Gave praise, as will turn and circulating between the past and the future state of joy and gratitude and gave the work a place in the past, such as the blessing is to reach the pleasure of leading a happy announcement. Praise be to God for this, and even though they are completely legitimate and ethical morality medih generally not suitable. May be prohibited by Islam and yerilmiş. Because the Prophet (peace be upon him) Lord: "praise the earth the faces of parents of professional hair." buyurmuş. But "people who do not praise, the praise of Allah, no one does." hadith-i sheriff is ordered to show absolute. Mirac in the hadith of Prophet. Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the nation "Very hamdedenler" lakablandırılmışlardır with the title. Praise be to God the main purpose of those blessings. Medihte is to imagine the blessing.

Praise and thank goodness, they both deserve and the love of the truth stuffed with a heart must with joy and praise, joy and desire and therefore, although the meaning of ethical, sincere devotion to God and the meaning of friendship is a more open manner. And in this way to God (gratitude), revere the memory of the past because it is a more difficult place, those who do less. Because the flow of the asset for the future is the past, people always tend to the future creation. Last shot settled into the horror that is infected tend to doubt this. I really let the people are more forward-facing eyes, the front has been created. But such is the starting point on the road when they passed they left behind is not to forget some. His mind and memory of the things that are trusted for accuracy. Hence it is necessary that the necks baktırabilecek turn back memories of the way to refresh the eyes of the front moving in an axis created. A great stimulus to the creation of a future passenger needs. So, erected in memory of the broken neck does not move forward alone in the eyes of the passengers, to avoid the oppression of evil are not a means of salvation. However, unaware of the situation outweigh the insanoğullarında. With the idea of flattery in the form of a delusion of hope (some will have a) görülegelmiştir very flattering that they are nice creatures, from the aims of an ungrateful that they cut from the first moment. Realizing this, some think-one of them at the time of the author on the people living in the French Gustav Löbon'dur-dream, is really more of a sovereignty concluded. But this view is not correct. Because it is the dream of sovereignty, is due to ability of the representation of reality. Or the yellow one did not dream that dream. Therefore, the actual dream, but still the fact of sovereignty. True that it is effective not only close, not even remotely imagine the show through. But the lover of achieving such an amazing effect, the situation itself has passed to forget that in this world is real, everything else siliverir him personally and non-realistic human beings, for which it dayanamazlar him, when he saw him in the face rather than the value it gives. Kamaşır look and feel the sun slipped away at birth to his front kalpdeki dikilmeyince people can not see it. Therefore, it is difficult to be a conscious man of truth and become a Muslim is very difficult to complete. Because the existence of lost Hakk'ta Hz. Omar al-Faruk (ra) Lord "About, Omar did not leave a friendly." said when asked to explain this difficulty. Fortunately, the owners of the sign of the truth that such "servants is less than grateful." (Sebe, 34/13) buyurulmuştur.

However, on the other hand, "praise" to the meaning of respect and value is higher. Because in this, in donations, praise be reached until more right because on the one hand respect the character of a minister are unintentional. On the other hand it represents a donation to participate MEETING joy and a sense of brotherhood ulaşmayanı yet reached their saydıran has a margin of appreciation. One of this, parts of the heart şükrü a job, a job and secret acts of organs of probability, God most varieties of excellence, however, requires that the language of the praise. Indeed, Messenger-i Ekrem (sav) Lord, "Praise, Sukru head. Praise be to Allah, do not be şükretmemiş Him. "Said.

This is back on terms with the language with the chanting medih, honorific lafızlar, hamddırlar special regards always. Praise be to respect the word that expresses the meaning of these words is appropriate for all "praise" When it is worthy of all a favor or forgiveness in the face of this saygılara a bahtiyarlık a sense of joy and happiness which would have been declared, on the one hand that the owner of kindness and forgiveness to commend outstanding, meanings on the other hand refers to the right to be proud of it happily. And in both respects sharia very appropriate and very convenient iyiliktir morality. Because the blessing telling, leading to a proud boast, but that eliminates a large erdemliliktir nankörlüğü. More accurately, the praise, but everyone wants to bust a little maturity, the highest aim is that no one erebildiği. Because all the happiness of mankind can be summarized in two words. Tena'üm (blessing and presence in abundance) and in'am (boon giving). Blessing and prosperity in abundance, but within those bulunduklarını to his praise and appreciation when they are. Because happiness, prosperity, and in itself being in the quantity, not quality of prosperity that can be appreciated hissedilmesindedir pleasure. This is already in abundance, being in the meaning of. And what time of happiness and pleasure hissolunur coşarsa language, which authority is praise, praise to the seat. Blessing to the happiness of those in office is not alone in giving the blessing, the blessing will be happy with the value and pleasure to know, are worthy of the ground transport, and evidence has been received with open görmesindedir. If this evidence has any hamdidir praise. Transport and to achieve that, he also enjoyed his praise of the happiness of seyretmekteki bring about. And we know that the authority giving the blessing, the blessing of authority is superior to expiration. Therefore mahmudiyet (praise be to him to be worthy of) authority ranks the most perfect and the end objectives. Then the happiness of the greatest happiness of this authority. This is a come on come on to gush with praise zevkindeki happiness requires completion. Praise be to praise what is worthy to say the blessing, this praise is to increase and thus cause more hamdetmeye and hamdedilmeye. This way to praise his office, no one within the welfare to continue to praise him, praise be to increase authority and blessing mahmudiyet office at the transmitter to continue to praise him praise unlimited folding causes of being that "of course, you surely şükrederseniz (favor) will increase." (Ibrahim, 14 / 7) buyurulması is why.

So the highest ranks, respectively hamdi upward progress include:

1 - Hâmidiyet (to praise), 2 - Mahmudiyet (to be praiseworthy) 3 - Hâmidiyet and mahmudiyet 4 - Mahmudiyet and hâmidiyet.

This is the last level of the manifestations of Allah (blessing expiration), we see one. The people here express effects in abrogating the meaning of the praiseworthy and that gathers together hamdetmeyi Hamid (very Hamden), Mahmoud (with commendable), Hamid (Hamden) Seeing as how it is possible manifestation of God's beautiful names? This was not whence they came? Then the "Healing-i-Sharif," as described in the book and Mahmoud Hamid, Ahmed and Muhammad the Prophet of Islam as the supreme isimlerindendir blessed. Indeed Makam-ı Mahmud (the highest authority of intercession) is one of the prophets, especially Efendimiz'in authority to praise him praise and the promise owned (praised) the office of a higher authority that elevates, the seat of the great intercession. This makam "livâü'l-praise" (the banner) is avoided surrender his right hand. Makam-ı Mahmud is with plenty of intercession in the Hereafter that is collected under the nation Livâü'l-praise, praise God, and heaven will share their final prayers of the righteous "Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds." will. "Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds on one prayer." is the word. (Yunus, 10/10).

Such praise to Allah and his friend that collects övülme skills, and Muhammad Ahmad is to be, that expresses the degree of Hamdi and the collector and the unifying basis of Hamdi as really meaning Rhetoric versus Muhammad (peace be upon him) belonged to a fact. And since this fact and the facts that as a result of the fact that Allaah.

Here is Al-Fatiha, "" us this happiness to begin with, the goal of maturity and this fact has started teaching the word. And hallelujah (praise be to Allah) When it is in a deep love and enthusiasm of this language is to comfort the heart. Yes, praise the fact that there is not passion. In Arabic, "" sex and the truth or meaning of something known vaya umûmîlik expression patterns and a determination. While the first appeal is made by Hamdi, who is not certain. Then who are aware of this mübtedânın at Lam's, specialty (making of), ration (right to), and the property is clear that mânâlarına. And the meaning of (belonging to) the others are included. Therefore, the sentence would be the following translation of the Holy: "Behold the last hope, and as everyone knows the truth Do not have any praise? Here hamidiyet (to praise), mahmudiyet (praise), and even with all type of members of all grades and types and with all that praise, Allah, Allah has the right, are the property of God. Because God, because ... because ... " But our language to determine the width of a preposition that summarizes at length to explain that we only praise for the breed in general, as he will tell. Who knows, who do not know anyone else would not be aware of. This sentence is first of all tell us a news sentence of science and faith. At the same time to praise, revere also requires reporting, because in accordance with the sentence would be a wish and do not signify that the time constant and continuous praise for that sentence to a name means. This sentence is another sentence of Fâtiha'da name. Three of them there, one of the other four sentences, gerund, verb always output statements. At first glance, it seems to be contrary to the true state of harmony of balance Fâtiha'daki full aksinedir it. Just because a name, many verbs that can be equivalent to four-sentence description of the verb phrase in this name is because they are the only way to true equality. And that is investigated, Al-Fatiha, the phrase, consisting of one name that is a promise.

"Rabbü'l-world", the title of God. The composition of anyone knowing our language because there is no need to render. This "Lord of the Worlds" into the shape of an opening, if possible, although not as much in this umûmilik LAM, a known individual with a specific name to describe the unity of God izafet (phrase) meaning will remain incomplete. "All the pieces of each of the known and the only Lord of the Worlds," he promised to explain the short and will stretch instead of self-expression. "Lord of the Worlds" would not be appropriate to say that the original with this sakıncalarla. Because of the Qur'an "Rabbi'l-avâlim" also does not say "Rabbü'l-Alem," he says, and it draws their attention by holding superior assets, especially rational. Because solid as plurals, because it purports of intelligent beings, "all the worlds and all parts of the realms being smart and being superior to all, especially the Lord of the only" means. At the beginning of Surat al Baqarah "to guard against evil guidance." (Bakara, 2 / 2), this self-understood the supreme sign verse, the Qur'an at the beginning of descent Fâtiha'nın have to show wisdom is very important. This is a warning that these attributes of God with signs and reinforced edilince, intelligent beings that bring feelings of appeal to the unseen realms etmekle universe appears to Allah and it will ship the Treaty. Smart with the mindless, masculine and feminine as superior to another can be a bit of many names, such as plural words to say it over one of the strongest in our language are the superior style of making. For example, income and husband zevceyn (spouses), as we call the father and the maternal parent to all Turkish citizens, to say the Turks are a Taglib and Arabic, as so many varieties.

"LORD" in fact, which means discipline, although it is an exaggeration for the purpose of Masdar until training has been given a name was called and masdarına rübûbiyet also that, instead of a lot of equity (justice itself) is called because. This is because the meaning of exaggeration LORD alone "discipline" which is not synonymous with, the same "decency" and therefore the force, such as seizures, high-coming, bestowed, under the administration of import and saving, teaching and guidance, offers, orders and ban , encourage, frighten, suasion, are required for finishing all of the things, such as ribbing, strong, excellent and really put a finishing would mean tweaking. For this reason, and the owner have come to mean. For example, the landlord "Rabbü'd-Narrow = host", the owner of a capital "= rabbü'l-it costs the owner of capital is called. These terms, and the owner of the only mânâlarından has more meaning. It costs Rabbü'l-term partnership with the profit and cash transactions with credit terms of trade such as import of capital goods to the owner "rabbü'l-it costs is called. Therefore, indifferent, or just finishing LORD have meaning only when it is said, not having them both together with all the necessary things, the owner of inexhaustible power, have always understood the God. To do this, stating that God belongs to someone else Teâlâ'dan izafet clause without a single word to others, and full recognition as the LORD be called to express "value-LORD," and expresses the general meaning (Lord of the Worlds) as izafetle never be used for other than Allah. So "the Lord", meaning to understand rübûbiyyet talking about, under the administration of an infinite space with the force, training measures and meanings. In other words, to do them is to have an infinite power.

Finishing a step by step thing, slowly bring the maturity that this sign of the selection and maturation is. If any part of the maturation of the laws of decency and the movement of the Worlds, and every second, every moment seems. And so it belongs to an infinite power, God, world affairs as sexy and of course read.

It reminds us that the Lord of the Worlds. Visible to every human being is mentioned as Lord of the Worlds to get your mind of all the worlds and it is doing a parade yaptırınca always sees the law of decency. So we will know our Lord to look after the worlds. But the worlds, but also by establishing a connection to recognize Him.

Some philosophers, the shape of the universe in such a slowly maturing discipline and follow the law and could see that. Caused, or for no reason at all, some of them at a time that has occurred as a sudden, a part of nature (the law) with the claim that the universe came into being later deny the claim as though the universe is beginningless to its present form and order as being concluded. According to these people, for example, but it is people and people have since time immemorial. There is no meaning of progress and the decline in the universe. One thing to ask, effort expenditure, and to win is useless. All the universe has always been sprinkled with all kinds of assets, and inanimate objects in space, no inanimate objects that do not follow a common scheme to count them all tabiatlarıyla types of assets has always been a necessity and requirement in the existing floating charges. Surely these words, both the experiments and diametrically contrary to the mind as well as ignorance was a two-ply. At least under our eyes that can enter all kinds of things to come in yesterday there was no ufacıktan grow slowly and gradually fade away again by contrast with the experience of going to see every day. That the evidence did not enter the scope of observations of things like that, we know our mind. Over there emerges an islet, taşlaşıyor drained soils, stones, melts, metals allows Scion, rocks, soils, and he tohumcuklardan Cleans a variety of herbs, trees, animals, all kinds of s taking it, breed, seed, hundreds of people have seen a lot of mucus, such as semen, liquidation and vaccination it slowly through the stages of recovery with the embryo, bones embriyondan live fetus, fetal ağlıyarak born baby, small child, however, gradually rolling, walking, kekeliyen If they then play a mischievous boy ran, and then his teeth began to change şahlanmaya attained puberty separates the good from bad, After the flowers open and aspired to meyvasını intelligent adult, then the world like a falcon holding a hard-working young man, after mature attained the age of maturity, such as a lion, then the physical structure of the melt maneviyatında and vision, the ability to choose to filter through (the decline), a senior starting, finally, just a good or bad is a very old soul was prepared to fly or migrate to a weak man, gasping for breath in briefly to mention the time and place of consciousness with loads of walking up and down at any moment will arrive and all that loose change was not changed, just the same as I say to the people I'm going to pass me by pass me by. So much so that today's world is no time yesterday, and all of them beyond the realm is not the same as every aspect of putting out all these streams of consciousness and the unity of God always gives us the inexhaustible power by connecting the permanent owner of a real, each time declaring the existence of every moment that we the main, theretofore called the present tense. And in this present tense time in the past and the future it may be visible on kavuşuyoruz reality. Real is always true. If the universe at any moment, depending on each other continuously and regularly changing and changing, with the commitment and order reflections of the mind and ideas of that fact, that the situation in the heart and idrakimiz personally sees its manifestations.

Therefore, eye vision, experience, and the insistence of the mind ittifaklarıyla occurring in the face of this expression, the universe being Peyda later, to deny such aspects as decency and maturity, blindness, ignorance and spiritual crisis occurred laminated to a perversion. Universe, creation, training, selection and maturation of a divine order in force and that the exact cause of Allaah as the absolute owner of ripeness that is far from any suspicion. To do this, in recent years, science and philosophy, the universe, in other words, the provision has not the validity of the law of nature maturation. Today, training, selection and mature, intelligent and knowledgeable is considered to be a law of humanity wants to walk on. Maturity is a simple union of the compound on a union that is the only thing that slowly with a copy of the collection of many things, and in contrast to the compound olguna noksandan growing and simplistic, many things into one thing and the material employed is the flow of events.

But the people of knowledge and wisdom to know the truth here, stealing the words and their use or abuse of anlamıyarak we see that many thumbs ideas, they are a piece of finishing in the maturation of Allaah, and no reason not to accept the one without affecting the nature and necessity, and necessity apply in person as They think that there is a law, the prevailing complacent. And the summary and the manners of God is not Rabbliğini, selection and maturation of nature, nature of reality is superior (God) himself, and so people think as just a part of the universe of assets is not the most perfect, it certainly say that the most perfect beings.

But science, science, philosophy and wisdom with all the seriousness of the suspicion against the shouting stops. Because science and art based on knowledge and experience, supported by clear, there is necessarily some of the main laws, they are not accepted there is now no longer in science and art. Causality, causality, unity, rights, etc. .. Causality, the most general sense, is expressed as follows: "None can have while there is always a reason." In other words, "There is a being above all existing and later under his influence." rule is understood that the absence of the asset can not be the reason, can not emerge from nothing, nothing. (What vient du Rien rien), which did not have any existing things, from nothing again kendilerindeki it on their own, not necessarily have the effect of which is caused by the creation of a creator. In short, the events before him for a reason. Then the relationship between cause and result, there is a ratio. So much so that the end result ends cause. The results must be known, or because we know exactly the reasons and results of the total force, no matter how much I can not switch, will coincide with it. For example, a okkalık force, can not draw two kilos. In other words, the exact cause of omissions can not be surplus. Because the absence of such a case, the asset must have caused. While there is nothing to say to himself something from nothing, there must have been. This is cause to deny the science itself, and therefore is void. Natural sciences, and tells you today that inconsiderate ignorant fenlerini knowing that it can not tell those who read and understand. Compliance with the law of causality and the causality of nature all the sciences are an absolute rule that this great law, and sometimes change, rate of self-defense, sometimes the cause and inheritance of compliance with the term and interest rate are explained. Events, comprehension, knowledge, wisdom, such as the results seen and standing, their full and absolute reason why you have nothing to do with them is a blind force, which means to think like a blind tabiatçılığın nature, has no place in the natural sciences. For this, the scholars of nature, nature in the world, ie, the law of evolution while accepting the existence of the blind, and because the starting point for everything that nature is not a shortcoming, vâcibü'l-body (presence is mandatory) to think of God and to accept the condition that Kemal endless gatherings maturation in nature, had accepted and explained. Because such a law without the maturing science, the essence of art which would be contrary to the law of causality, and causality proportions could not be scientific.

If we are to be stretched out in the lyrics, with deep, this simple point seems to anlatmalıyız. For example, a grain of wheat falls the ground and ends when I found the necessary conditions, pop-up, grow, sünbüllenir, the grain of wheat could eventually face a spike. So once again, fold it a second time, the whole worlds filled with wheat. That is, quantity is one of the most basic law of maturation. Obviously, it gradually lead to full ripening occurring in the first grain of wheat, whole grain nature of this maturation will only if we first start of the maturation of a maturity, reproduction, and finally the infinite face is a result of such a maturity claim "one hundred times is equal to that of a" constitute a conflict like saying. However, the maturation of at least a few numbers with "1 +2 +3 +4 +5 = 15" like positive or negative, is followed by a rate. Blind nature to leave it all alone "1 = 15" would mean that science and art, let alone it can not accept even the simplest mind. Because in this reason to assume that the absence of asset, founded on reason and science has to fall into conflict with the law of causality. Indeed, the development of a nature to last a maturity coming from outside border has its own. This is not a normal development, with training from the development. That is, all the science and the arts, philosophy and wisdom "noksandan complete impasse, but the phrase may be missing" is the basic rule. This is why it says anlıyarak söyliyen People of knowledge and wisdom of nature people, was sentenced to say that the law of evolution and the nature of this evolution is the first cause is the most perfect person unconditionally, ie, keeping in mind they say benefited from Allaah kemalinden unconditionally. Of course, the law of evolution is considered the last defender of God's presence is necessary for it even if Spencer, the philosopher and the evolution of nature is really limited on the mandatory presence of God as infinite and eternal Kemaliye sovereign and we have found that the real cause of our full and absolute Kemali understand, knowledge is limited and relative, and not enough idrakimiz, experiential bilimlerimiz, tabiatte this only, that is, visible realm can be valid within the framework of the existing law of evolution was explained and demonstrated, those who claim adherence to the so-called science, "has evolved tabiatte" he said, God ' and its evolution in such supreme kemalini i forget and think that evolution is a lack of finishing. And at the same time, these theoretical views of their own practice so that every day, every moment becoming invalidating and overturned. Because "Edokasyon, pedagogy" in the name of decency and children, and Abandon finishing trial atarcasına educator trying to become full of life. Do not think that the Almighty on the nature or oversee discipline, not all training will be claims expense.

In short, science, first of all, no partner, and recognizes a non-continuous About union moves and wants to reach with each outcome measure to ensure the accuracy of his most sublime Hakk'a he (God), interest, and if nature tries to find the link and of course with God and God's connection with the concepts of maturation can not find the decency to not give them the truth and legitimacy. Absolute knowledge, the essence of Allah, and His manifestation to himself the science of antique.

Ihsanını show us the grace and the Almighty oversee our relative and limited, and later in the ilmimizdir. Without the knowledge of Almighty oversee all ilimlerimiz and even our own varlığımıza kanaatlerimiz belonging, of attachments, would all be empty. The right to full rububiyyeti (training and measures) and the finishing of his work bulunmasaydı universe, nature, what an asset and, what maturity, no trace of finishing what you evolve, could not share any. All of these claims would have been destroyed, all of them would remain idle. If we are not being such a universe, and we share, a share of olgunluğumuzun, terbiyemizin a share, it will give legitimacy to a relationship shows itself to us, it is impossible not to see gatherings manifestations of Allah, the Lord of the universe.

Thus, other than Allah, and causal relationship with God with all of the assets of heresy and every part of the universe by a social order, each piece is part of the universe. knowledge through the universe that is the word that expresses the concept of special names, such as omen item instrument was derived from the pen name of hate and the extent of an individual alone is not a plural noun and plural denilmez universe. Such is the plural form, used for the plural of intelligent beings "world," he re-done, and also a plural, "al-Alem," meaning that general and specific enabling slide from the certainty, that all shows in all parts of the universe and the universe. This is usually used in the plural for the introduction of intelligent beings have been retained in the superior part of intelligent beings will signify the Lord of the Worlds best anlaşılamayacağına refers to thinking and intelligent beings. If we knew all the Worlds, smart, intelligent beings, so there would be no need to hold high. Universe in terms of the actual root of the word has a meaning of that, so what is means to obtain information, tools and vehicles. If the main trend of thought, not a right is to certify that the real. In other words, the relationship existing between two ideas is to understand with all conscience. Us with an excellent layout with a visible presence and absence at any time, and this stream flowing between the secret and the relationship between an order and subsequent order of the most important one with the souls and minds and the external world is justified in certain things, truth and fair rights to the extent that we call certify the accuracy of something that at the time of observation and testimony, knowledge, wisdom and heart connection with each asset in the community and all communities being Allaah and His power, and that the LORD kemaline portend a proof that, by bringing in a sign ilmimize, cause they are called for to verify that universe. Front sezişle examined and is seen when considering that over the whole universe, and outside of our mind about the things that separated the two parts, the sum of the things that make up the idrakimizle related events. Lord of the Worlds to go beyond them and their legitimacy in the interest of continuous association with the LORD, indicating that the presence of Allah, which is essential. Suhut for the People of the universe beyond anything seen from him before or after that Allah is always with him. "Whatever your heart arises, God above and beyond her." In other words, has God behind him. Therefore, the universe, all beings other than Allah, and Allah is beyond the universe. And we are beyond the God of this universe by means of its gatherings, the relationship between legitimacy and acceptance, and realize that we have a call. So that all of these assets to signify God as described in the Qur'an, where the (worlds) is located in the concept. Islamic theology (metaphysics), wisdom, philosophy, mysticism books this heresy (the existence of God delaletini assets) are engaged in describing. And all the things that will really make up our knowledge there is a sign of God and the symptoms. Article with the individual parts of the shape or substance to each other, with each other for a variety of forces, or the relationship and links to each other uymıyan; tiny grass, an animal or a human anatomy, a huge solar system, places and inanimate objects all forms, past tense, present As with all creatures of all time and the time will come when the asset system, and in the meantime one is an instant grasp of the worlds always signify the existence of God. This is heresy and every one as well as a summary and tafsilatlı degrees degrees to be seen and imagined. On the first vision, suddenly shining omen that this is a short summary, and describes at length with chain realization is reinforced. Their mentality misallerini past and future that make up the sample and internal memories, the dreams, reflections also indicate a short or a detailed read through the mind and realize that a relationship with the show itself. Indeed, the connection with them, we see that idrakimizin objects, shapes, and in this connection, reviving memories in the mind get to know through intelligence. This perception of ourselves, even when there is no news. İdraklerimiz and their connection to these figures, we have the impression that we ourselves, our soul. The sun, the shape is reflected in me and got me by the state of the sun. But we have this impression, but us hard looks at other things we perceive. Now that the shapes of things with us, so we have to emerge when another of them but us and our aklımızdakinden differential kendilerindeki features we are compelled to recognize why and how? Then choose how they mistake the truth? A-i sâbite'nin all the facts we call such goods (the shape and the hard realities of God's knowledge of things from time immemorial) and the value of coexistence, but our idrakimizdeki objective (objective) and about the mind (subjective) values and shapes, why I was I know them other than myself as a fact? Tanımasam me why, and then, first of all I'm duygumda convicted of lying in his own presence with the presence of the invention between the conscience and idrakim myself and no doubt absolutely correct and compliant that I accept as fact, why and how? I'm doing them, I mean all of them before and beyond all of them, in front, in the end, along with objective (objective) and subjective (subjective), locations and times, in short, me and myself, all the things that surrounded the events externally and internally, and Traditional things, witness, guarantor, agent , creator, whoever, and the presence of the Lord, which is essential to carry a commitment to Allaah. His loyalty to conviction, which is essential in terms of existence I was under the rule before taking advantage of him, so even verified. Idrakimin me this way, with the outer realm idrakim find the direction of commitment to each other and the other truths of the small stuff, that does not change the shape and confirm the facts. If you are doing it alone, my soul, my soul, and my belongings, and both the outer shape and the first reason is the last real. But he does not say so to me, she told me, "I want to do it and I wish each of absence from time immemorial göstermezdim no." he says. And I also do not hesitate to accept that it is true with my soul. In short, to myself, "I am me, I am now." When I say "I, myself (existence) and the feelings I feel a true sense of right, so I am here and I have mine." am said. I really feel their existence, aside me, sonumdan, external görünüşümden, encompassing God, and God surrounded me with the link inside with me If I were moving the two sides did not agree with the commitment to find the right "I am here, I have my" able to say, my body can not exceed the internal duygumdan, eremezdim comply with each other and consequently the internal duygumla body really could not accept the fact that the existing no. With bitter taste, light and darkness, sleep and wakefulness, züğürtlüğü with wealth, in short, no one by the presence of goods in the absence sezdiğim sezemezdim, fuel the fire escape gidemezdim laugh rose garden. Them more or less, even if the relative is anticipating, I'm doing, so that Allaah bağlılığımla piece by piece and fully imputed (about) the facts do with idrakim. I'm keeping the conscience of his piece of art, their own kingdom come. This is my conscience, I and all the assets of His (God's), I knew him, the keepers not know. So far, however, does not know the lives, who knows two, or rather the infinite lives. "Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds."

In short, "I am here, I am me, I'm not somebody else." propositions away all our doubts, the most accurate, our knowledge of the most open and most of priority. But I idrakim but with him there and "I am here," I say. This validation of my conscience to fit himself openly and willingly or unwillingly. In this way, "I am." meaning of an open proposition in itself is a certain clearly understood. That "This idrakim these feelings, absolutely true, true, true." with the obvious proposition that the guarantor. This presence is essential, absolutely dominated, as absolute final adoption of a Zat-i Haqq, with testimony that is evident. And this is such a clear attestation of faith, both the beginning and the end goal, as well as the power source. As the day is open to all first truth in terms of meaning and the obvious Is it? This is a problem. For this, the obvious existence of the creator, some obvious, some hidden obvious, while others vary depending on point of view, they said that everyone depends on their asset idrakindeki strength and weakness. That such a perception can be considered as a theoretical sense, it is loud and clear assets, Rapidshare, Rapidshare, hidden self-evident. While his evidence that the universe is the Light of the universe and witness. "Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth." (Al-Nur, 24/35) "Certainly, He is witness to everything." (Fussilat, 41/53) "He is a first, end that, apparent (obvious), the abdomen." (Hadid, 57 / 3) man, this is straining to grasp. The religion of Islam in this sense, this relationship is to live.

3 - "O Most Gracious and Merciful." At length the description of the interpretation of these two saw Besmelenin adjective. Here, the famous shoot out a topic. Compassion and mercy, been in trouble and in need of someone to save trouble and to his goodness and blessing him, instead of aiming to give a feeling of pity said. This feels like the beginning of compassion and affection in terms of pain begins as a desire for self-at the end of a beautiful effect and the means by which the job requires, and instead of making istiyerek blessing that this result is sufficient, even for just a word or a sign. We are "A certain man of compassion." When we say we call yufkalığı mostly psychological state of mind, we mean the ability to influence, but very compassionate, very compassionate when we call the resulting goodness that we know emerged. Almighty Allah, far from being affected by change and the signs of coming in later because it is the supreme God's mercy and compassion of people like to disclose the above-mentioned meaning. It should be like this, us and our minds, but also tells şeriatımız. Both of us because it gives clues. For this reason commentators here say that there is a metaphor more or less in terms of expression, which is considered in two ways:

1. Only the mercy and blessing, making the necessary result of the meaning of the recovery.

2. Man, are prone to favor mainly due to the creation of and for the sake of the good will of the (dileme) meaning.Because the will (dileme) is a passive (passion) is not possible to make a job and leaving a job to choose one of the means by which an adjective for God zatına. Therefore, according to the first, God's mercy, God's actual adjectives, adjectives are inherent to the second.

Rahim is the most perfect and mercy of God Most Gracious-I also mention that due to both an adjective meaning the kasdetmek two is more appropriate here. According to the nature of Allah, Most Gracious is an adjective (instinet) and the continuity from the adjective mean-I wish the good of the zatına müşebbehe title of Rahim had much more sympathy with the meaning of ism-i fail and result in its emergence as a mean to give the blessing and describes the actual capacity of favor. Who say that there have been zıddını.

But they do some research on the basis of expert researchers, our view is that we have chosen; adjectives and the names of God is truth, not figurative meanings. For example, science and the will (dileme) is saying that the adjective metaphor. However, these meanings when used for God, for human beings when they use the separate all scholars are in consensus. For example, science, as well as an ignorant mean removal, will also occur in humans and a desire and request, then so is something which occurred later. However, the will of God and our knowledge, this is the starting point of the highest niteliklerimizin and have long been the creative Adjectives. According to the law without the relationship of these reasons would not be possible to limit our knowledge and our will. Therefore, prepared by the conditions and possibilities of man, not the conditions of knowledge and will, naturally, the things according to their location later. The true meaning of a spiritual nature that require the separation of science, will, to choose one of two things can be done in the true meaning of requiring attribute. Therefore, other names and attributes of God must think the same way. Especially God's names and attributes of maturity on the maturity of a man suspected of telling truths of Orpheus and the sharia can not be. That is, our language has long been used as different from each other's mercy and compassion. Here is a sense therefore to use compassion and mercy of God and of man, "Rahim Rahman-i" in the Most Gracious and Most Merciful Killer commentary that we would not be true. As a result, initially, in the end, eternity, eternity have infinite mercy, infinite blessings and abundance, we can make a statement that he favors and donations scattering, both mercy and (Allah) that take into account the good of the title of zatına wills, both actual and imaginative Considering the title of plagues recovery, blessings and favors to take into the real meaning of transport, and fits the essence of tradition and the sharia.

As is known, the nature of disasters, poverty, and poverty are things that lead.

Favors the existence and nature of the things that lead to the asset. Belalarla us about all the pain of a nuisance for korkuttukları to be no goodness. The head of ills is to be hopeless of Allah and Allah's mercy. Blessings and good things about all the good news of their share of an asset to us because of the delicacy lezzetlerimiz. Believing in God and God's mercy in the beginning of this cuisine. Such absence of the asset life of this world, with flavors of ızdıraplar, despair and faith, mercy of the Merciful, thanks to their effort and support that the form of a fight, they fight out of this eternal mutual advantage to be victorious with the life of the Hereafter will bring about. Therefore, our well-being and the beginning of flavors, from nothing getirilişimizdedir presence, finally, the sonludan erişimizdedir forever.

The mercy of Allah, Most Gracious all, which can be removed from the world of things about being from nothing to have the will and the existence of what may be blessings to each asset that requires the removal area. Be because all the original goodness, and every blessing. Rahman will favor us with such a body and soul in creating and bringing to life, however, and the blessings in our lives causes us to prepare and conveys that has great mercy, mercy from the scope of these great blessings, and mercy that no creature is called bulunamıyacağından. All that may have something to be given to the share of the assets in the meantime do you want to create an intelligent and comprehensive in the mercy of Allah gereklerindendir maturity. Because in this, the possible existence of assets in the presence of Almighty oversee the approach in question. That these assets are in retirement (not the beginning) and hudus (later to occur), the possible existence of what is essential, noksansızlık and omissions, representing almost the attributes of God can. But in being there in this one due to the presence of various kinds of wills occurs later in the partnership. However, it is not possible to continue to exist and to exist ortaklaşarak. Because the superstition that finding a partner is not there in person, it is impossible to have every asset and Suppose occurs alone and in various assets, to maintain a unity of existence getirmedikçe. Run with Allah, there is the presence of self-denial, and requires him to ignore. Therefore, the universe in terms of morality or how much you like nature and the root of all evil, considering the multitude and the partnership claim. This is by the perfection of God's unity. Then, more than one will cause the creation of such a partnership to give them the share of assets, as well as preserving all the assets to be equal to them with a will to administer and maintain, so thin it is a blessing and an endless iyiliktir that, in this God Rabbliğinin Rahîm'lik mercy has provided.

The most perfect manners, that this requirement to keep in balance with a mixture of selection, arising from the maturity and consistency in the Lord's finishing ediciliğinden, philosophers say rahimiyetin the sake of creation of the denklemdedir conundrum. To do this, scholars of the previous interpretation of the mercy of Rahim'e fine blessings and purpose as he had expressed in the commentary have blessings of the Hereafter. This is a hand of each of the hands of the will of the owners will give a preference share, according to the purpose of the rights on the one hand they are winning the right to see the accounts of the status determined after terazisindeki "Now who has made no atom's weight will see it and who has made an atom's weight of evil will see it. " (Zilzal, 99/7-8) in accordance with the responsibilities of reward and punishment that is to implement this penalty, it is the guarantee of quick reward. Therefore, the main goal of the uterus is mercy of Allah supreme in this mükafattır. The mercy of Allah Most Gracious engages in the initial existential way of any asset. The mercy of God the Merciful in the second asset is the will of their owners and the right scales in these task slings are dealing with their own claims to disrupt that, from the uterus into the mercy of God to act according to demand justice, wisdom, the existence of such a reward and punishment established equation. Again this equation in balance is no general partner is not superior to the will of Allaah is Most Gracious. "He ruled that the Throne of Allah, Most." (Taha, 20 / 4).

He says Rahman said: "O people! While we'd like you do not want you to other worlds, such as the continuation of the asset and the asset nimetlerimi, and I'll give iyiliklerimi inexhaustible treasure. He also says Rahim said: "O men of understanding! Owners will O! You do not like the others, they are doomed to only the size of the will of Allah Most Gracious. If you show me mercy will and my desire to represent the subtleties of Kemal and the made for me to get closer and the largest hoşnutluğumu. You, and you want to be more of them are trying to willingly give up things I want, but the unity of God's requirement (vücubu) run in the face of God with a common asset and the asset is more impossible, more than one of your nefislerinizdeki and other growth and maksatlarınızda my arzumdan just follow your own opinions niggardly, diverse and different iradelerinizin you do not have all of you to be with Allah, to run and organize the driving side, and to ensure justice and mercy in the end the balance of assets or remind you I'll take responsibility. Come on, do not deny God, her partner koşmayınız, closeness to God and God's will and even the way of Allah is to act with love, the love of goodness, righteousness, justice and compassion, faith in the will of the try, he earned eternal mükafata deeds, Whether it is the biggest reason hoşnutluğa. To sum up due to size, a feature of my Allah'lık to destroy, not save a form of oppression and killing, so with the blessing of Allah, the Beneficent and Merciful to increase the sublime and beautiful feature of a Rabb'lık. "Good people act in response and there is more beautiful. Their faces, what is transmitted to a ground, nor horluk. Here they are owners of heaven, will abide therein. " (Yunus, 10/26).

Here is the full gospel employee in the womb or within the meaning of such a warning is confidential. But this is the first spoken through the will of some people who said something to remind them to lead gururlanmasına considered. I wonder Lord of the Worlds, the owners will come after you create them altogether is the fate of the fled ECEG?He Is not the greatness curtain pulled back? Then Allaah Rights, in terms of being the starting point and the Lord of the Worlds, even though all the people in the present and the future, also indirectly involved in the work of the Lord himself had not you? So, while Allah is the owner of the past with the present tense of the future, this day, and tomorrow's actual owner and the owner, the ruler of the day of reward and punishment, he will not have to be owners? In this case, the owners will, by force would take responsibility and discretion to stay away for fear of the future to identify himself, "what you do not taken the query" do not have to work to become the ruler? To consider the possibility that such a thing, people will appear in the present tense of-i cüz'iyye (small and weak will of the people of God) to record all kinds of reckless and a will-i complex distant themselves by choosing the value of freedom and creative power almighty almighty and unconditionally release and forever ruled by one of the fail-i autonomous (free to make you want to) God is a circus, such as claims arising from stems that kuruntuya falling, all the troubles of mankind, the cause of all that's wrong thinking creates injustice. Justice and mercy of God that we made no changes on the regulation of human community and will finish within three days of each other. "People earn their hands (of sin) because, on land and at sea was mischief." (Greek, 30/41). However, at any time in the world and especially the human will to survive outside of his new creation, that there are supposedly due to the strong pazuları force, in a moment-God forbid-a stroke, a blow to the divine order of the weak, helpless koyuverir. Stored in the pyramids in Egypt and in the days to come, which will open and their bodies dried simalarındaki mumyalı dull, hollow eyes, the bodies of ancient Egyptian Firavunlarının majestic mountains and lightning toppled the eyes and forces, is no longer the lord, what the owner. This is understandable as many examples of the asset life, both past and future, both the first and last administration of power in the hands of entirely of Allaah and his property. He is not the beginning of everything is just like been thought, both beginning and end of all things. Formation and destruction of this mortal realm oluşlarla full of those who see the beginning and end of the other other, the eternal zannetmesinler the situation exactly like this. The last goal is one which is actually the beginning yapanla work. Given lifeless bodies being round, it tells us the time to return to the center and the surrounding area; born human is weak, powerless people who die again.

Who feel part of this important point in the past and the future, let alone in the present, even a simple algebra (force) to deny the will of the people have suggested the view. Already people, I always have spare force, weak, or decreases, you always want to say all that. What is clearly true in the middle so, what is the case. Truth of the matter is between the two. "" Is. The human body and the soul, mind and heart, ability to operate with, and wanted to choose a combination of desperation. He is what unconditional mandatory, nor command its own person. The first look on this subject, is the same as the last point of view. Work with the claim that a philosophical examination zorlaştıranlar can deny what the direction of despair, nor the direction of freedom. Very separate obligation, to give an authority in latitude, the latitude to separate authority to provide obligation authority. What simple coercion (fatality) and the simple presence helpless (determinism) 's obligation, the claims, nor indifferent, and full freedom (liberalism), the trial of those claims that everyone is free to create what he wanted, never the truth and the infallible measure of terazisinin vurulamazlar clear. Aspect of human helplessness witness God's strength, witness of the will of God in the direction of selection. He remains self-doomed to extinction, would be forced to exist with the creative creation of power and mercy of God and wishes at the same time doing the job free. And in this way, the fate of some of the author with his own request. In short, the existence of these two şahitlikle people, and today, right now, on a makeshift temporary life in the present and bound by God, and God's permission of the nail has been registered property, with authority in his place has been denied so what is a must have achieved memuriyeti , nor the authority and not held responsible, and a main charge will not be AZL memurlukta zannetmelidir itself. Human, the future will reward and punishment, not the will. Also present at the time all the means of force, will also cut the property of makeshift. The situation of the property owner is not making the case to get, is to in case of need. And full ownership, both from the presence, both in terms of control is to have something. This, in places, gökleriyle, venues, zamanlarıyla, gestures, varieties, basitleriyle, compounds, agents, forces, capabilities, activities of all the worlds creator, owner, and trainer who invented the absolute property of Allaah.

4-able "Rabbü'l-Alem," they say, with the overall scope and thrown aside all the illusions of Allaah should understand that if the thumb is an absolute eternal God's mercy on the one hand the width of laminated on the other, unaware of humanity Due to the current reward and punishment over time, people have kind of a day of being dominant and more or less entirely to consider the possibility to eliminate the possibility of "O, Allah's religion, the day the owner of" buyurulmuştur. And here are some clearly stated warning. Because "religion" in Arabic language the word punishment, accountability, accident (sentencing), politics, obedience, menstrual status, Cairo and finally all about them and, above all, it was established, and all of the nation and the Sharia mânâlarına measure of income. There is no meaning of apocalypse directly. And here the original sentence and the last known valid interpretation of religion has two meanings: First, punishment, responsibility for the future, a sense of responsibility, comes the responsibility to enforce such meanings. To do this, (yevmiddîn) In Turkish the name of the shorten-i punishment (fine day). But we must not forget to See, in fact, criminal punishment and torture, to say the word now as everyone knows not only the good or bad, sweet or bitter value of a job, to pay for Masdar meaning. And as the name of the pleading said. For example, say, "God is so good to you, give responses, and rewards on." means. However, remuneration and mücâzât (penalty), the words, equivalent to the supreme God in the language of law, and they come from the partnership mânâlarına olunmaz proportion. Instead, reward and punishment, used phrases such as fees and penalties. Therefore, "yevmi'd-religion", whether the penalty for each job on the last day bitirileceği, reward and punishment in the future to share time with another means of expression, the language of Islamic law, also called "yawm-i = last day of the End" is also called. And the accident that the word (connecting and resolving the cases stipulated by law) and to the provision also covers the meaning of. Both the Arabic and Turkish, have to get the last word in these areas and yawm necessarily mean the use of time is also known. What a day today, what a night and what a day that is the sum of twenty-four hours of the night need not mânâlarına days, months, years, centuries, cycles, etc. need to know and do not know the dimensions can be any time. (The world rotation period around its axis once a day, is to not be a breath). "Today the world, tomorrow the Last" by the day of the Last days of the world and for that we say "thousand years" veyahut "fifty thousand years" anlatılagelmiştir such measurements.

This explanation is understandable, "yevmi'd-religion" or ümitsizliklerin all hope in the future through God's bubble level found in the shape of the last real clear, known as the last moment and everything is separated completely from each other. After that last point is no longer or no hope of eternal happiness and the greatest satisfaction (heaven) or the infinite end point of despair, the greatest harm (into hell), and today the last moment of the day of Judgement. And in this way, "yevmi'd-religion" indicates that the Day of Resurrection. But it is the Day of Judgement, obtained indirectly the result of a meaning. Or are religious, does not mean doomsday. The day of resurrection, doomsday, ie died resurrection which is the ba's (of resurrection), haşr ü cem '(compile the collection), the Foundation so tavakkuf and intizar (halt or standby), sual (grilling), accounts and trial balance (deeds weighed), Sirat finally all the good deeds and good remuneration, distribution of abuse and criminal penalties, such as a bad situation and that includes ranges, others are the first elements of this era and the beginnings of the last sentence here is "yevmi'd-religion" Nazmi this purpose with the encouragement and stimulation, indicating clearly supported by . Therefore, "yev'mid-religion" over the "doomsday", "day of questioning," "On account" is not called because the render, as well as the arrival of this force and the word refers to the meaning of distort, and more intimidation and terror.

Yevmi'd-religion, religion in the form of this statement is to say the punishment will take place the last day of the basics that make up one of the apocalyptic faith belief that the principles have been ignored entirely, while it explains only one aspect of the religion known the meaning of the word not used and therefore pointed out to him. Because the penalty instead of bringing religion to a verbal cue, reward and punishment in the meaning of a sign of religion maksatlarına the obvious.

Meaning Known As: Religion, mental well-being personally with the owners to make their desires a beautiful statute referring to a divine. Here, let me give a little. This identification, first of all define the rights of a religion. Delivered in person to really favor, but because the right religion. This referred to the superstitious religions, is imaginary. They are not good things personally, even though the name of goodness can refer you to some of the relative well-being. For example, as a favor to lie in its opinion, may encourage yalancılığa and theft. Because per the principles of right and truth of faith does not put. Therefore, this definition, therefore the essence of religions has shown. That was not actually a router so thought this divine religions superstitious religions. Second, the place of religion, terms, semeresi, bow, and the type of features that separates it from other religions are shown and the meaning of religion in accordance with sharia, into the religious meanings of the word lügatla is all about.

Place of true religion, the owners of the mind. Therefore Cansızlar, plants, animals, crazy, foolish ones, children, disabled people, such as bunamışlar, religion is not responsible for. Because it lacks in mind those who favor them because they do not have the desire and the election will occur accidentally in that it is called coercion. Therefore, there is religion, I mean animals, even though a metaphorical expression.

So the religion of reason and desire of the condition. These are the condition of religion, religiosity rüknüdürler. Mental bulunmayınca about religion and religious obligations bulunamayacağı jobs, such as choosing the freedom of religion unless the government and influence, in other words, religiosity can not be found. This is why it is a religion of science at issue, another is a matter of willpower. To be really knowledgeable and intelligent, is not enough to be religious. Is necessary to both know and love to be pious and religious. Therefore, the knowledge and the will, wisdom and freedom of choice of religion itself in itself alone is not a bowing of being connected to the piety and religion rüknüdürler. For this name with the word religion, religiosity, the religious meaning of the word meanings from the Masdar karıştırmamalıdır. Religiosity of human qualities and a meaning of self. The subject of religion and religiosity are associated with it an essence of truth and meaning of work. The difference is that the principles and laws of this event with an event nefisle about is like the difference between. In other words, religion is a divine law, the piety of the people is the result of the labor and efforts. Ayıramayanlar knowledge of each other failures this fall on behalf of.

The fruits of good works that religion itself. That is its assumption that no one who works and not according to their own opinion, is actually good and useful in balance and the works that qualify. Therefore, the main religion, and then make for the sake of Allah is better. Actually get the general well-being, now or in the future useful to other persons is the private matter. Goodness, I really do mean well for that, I mean to do it in the name of Allaah is obvious. Because this business is really a iyiliktir mean, to me you are not alone, and in fact is better to say other than Allaah is a form of expression. Sight of Allah is better in every business a fee, a money, a fact that remuneration. His greatest reward of this consent. Because of the supreme God of goodness, all that quick reward, the source and guarantor of every blessing. The right of consent to show the biggest occasion of God's consent. For goodness sake is not love and do not settle Hakk'a, looks for its own benefit in advance. Though I may not be good, necessarily unrequited. There is no lost and wasted no favor with Allah. But with a good, just be worrying about such an interest, right not to be useful, and therefore the right to take advantage of a cash exchange fee will be seeking God. This is good, because it is goodness do not establish a relationship with, and About. In asking God to make the reward, I suppose, and well-being by recognizing the right to enter and to make the relationship with About. This also means to do good is really good. Because the well-being and indeed is the case already. However, this provision alone, thinking about the afterlife to be given a higher degree of maturity. So, the right to know and Hakk'a tapmayanların, really get to know the good and the good is really good because it is not possible to do. And the good lovin 'head, the right to love and sincerity, and sincerity Hakk'a tapmaktır first condition.

That is why the true religion, the most prominent feature is a law set by God. Because the other issues and causes of God is not dependent on personal gayelerdir zatına. This is goodness itself, not the person running to evil, and with Allah, and especially with a nice selection of mutual fight drags no intention of goodness does not include the drag. Because the increase in personal purposes and any attempt felt thoughts, freedom of choice of people and defeated bulanır immediately suffers. Even his personal well-being of goodness already avoids that purpose. But how to understand God's law? This point is a question of religion constitute the most important. Surely God's law of evidence showing the consent of himself and with the will of Allaah and to understand that science, like most of them kuvvetlisi Qur'an Allah (humanity) hitabıdır. Heart and mind in this addresses the necessary evidence or understands and agrees with. In fact, the whole existence of the soul with God's law as it is necessary to understand.

At this point, some philosophers, the pleasure of conscience had seen enough. But the pleasure of conscience must be very personal reason. And every person in the universe has its own unique taste in a special conscience. Then there are people who say religion must be so. However, the true religion as well as a right in conscience to find the right one and you need to have a look beyond. Thus the conscience of the whole or a representative of the whole spirit of it and find it all has to be read as a measure of the soul your heart.

Others resorted to mind and the mind alone is the sovereign right and good in the only imagined. But the mind, is not a party. Rights is one way for a reason, as a matter of fact, we say. Although the best means of understanding the mind, but an authority in cases where there are no related kalble soul to God and therefore can not provide all the existence of harmony and understanding in accepting the principles of the statute to be in need of a tool that can not exceed the second degree.

Then the whole existence of the spirit of God's law abiding people, above all, visible, and obviously that must come out with an essential knowledge, this appearance of God in person and addressed the statute itself be understood and clear minds after the conclusion based on experience and evidence by removing their hearts with pleasure and relief that influenced (knowledge-wisdom), let them take. This is essential knowledge in the language of the Sharia "revelation" and try to get this blessing, "the prophet = prophecy is called.

We put people in the law with the law of God should be known that the most important difference is whether it is caused by the law of the human will to occur. Or the law of God, must not necessarily occur outside of humanity. And the really important part of the human soul of man revealed by the changes are not things. Therefore, the religious right that make up the appeal and the law of God, before creation and God's will is not connected to kesbe Mahfuz'unda Lawh-i is formed by an obligation to have nothing to do with God in the person representing the soul of all things holy ruhda containing all the principles of clear evidence, visible and no definitive information is needed and shows up with an obvious revelation. Then, on the one hand, this essential knowledge and experience with data belonging to date with the document confirming the evidence of the mind and heart to the other side of the pleasures of the way to win is to work with and goes umumîleşir. Revelation, an example of continuous conscience, there is evidence that in mind. But all the feelings of the arrival of the revelation that it invaded the whole existence of the soul because he sees now as engrossed in something, and will cut just about receptive to temporarily stop the activity and properties of forces and the secrets of the mind sees yetişemediği asset information, and then it will match the desire and the will.

Here is the religion of truth, a divine order that initially takes place with the so-called prophecies, and this is manifested in humans in terms of looks, but the source of a man is not an order. Indeed, the human spirit, in knowledge of God "who" not "accept." Information uydurulmaz, for it is in knowledge and a right relationship between the soul and the outside world there is a statute of this divine. Desire of the soul itself is manufactured by mixing the ideas of science are sometimes found, sometimes it does not, it is also a movement of people. Thus, a statute of any definite information to Allah. Human desire and the will oversee the certification of such an overlooked that depends Upon tecerrüd. In particular, such as religion and the status of jobs directly related to man and man's choice and the laws of the motion since it is much smoother than this requirement. Hatred, greed, iştiha sislendirir heart and mind, prudence makes eye squint. Or does not show or fork. To do this, stay away from religion and the greatest knowledge is essential to avoid iştihâdan. "If the infidel who interpreted the Koran is his personal opinion." it is also expressed in the hadith-i sheriff. Revelation as we have said all of the feelings and emotions at that moment will kaplıyarak and neutralized by bringing the power of the labor and contrived, and therefore no sign of effort iştihâ şaibesi and without any ability to just on the outside and inside the soul with a full compulsory teaching the principles of the order of Allah offers the clearest, most accurate information is normally a mandatory definite information on the God of the statute, known as the perfect witness to the accuracy and content of the rational proofs and strengthened in subsequent trials of a modern language is that the allocution. And like nothing seen in this way, each activity is shown on the heart and mind desires, although it is not outside the capability of the existing creation. To do this, after accepting the religion of truth, especially in terms of procedural insights gained through the mind enters into the induction and inference on the basis of evidence alone is not sufficient for this understanding. And therein, as also in knowledge discovery (learning a secret, inspiration) predates the theory. Solo is the difference between the following: Bunda (Revelation) is not enough to understand the person's experience, all of them. God is truth, but only knowing that everything is possible. Facts and the law-making on issues related to religious, to appear again and again, due to centuries of experience you need to know how many there are important issues. And for that reason the religious sciences and the obvious importance of transplantation. Indeed, the divine laws of Islam, there is only four reports of evidence:

Book (the Qur'an), circumcision, the Ummah icmâ'ı (large faqihs, listen to their opinions about the union they are a) and compared. Definitive proof for the first three of these, the fourth in the revealing.

Desires of the mind with a beautiful distinctive feature of the owners of the rights of religion itself sevketmektir favor. In other words, true religion, not forced, willingly engaged in well-being, wants to educate people with a training establishment, and free to all creators mutluluklarda goodness. I mean, referred to favor religion is not based on compulsion and force. He encourages you to act before the release of free movement to measure and gives him nicely. With results showing a bad result for Fine wakes up and wants to have a favor by forwarding this heart pleasantness. To do this, "There is no compulsion in religion." called. (Bakara, 2 / 256). Zorlanıldığı to do good because when the well-being, he is not compelled to do good, forcing it to do good, compelling person. But religion, people, nature and high morals and good virtue of the owner, philanthropist, the well-being, a man who wants to make you want freely. This is not the only religion zatında, people wanted to choose, and with him being religious and its success doğrulukdadır provided. Religion, no matter how accurate, effective olamıyacağı in this way in people as ignorant, even if scholars want the freedom to do without, in other words, a true piety does not take effect takes place. "If you're in God (religion) to help if Allah help you." (Muhammad, 47 / 7). This is a nice choice, who do not have this piety, or goodness of others by force has dragged their freedom and not being used by others, such as instrument and as a person who did not want anyone else wants to remain or be the one who goes to evil and disorder. This means that with the need to distinguish between shouts; redirect people to another religion, one religion has a different route.

Information such as the drag force is not a religion. Because what is necessary because the mind is not actually required. His force of will and reason. But the religious right is actually a full iyiliktir prompt. To do this, driven by private or public guardian with the full force of religiousness goodness, in other words, the force is well-built places. In this sentence the parents' guidance and discipline their children, enjoin the good, evil sakındırmak cinstendir Issues such as this. This is the starting point of difference is this: whatever you want to vote and will not form part of a religion, a condition for being effective, is part of being religious. Recently as we said just because the law is free to anyone with whom he has a big difference between effects.

In short, religion, faith and deeds will be offered as the subject of freedom of the mind and the will that the sum of the rights and well-being of the laws of this nation and also called the Sharia. Religiosity in the application of these laws is to love and willingly. Though I debated whether or not a piece of amelia faith and not actually a part of the deeds of faith, faith in the necessity and the need has been identified as the fruits of faith and the need dindarlıkta ameli; faith in the religion itself in the terms and provisions relating Amelle never conflict with a bow when they are not.

Thoroughly on the Rights of religion when we think we see that the distinctive feature of this experience and the rights of a religion to be rational in terms of evidence (required to be full with religion) has promised favors to anyone, will be understood with the realization of happiness. The promises of false religion, true religion, while religion, being inversely proportional to the promises of religion is being. Indeed, when we look at the history of Islam, the religion of Islam, we find it. Ta Hz. From the time of the Prophet to the Muslims when their religion is a religion complete with real sarılmışlarsa understood and made good, fertility, the rate increased well-being and happiness, lived a happy, happy yaşatmışlar "Who's a favor to him if he will be ten times the goodness." (En'am, 6 / 160).

But they say that some of the Europeans in our time "Asrımızın people, happiness and money is not good in regards faydalanmada. Apart from that a right in itself, is itself a favor and do not recognize the true religion established by God and therefore, no longer coşturmuyor their enthusiasm and their will. If only benefit the people and government will affect the present zabt lust. Therefore, they should apply to religions and human wills, which was established by the people of the present gıcıklayarak however, on the one hand to fight sürüklemeli matured, on the other hand just because the automatic and mechanical, so lifeless and emotionless difficult and the law should take hold in the force. No mercy in nature, are difficult. Freedom, not necessity, and is dominated by determinism. " According to these results is the personal ambition of the present people with an endless struggle that will inevitably dumped and is increasing hostility instead of love. Thus, the religion of truth to say imiş, haksızlar his rewards from, not to say layıktırlar penalty equal to the true religion with Allah during running and the rights to show the results of the pain is to confess. "People earn their own hands because of sin, corruption appeared on land and at sea. Maybe I return to Allah, so to them, part of the taste of his actions. " (Greek, 30/41) confirms the meaning of verse. This union with God the Merciful and the Lord of the Worlds Rahim'e to hold people personally rights and therefore a sign of supremacy, discipline and a size measure. Almighty God appears to people in this way. People yenerlerse this sordidness and greed, but at the time the present and future of religion will be defeated in war belasını paid remuneration and better understand the day. Because even the German philosopher Kant, the supreme absolute existence of God and the hereafter, there is definitely it should be the outcome has practical wisdom. In this way, the Last day of the most important are the basis of religion and piety to believe in him. And that day is off to religion has such a feature. "He is the owner of the day of God's religion" verse of this gospel and warn to be expressed clearly in this regard has been very clear-cut promise. Religion is such a day.

Therefore, meat-Tabari Ibn Cerir some commentators here to be shipped to the interpretation of "religion" I mean not only reward and response, the nation and the well-known sense in relation to the interpretation have also called Sharia. In this way, "= yevmi'd-religion", with well-known meaning of Sharia would mean that important day known religion, that the person understood the hereafter and the Day of Judgement. Meaning that the first address to the beginning of the open and speeches according to the second meaning that suddenly comes to mind. For this, we are also to avoid loss of these two mealinde meaning "the day the owner of religion" should say.

KIRÂET: Here are two kırâet (read style) are available. On the kırâet imamından Nafi, from Ibn Kathir, Abu Amr, Ibn Amir, and Abu Hamza is read as elifsiz kırâetlerinde Ca'-fer. ie, ace, Short, Jacob, Successor-i also read Aşir kırâetlerinde that is what our kırâetimiz. And Fâtiha'da meaning of Quran reading all kinds of shapes, but here. The first is to mimic ötresi "property"-i müşebbehe masdarından adjective, the second also with gestures esresi "milk" masdarından ism-i fail mode. These words relate to the meaning of the force. One is, first of all people and himself on saving lives, first and foremost, and in person at the other one on the goods itself and the benefits of saving power. Reign, umumun views and measures for the benefit of, and prohibition orders, keeping promise and warning, such as heart stroke and to deprive the mind of the people with the authority of law and on the economy and a society ruled by executive order in the case of sticking it on a single person representing the independent management refers to the power of a general nature.

Ownership, the assets of all kinds of goods and people on their shares for the benefit of private right and authority to save itself zabt and the means by which refers to the strength of special quality management. There is a relationship with another aspect of each of them. Both the absolute need for absolute suretteki ownership and rulership suretteki both personally belong to the Lord of the Worlds. Because life is not his own humanity in the hands of these adjectives adjective, naturally imputed, vicarious and makeshift is obvious. However, in the present world and the selfishness of mankind alone, which constitutes the pride of this relative, and by proxy the authority and is proprietary. Because they live in the world and the most important basic şartlarındandır happiness. Indeed, life and happiness in life depends on the country before. Hometown is where the authority and the property that it is public land with the language, the language of Islamic law as more valuable to narrow (the country) is called. In a country where life, property right based on personal interest, depending on the personal property that is standing by. This is due to the ruler of life and property in the public interest and ensure social order, ie, it is provided by the head of state and government. Their consistency of both its own (private), and no one acting on its behalf and to know that they are not in need of support for each other mutual support and order, finding the appropriate ratio between them can be right. And personal property of the person suffocates and solid pure socialism, and suffered paralysis of all the organs of the heart alone, but simple and is similar to a body writhing with an exciting memory. Community, social ownership of strict individualism choker (Liberalism) is solved viability has hurt his throat and his eyes planted on the air cavity, ready to die in someone's body is reminiscent of the crisis at the time of the last nefesindeki agony. To do this, do not have the authority and the property that each one is a disaster. The absence of all or part of the property and authority, the rate of withdrawal of the public interest itself. Authority and destruction of property, all or part of owning a personal benefit or the benefit of everyone is the depletion. And usually, the end of one requires the other end. Two of them-God forbid-one of the biggest calamity in the loss and the biggest disaster. Each of them is not even contemplating the suffering of humanity to hear and hearts that this tragic result is that, in the face of all this openness itself is currently a relatively (relative), but a real and unconditional Malik (ruler) or owner (owner) is to get rid of kuruntusundan. In terms of assets and the blessing of the reigning undoubtedly more attractive. But the elimination of poverty and severe punishment in terms of having a more terrifying and more horrifying. Here is the current at the time the relative share of this great verse of humanity by not taking by force, even if it itself in the future, especially in the Hereafter will be taken and that time alone without God's supreme and eternal Lord of the Worlds being the owner of real property, and will remain the absolute reign, explains: "On that day, no one a day will not help anyone! That day, orders, belong to Allah alone. "(Infitar, 82/19)" Today, Whose property? He is single and Kahhar Allah. " (Ğâfir, 40/16). At first glance, this excitation dehşetlidir how. My my saying, the country, the government is losing those who understand what the disaster, saying do not give anyone wants to get one, you quickly feel the magnitude of the horror that those who remain dispossessed Mals. But it later, but there are already feeling the benefit. However, this is not a sign that the supreme sign of despair. Imputed or by proxy of ownership or rulership ends and returns to the real and true owner and the ruler of that day still does not show the full face of poverty is not entirely, nor the sheer authority, nor any one property is not absolute. All assets, with the real Lord of the Worlds, and Rahim'liği Rahmân'lığı are tarred with the ball under strength. Therefore, in order of their share of happiness that day Rabbani possess the citizenship of the country plenty of those that are not subject to claims and will go to eternal nasipsizliğe folded. Citizenship that day will not change because it is no longer possible, to another country, the government shall not otherwise. Today, evil doing, confident at the end of poverty, destruction sayanlar blessing, that day will be deprived of it. This is due to terazisinin Rights.

Here, "" read the warning and proclamation in the form of individual ownership, as in reading and to express to explain in terms of social property. Both read the warning in the form of a gathering, Fâtiha'da of Allah Most Gracious and the greatest eloquence is not allowed to distribute them in the form of two separate reading has shown itself.

AN INTELLECTUAL Summarising: the first full Fâtiha'da Foundation (stall) of these three verses into a desired thing with the makeup of the five proofs of a proposition is. That is to say: Praise be to Allah. Because the essence of Allah and in the capacity of it deserved. Deserve the essence, because it is God, worship him olunandır zatında right. Has the capacity of rights, because it is the Lord of the Worlds, Most Gracious, and because Rahîm'dir and because of religion, and because the owner of the day. The first evidence that "Praise be to Allah" proposition "The number of four, pairs" along with metaphors like to propose the so-called propositions veyahut önermelerdendir natural. Others also have enfü and aphakic (subjective and objective) with a view to the layout of the universe as an indirect result reached in accordance with the start and conclusion of a summary of evidence that will be explained at length in the Qur'an.

5-Respect and the reasons for showing all the forms into the shape of the proof of this statement and then the same proposition and the evidence in a bid to fulfill a wish, and even sign. As if the supreme God says: "O people! O ye men of understanding only goodness, unconditional, unconditional maturity if I respect them God, is mine and if any of maturity might (power) and to favor the Lord of the Worlds, and I respect them if you are completely future 'If I respect them by Rahman-i If you respect them with fear and fright Rahîm'im and the day I've got religion. Therefore, respect for and collect all the reasons zatında worship him, the only divine. "

Hearing this, the owner of the interlocutors "I wonder Let us praise be to Allaah how and in what way?" of course he will ask themselves. Able to respond to it, promise to change the direction of the means by which the style of a compliment, "Thank you kulluğu However, worship, and only wish you the help, grace (O Lord!)" buyurulmuş that the "say so" meâlini told, even though the need to say it clearly has not left eloquence of expression. I do not mean the adjacent flat object pronouns, and the next act. Such an object be before the verb, just because you carry the meaning-off "and nobody else but you" would mean. abed, ubudet, ubudiyet (worship) that collects real meaning of worship in the actual first-person plural aorist made masdarından mode. So what is worship?

Sharia in the language of worship, depending on the intent of concluding the deed and the supreme God who expressed a special itaattır approach. Obedience, faith, and who, whether or not due to be known to the unknown, which is better done is to amelia. Be even closer to God of good faith is not connected to the amelia, who wants to approach the essence that is done intentionally to make getting to know. Therefore, each of worship, an approach to God and each one itaattır approach. But the approach does not count each and every approach to worship will not obey. For example, consider a itaattır to get to know God. But he intended to approach the supreme God is not known yet if the thought of thinking is not an approach. And is not the intention of worship is not connected. Read the Qur'an, to help those in need, give alms, to the foundation, to freeing slaves and other things not connected to the deeds of faith and intimacy, both itaattır, not worship. But prayer, fasting, zakat, hajj and jihad in terms of intent in making such deeds and worship, as well as proximity and itaattırlar.

So, Sharia worship, the human soul and the bodily, external appearance and the presence of içyüzünde all made a conscious obedience to God alone, and yakınlıktır. First of all, in this faith is essential. Intent of the execution of the work, but obedience to God and the means by which to approach a new desire kasdetmek. A job before you settle on, kasdetmek knowing how to do things together as faith with the intention of making him would be contiguous. Both the information and the full consciousness, including both request, a matter of spirit and heart. The second is an act of obedience to Allah, however, must demonstrate that the matter of worship. Or just want to do one thing and the spirit of thinking, such as souvenir to bring about the deeds of the inner feelings, obedience and worship can not even close. Hence, the per-faith prayers, not only with the heart of it, at least not enough to verify that belief with the language must also be removed out of the heart. In the same way, regardless of faith alone without being clearly in the deeds of worship are not counted. Niyetsiz not getting all up in prayer, fasting niyetsiz not stop hungry, niyetsiz Ka'be'ye, the pilgrimage to Arafat to travel and move around, not to fight the enemy niyetsiz, a martyr or a veteran who is not a jihad, etc. .. Then, in bad faith, ie, the deeds of obedience to God and the proximity maksadından another purpose, can not worship in any way. It seems, according to the language of our kullanılışlarına temple, worship, worship is not worship the words, in general, may be the meaning of obedience. Even knowing what he was doing more or less like the words of worship and the worship of a şuursuzluk understand the meaning of the idol worship them, worship in places such as cross use. Therefore, "we worship you" in Turkish only whether he "worships you" or "worship" means to lose our language is in tact. To serve consciousness (awareness) is better in terms of the word worship. This is a weak kulluğun meaning of worship. However, examination of Islam, as a result of the general who had settled on all religious nasların Sharia (religious) meaning from the lexical meaning of the root word before when considering that between them have a common meaning of worship, to think about it before they say, and also that Fâtiha'da need to start. So what is it?

What is the meaning of meaning based on this material he is the most general, it also "= ubudet" or "= abed" masdarlarındandır. Abid (of worship) and mabud (of worship) also took part in the qualifications. With the above-mentioned above ubudet shape, ubudiyet (worship) that express the meaning of obedience and worship to a degree, the special meaning of worship, in the most general meaning of ubudettir. Ubudet Arabic language itself gets into the meaning of low retention. Serve descent disclosure of worship, as it leaned more humility to kuvvetlisi, unassuming and reverence the most recent degree. For this, many scholars interpreted this (modesty to bend the latest shape) that are interpreted. This is the reason for the prompting means full obedience. Ibn Hayyan Abu Sikkit'ten interpretation of prayer to God above all Tajrid be transferred towards the meaning is taken. According to Asim Efendi şerheden Kamusu translator from the worship of greed and anger mânâlarına (abed) material was taken. Worship of God were willing to do anything, ubudiyet (worship) of Allah be pleased with what you've done in the commentary he has been. Because the language of the Sharia ubudiyetin worship are sometimes used as a very down, and sometimes higher. Hz. Muhammad (peace be upon him) 's ubudiyeti worship is a more specific meaning.

This is explained in terms of mana scientific psychology: human life, taste the pain of the route (gateway) is. The human soul, the pain gocunur, like taddan. Angry, or angry in the face of the reasons for the pain, regulating the activities of people here fear the current time to the future with the hope that successive encounters and collision. Hope hopelessness containers when deleted, will operate. Fear has been deleted in the rut takes time, the result is unthinkable, and is beneficial activity, production, consumption takes place. In hope is a fear, the fear still remains in the consciousness of duty do not have a hope, hope sated hungry running, running tokları the fear of hunger.

Human life is in internal and external mutual relationship. Keep taking the breath of life until it reaches the incelerine and flavors many of the reasons people come from outside, from inside his own free will is not something most of them newcomers. Whether anyone wants, hopes and fears of his life because he was not alone sezer or less. It never tells a man left to himself. The helplessness of man, this sense of self-forgetting, though there are many times passed. But no matter what any other self can not pitch this incapacity. With those who hope in the mind of fear and proofing can not be separated in this appeal.

I really hope the future by the end of the human soul, what is, nor fear. Creation is not limited to, such as the reasons for hope, reasons for fear it is. The human soul, one after the other from time to time in the face of certain hopes and fears of certain üzülürken completely unclear on the other hand, endless, endless hopes, fears are under the absolute influence. Here, at one point taking all the expectation of facing all the fears buluştuklarını, which sees the truth itself. And when he wakes up an interest in itself, so that all the love for the interest on the one hand, on the other hand all the fears involved with the excitement of fear and hope emerges. Here are all affected by such indifferent to the human spirit against a cause of fear and hope that the creation of this interest, and worship the idea of human fıtratında existing worship him that starting point, all collected in this sense of duty. And each person's moral cibilliyeti, future, happiness, unhappiness with the seriousness this one are equivalent in all respects. And this sense of human atoms tapınılanı what is it.

Sometimes, ignorance, and sometimes feature alışkanlıktaki decency and thus raise the consciences of some specific and limited defeated by a fear of hope or remain under pressure. And so it connects to a specific time and in the presence of all would be so weak that he allows his own flavor to sacrifice or do not stretch as he thinks chest pain. Now he liked it or the reason for this hope that the reason for fear yılmıştır so that they all fear him, or the end purpose of all of love looks like. As if someone in the asset itself, represented itself in the absence of the other things. And it created a poor conscience, such a limited and finite reason it is so completely in his presence bağlanıvermesi alçalmalara, it drags tapınmalara that all the consciousness she drowns in shrink ahead of the curve, and that moment will not be able to see traces of mind. Serve the interest of real people and real mabudu forget, this is the main source of all the troubles in the issuing the circus. Allah, the circus of them live, dead, all kinds of idols, lying, and unfair mabutları always emerged with the feeling and conscience of human life is still like that, zannedildiğinden is more. In fact, themselves, who think like they're not related at all with the idea of worship mabud and even stop at any time change such mabud. And they spend all their lives in absolute doubt they will be left behind after his death, do not think even for a moment. But one thing is a real need to know for sure that all the things that connects all the temporary presence of mind, a candidate for harm and danger. Because it is a temporary attraction kopacaktır a day. Which there is a temporary entity, you collapsed and will not leave before you and all your ambitions and certainty that you can forgive the word? At the bottom of his foot, even in the sun at the top of your head you can not give this assurance. He Hayy assurance and trustee (alive and standing) of the creative God Teâlâ'dan There is nothing else that could. And indeed those who worship him, worship him, but that is the right and the other hopes, fears, and a mistake in the way of duty of herself completely kaptırmaz and everyone benefits from them.

Prophet (peace be upon him) said that: "The believer is as fresh crops, lies in the wind blew, but still gets up doğrulur. Infidel like the pine tree, the wind blew Gürler, what a people can not afford a kerr crumble. " Because mortal infidels, Allah is the believer is always alive.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) on the death of all Ashab-i Kiram many were upset and almost disoriented. Hz. Faruk Ömerü'l-even, "The Prophet died and does not, whoever says it'll shoot." He had much to say. But Hazrat Siddiq-i-Azam. Abu Bakr Muhammad immediately, "Mohammed, a prophet only. Messengers before him passed away. Now he dies or is slain, you will return back to blasphemy? Who returns to, God can not give any losses. Allah mükafatlandıracaktır thankful. " (Al-Imran, 3 / 144) verses read: "O ye who believe! If you pray to Muhammad, he has passed away and sending him to the supreme worship God if I die, if alive. "Meâlindeki Speech ashab-i Kiram said he had come to them. This is true all the time, the truth and the law itself, every time a law is valid.

When mortal hearts are connected to things, a lot of time with the starting point of hope, fear, and then you look at the starting point of one side sees the other another beautiful love mabudları, are arranged on one side and the hero mabudları fear. My poor heart in between both the fear of self-sevdirip resolve, what hope for the coming heyecanlarla kıvranır, does not mind putting in crap and downsizings and flutters to respect, worship and a worship that is his opinion. But what is money, according to him, giving hope to another, the fear that is different and combining them, a starting point for everything you do not have that rule. Thus, the expense and would be foolish to waste all the work. And that heart, these two forces are opposite each other in a battle arena of constantly beating born depression. Now is not likely to hear a calm and comfort of complacency.

Hope and fear in him a starting point, and again combined with the positive and negative mode of action as one that should be heard, instead of one of the other to place the possibility of life arising in the heart and can hear him going by a lull. Susuzluğumdaki burning inside me, and I was drinking water if the water source of joy to the usual one positive, one negative impacts have occurred in the water each time you feel thirsty there is no sense in running. But water is one of them, while the other is the effects of fire and water with a common source of fire between the ruling or the fire water, fire water, no other result will not run endless fatigue. Therefore, a source of fear combined with hope in this regard is required and a one-LORD, thy Lord is best separately. However, things are not as described above, this union is doomed to leave sooner or later. And it really is a God; hissimi me, myself, the things that connects hissimle and order sets of Allaah, and I worship Him, I must obey His law.

In short, human fıtratında worship, the spirit of love enchanted with the highest of the high fear and tokuşmasından come together for the joy of love and hope in each flash of fear and hope to see the full acizlikten absolute pleasure to come victorious neck bent for the purpose of promotion of the task force that, both on the outside, both internally with the latest in a downsizing, the last one to respecting gets into the heart rate and reality leaves the peace of mind and tranquility. While worship the God of the world and it was all on your own Tajrid a full literary and heart rates show how low and so full of reverence and obedience to the neck, if that, contrary to the known full respect, even tries to avoid the slightest movement. To do so with arrogance and hypocrisy birleşmez, secretly open and does not accept division. The right to worship, with the absolute powerlessness of being a full-strength, complete with the full glory of inferiority, fears and desires in the flickering hope that performs twist encounter with God (view) dir. Beceriksizliğini do not feel arrogant, heedless of the optimists appear as if there is no fear, no hope this şereften mahrumdurlar beslemeyen hopeless pessimists.

To summarize, the largest of these facts meâlini commentators tell follows: "O Lord! We are not to someone else, only your rububiyetini profess and confess to you by the neck, but if and only if we obey you and only you supply zilletimizi etmekle peace of mind and convenience, we find peace of mind. Because of fear and hope of all the last turn onto the first place and you're alone, you do not i fear no fear, do not i hope you do not have hope, do duyurmadın everything taste bitter, bitter sweet duyurmadın do everything, the mood your property, matter your property, your property, the whole body ; gave us emotions, slopes dalmalar dream, a sense of conscience and the intellect and the will to terminate your grace, your mercy. This "sense of conscience" in the comfort of all hearts, we praise thee with praise and friendship giving the order to put forward, but you find. All minds, the whole universe is witness to it.

Here is a question of self pride he asks: want to uplift the soul and conscience, not descend, descend the meaning of worship, and especially the rise of the rise in kapsadığına felt for the people who do not descend? Now, how he can place a high place alınlarını heads? Such a question, an arrogance caused not see the answer revealed in the shoot. Want to rise, is to accept the need to escalate. This is their helplessness on the one hand, on the other hand it is possible that with appro glory, worship or higher is to understand that the most mana. Second, came up to say, is to declare yükselmediğini. Such a claim to see both the glory and the limited progress, but also that it is impossible to suppose that the probability of falling as much as one misdemeanor count. However, orders of yücelme infinite, there is always the danger of falling. Worship in the disease of arrogance and pride only (only) medication.

Third, worship Allaah predilection of descent and reverence, for the human conscience is able to rise above all providing a sublime (God) that is a proof of attachment, vulgar hearts can not see it at a height of about impossible to even think they deserve them.

"I am Allah, the universe and can not give someone else but him and his command hürriyetimi eğerim neck, loves to obey, rebellion hate goodness runs sakınırım evil, good, I know, at right in his head. Do not obey the orders of Allah, Allah would die to anything in the account without the head tilt. 'Cause I got me was that I was not given the freedom to me whether and finishing. In this life, that his conscience and the freedom of a emanetidir me. If the people who make it endless times. Therefore, I would sacrifice everything in its path. I will sacrifice my life in any time. Demolished at any time, at any time in the world do I sacrifice. Folding for this cause human suffering, goodness and the chest gererim injustice. Bear, geremezsem die. His orders: we'll die. I die before such a faith, such a friendship would die. Beginning of the earth, the earth would be the end of me. I go to God come from God. Here I am God's servant in such a. Myself if I am nothing to him, everything bağlanmakla ... "say and what it is large enough to be connected internally. And more than that a great force for human beings, how is a supreme and should be considered? However, in this regard Al-Fatiha, "I have not, we say," he says.

Indeed, he Livâü'l-praise (the banner of the prophet) and the twenty-thirty years collected under the glory of God in all the universe emits and prove they were the first Muslims in all these emotions. This feeling gave way to the losers in the world. Of course, a heavy burden of this covenant. But the right to oversee the face of the greatness of the glory to be obtained from the lightness and erilecek is not a target. And the servant his own weakness, such a contract with its own force girişmesine obstacle. To do this, "Thank you kulluğu However, worship." saying, in the same way, "We wish, however, help you, grace." he is required to request help.

"Thank istiâne" means. İstiâne, AVN in other words to seek help Turkish people dilemektir maûnet request. Willing or unwilling to give her the donation (help) is called. Help Committee Welfare and the means of mutual assistance. Therefore istiâne (dileme help) and to separate them from each other. Because here, "hasr called" allocation, aid is about dileme. For it is what matters, such as this help zikrolunmamıştır. There are three places where there is the possibility of such meaning:

1 - without considering what it is affiliated business kasdetmektir dileme help themselves get the general, wishing the so-called special assistance to get the job, "but we'll do to you" would mean.

2 - is connected by a general appreciation of any subject matter, kasdetmek wish to help in every job. Maal combine these two meaning. But the more eloquent the previous meaning, the meaning is in the open.

3 - a presumption based on private support for it assuming everything is connected to something special about kasdetmektir wish to help. Here, in the words of the worship karinesiyle gelebilirse mind that the third possibility, and allocated by the abbreviation for the oneness of God and all of them have been said to explain this unique obstacle to Hamdi. And in any case Ibn Abbas (ra) narrated Majesty was also wish to require public assistance, it also happens with one of the first or second forms. So commentators mana as described in summary: "O Lord! We need to have you worship and other business; itaatımızda and all help, but I wish, I dilemeyiz help from anyone else, I hope to help someone else recognize the unbelievers. We welcome all our works and the sheer ibadetimizde're sorry, but help you.

Beydavî'nin According to the help of two types: someone needed help, the other is called non-essential aid. The required assistance, be able to occur without it is not in the act. Anyone engaged in the work force, the idea of the work done and found items such as tool and that they would have collected in the human power and force him to do really offer is healthy. Non-occurrence of the work required to help facilitate things. Procedural knowledge of this division of power and might-i-i mümekkine müyessire done in the name.

First, this verse shows us that Allah grants all wishes, but ours. And it is also called the work that will win or cuz-i, the real strength and power combined with assistance to make smth. Last time with this request. This is accompanied by the occurrence of work. Therefore, the theories of philosophy boğulmaksızın disturbing than shouts understand that, given the authority a request to us. In this way one of us voluntarily, and the other consists of two working out of our desire, and both of us has to occur and for standing with us (we are in summary to his place) is attributed to our business, and we counted. For example, we are breathing, sleeping, dying as we're eating, drinking, flying sit, let it also kımıldatan or we would be disarming. And the reason we are close to those of them voluntarily. But the whole reason and the reason we're not full. Because we need the help in this necessary. For example, the real relationship between my will and my hand had been installed, when I feel like my hand oynatamıyacaktım. Indeed, it can not play some of the organs. So we're not creative, creating the event is not only due to the close reason, all the reasons to come together and depend on the sum. So, we do things voluntarily, with no one makes a wish and a creative commitment to the offender refers to the sum. All the bodies own property alone as well as inactivity of the soul property business and a willingness to act. The creative activity of the supreme Creator Allah. Car is moving, we say the machine works. These are works carried out by force, although it is compulsory and where they work for their progress, and we attributed them to process. Take our breath, such as blood dolaşımımız actions still is like this. Installed a machine, initially to handle the need of a run. You can not do himself or to request the lifeless machine. But the mechanic or the driver makes a lively and canındaki makes a request, would want to hurt, let the hand move in the machine key incense. At the request of his soul the will to engineer does not move when you look at a machine or process is created and started. Functioning in this way, it is the machine that lot of movement. Makinisttir he wants the movement operates. That exist in a vacuum that creates the movement of Allaah from beginning to end. All our work appears in these three very obvious fact. Now what a soulless machine of people, such as algebraic or maddeciler farzettirmeğe work, nor her spirit and matter, such as Allah, the creator of farzettirmeye (counting) hobby.

To see the reviews of all kinds, though the supreme manifestations of God, if there is no doubt that the rush is a good thing to lose and the apparent fact that in the meantime will deny entry way distracted by the endless go is a perversion. "Being request" with the meaning of "existence itself" not to allow the meaning of each other is a strange thought. Is it not also want a job I wonder? And that is not dependent on a request? You do not need, or sequenced, or forced, or the public? No answers to questions such as cut and is not appropriate to throw logic. Joint liability is required, because I want to ask for something in the request in person. Algebra is required, because the verb is not made, such as car drags. Do not need to create, because the request is not something actually existing. Consists of a relationship between a bond assets. Wealth is not a relationship that the entity itself, create a presence to establish whether the relationship. In other words, the act of a mind to hesitate between two thoughts. While this movement of mind in this decision when I found the shuttle to go to either side as not to go more like a weave that does not have anything else kurmamaktan relationship, it denilsin asset creation. Created the so-called will power will therefore considered to be universal. But in the hands of the will, desire and choosing what we call kesb decision, is not created and a relationship with us. And the inherent desire and will to them the secret of being completely kavrayamazsak limit, it is also true nature of Allaah and anlayamayacağımızdandır anlayamadığımızdan. Thus, while appearing before the obvious metaphysical called the real danger is a way to stay stuck in this valley and that's the challenge dalgınlıklara Fâtiha'da sentence to avoid the authority to request in our help and strength of Allaah be explained very good. Now, what is Islam cebriyelik (determinism) and, what is the opposite of his own actions and human destiny is not that the creator said kaderiyelik with a view to suggesting that no one has the right to accuse. Solo will have the right to choose-i cüziyemiz and when it is said, some of them understand it in the wrong job at any time to see our will is our modest enough to think that the requests were not successful in every subject when cebriyeliğe (determinism) are Meyle. Such thinking on the one hand, "desire" to create I think, hit us on the other hand we do what we want and do what we want is to claim that Allaah will not interfere with you forever. However, such a There is no thought. We do what we want to succeed in parallel with the deduction for his own favor or against us personally yaratılıyorsa savings by removing the way to perform the parallelism of expression and the Shariah, and to help with the power to cast doubt can not be handed to quit. God, those who go way, way too much time to increase the income trust and relying on good will and gives the blessing. Who do not reverse damage and misery in the way it is uğratmış. Reward and punishment, or will in the world, a reminder and warning that expresses the meaning of these verses we will see a lot of points. Some of these include: "I'm leaving my work to God." (Ğâfir, 40/44), this nükteye leave the job belongs to God. "Allah wants to execute an accident and the fate of the minds of owners alıverir mind." it also explains the hadith-i sheriff. In these, not a matter of algebra, beautiful and evil, wanting to ask is about the fine irfanlar. "Sometimes you do not like something about you, and you like be a good thing can be bad about you. Allah knoweth, ye know not. " (Bakara, 2 / 216) verse-i celilesi meaning of this phrase nüktede other things, and now here is a reminder that this is sufficient.

It seems that the phrase, consisting of two stories, a Divine mode. Used mode, however, wish to Orpheus oath, agreement and contract is a necessity in terms of modes of meaning of the express wishes of the path, and in this way constitute an acceptance and a commitment that, due to the acceptance of the bid was received into the previous mark. Here, in the form of an agreement between God and the servants in a very deep and very comprehensive bey'at contract, a legal contract, is stated and written that the most profound, the great law of creation that is a practical and a social secret, nice to tell a concise description. We do not see the possibility of this verse eloquence and wisdom doyulmak taste. If you see a life where you will see there must be a provision of this Act. So far, however, stems as unbelievers after that drifts unconscious. Intellect and the emotions of other bodies of believers that live in it too.

What is beautiful is, in the middle of Fâtiha'nın given right to speak our language and our social contract vicdanımızla serve our language and social vicdanımızdan were expressed in our worship. Determine the place of worship in this sense that the promise of Allah is a big warning that, "God with a human (individual) do not speak. But the revelation or from behind the scenes talks. " (The Forum, 42/51) "I-er-Rûhu'l Emin (Gabriel) was sent down. Your heart ... " (Şuara, 26/193) verses about mânâlarıyla. This is a warning to us that he is done: "You do not appear in your speech that sounds like it was not the word of God could not be right. Do not doubt that you're talking to say, the purpose and nature of the force yaratıcınızdan and his assistance to receive notification. I understand, your own presence, as the beginning of a conversation the supreme god. While the meaning and communicated to others and telling God you maksadınızı zannetmeyiniz gatherings without this force. Therefore hath God exalted social vicdanınızla listen to the whole Qur'an should try to understand and apply. "

Here with us and employee in the essence of Allah then Allah also inculcate moral values is a great example. Servants in the form of a covenant between God and the mutual written agreement based on the contractual terms with the need to think what good is a great moral Rahmani. After finishing out of nothing again, just because of us have a little mercy whether temporarily bestowed us with the donations from around the world our true face to face for coming to our property imiş almost equal remuneration and forever perpetuate such a rank and a great honor. Because the Lord alone as their own task orders, and offer us the rights ediverecek where no law is actually not allowing us both the property and rights and our rights in exchange is taking responsibility for their own mercy. Worship and worship of his rights and our given tasks. In contrast, demand in the world and help, reward and punishment of the Hereafter, our rights, mercy and wisdom to see him only on its own obligations is necessary. And even the rights of use and importance is being given more attention to the right of God. God's mercy, worshiping predates, but also help serve predates wishes. Thus, our task is before hakdan request. And whereas the right to oversee the formation of mercy and predates more. And this is a complete relationship between the duty and right (connoter) are available. No doubt, such a treatment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Efendimiz'in: "Allah ahlâklanınız with morals." pointed out the most worthy of God's morals hadith-i is one of the amazing manifestations.

Secondly, this verse is of great importance in society and sociology.

Because the contract (contract) "I worship, I wish to help" first-person mode, such as being done with the first-person plural that he is done with multiple modes.

Commentators here say there are signs cemaatla virtue of prayer, of course it is. But the virtue of the congregation to think thoroughly. Must have formed the congregation for the congregation to worship.

But the crowd does not mean a dry community, the same feelings of unity that can move in an orderly means committee. Therefore, the formation of community spirit and is a social agreement. Social contract and the contract will consist of the present treaty, not yet. The formation of the Islamic community in the descent of the Fâtiha'nın inside. Therefore, there is one flaw zannedilir a strange time. But it is not true. Social mood, the only people who settled in before the person enters into a sense of conscience, what time of brotherhood and her vanity, narrowly, by removing selfishness extends to the congregation that a candidate would be a ratio of the width of conscience. The width of a friendship with a family of sovereign states to hold the world goes up. Shortness of conscience, is associated with ignorance and arrogance. Called the conscience of the fear and the width of relief Heart ümitte, an increased understanding of pride and sorrow and to show humility and compassion irfana and therefore, such a beautiful huylarla is with patience and tolerance. Arrogant, narrow self-love and conscience alone, afraid for himself alone. Her hope, fear still belongs to him. According to him, for his benefit, his loss hurt.

A conscience in this love and fear one another, even as he rose and, with a value equal to at least see him and his benefit of its own, such as satisfaction, sadness, such as the harms of its own, he begins to hear the spirit of social conscience begins to occur. The original is a human word uns (habit) and müvâneset is the beginning of the so-called mutual sincerity. Such a feeling between the two equal strength and that's a common collector collector duymaktır feeling the sense of brotherhood, the feeling is the starting point. To his community force that actually finds this yaşandıkça; this feeling, this community expands, and how much force it finds, the more reduced and the arrogance of socialization and civilization, the more wider and stronger. This is primarily the establishment of the social soul of a God-given innate and second degree is a reflection of the environment. And with the creation of both the existing angle from the finishing post is affected by training. Here is such a social conscience of the people settled in the soul, and strength ratio of the width of conscience is the starting point for the formation of a social community. This is his conscience that community, carries a sense of brotherhood, love and fear is the basis of the degree of what he is and he is the candidate to be the limit of society. In this way, separating the various nations, diverse and consists of the souls of many communities and is appropriate to them and how much people in a society that narrows the bencilleşirse social mood and general parts of the society, community, and it also reduces his brothers. But what is in this love, nor fear, nor for all the boundaries of what harm would not have been provided with. And it's the contrast, how a community grows so large and comprehensive spirit of the social and small communities, the more narrowly framed, taking its increase. Thus, the social aspects of love and fear, would be stretched to the limit of benefit and harm in the past. The most important reason for the community büyülten or shrinking, the degree of social conscience and strength of soul searching for the width required. There are also expansion of the society, if conscience of force, then society can not be managed. Disintegration, fragmentation, and is sentenced to shrink. Conscience got the force, but the expansion of the community or that community grow. Finally, swallowed by a great community.

I wonder all the limits of the human spirit of love and fear surrounding what could be the most comprehensive and the most powerful social influence? The opposite, like, is a partner farzedilebilen nothing can have such an extensive force. Partner and similar but not the supreme God. Because lizatihi superstitious counterpart, is invalid and impossible, but He is. And thank goodness for it all belongs to Him and praise. Hearing this, and quite living in the conscience, the universal candidate to be a member of a society have a social spirit. And only in this community a sense of brotherhood with the latest finds his limitations and higher unthinkable occur and a social committee's approval of God exalted him to access.

Here is the supreme God Fâtiha'da announcing himself before the smart people who nurture the spirit of this social conscience, and he promised to strengthen each and every person receiving ikrarını Pact, covering the whole of humanity and all the worlds a great sense of brotherhood and a social committee that represents a social conscience with is the "help and we wish to worship na'budü and nesta'in =" dedirtiyor. Because the first-person plural, second-and third-party unlike çoğullarına. Bunda really saying that a single person again. But he says the only other siblings, self-representing only the "we" and what time a human society as a human community that wants to tell them that we are all brought together under the presidency of one of söyliyebilecek he söyletirler him, they all do not have more than one I, I, I speech is not shouting in a community of persons speech is considered separately.

Therefore, the first person plural, is actually the first person to be with others. And so saying, however, a person will be felt by the conscience of his brothers said it will also have representation. The brotherhood that protects people and deeds that are ready or will be thought by hafaza başlıyıp angels goes back to human communities.

Each other, makes this agreement with Al-Fatiha and sağlamlaştırırken, imam of a human community, class. Imam Hanafi sect and therefore the meaning behind what Fatiha prayer congregation, do not read anything else in all of what the imam reads the account only. Cause I read the Qur'an Allah refers to talk with. If people actually pray alone formed yet, but thought must be in place in the form of the imam of Al-Fatiha and the duration of a community reads. And this is really a community of people like multiply tanıştıkça occurs spontaneously and easily, allowing him just one of them obey the imam and social forces will be commensurate with the imams. "If you happen to have such income." Provisions of the comprehensive religion of Islam is known as a prayer, considering that it is impossible to understand the subtleties. And all the wisdom of prayer is essential to read the Fatiha.

So, when there is not really the soul of a person in such a community than the settling may occur after a large social committee. And this is the social spirit, a person is social vücuddan ago, before the formation of a community by moving all of his conscience and that it represents the feelings and conscience can contract without prior agreement with Allaah. And in this matter there is no transfer errors.

Here is this great and unique social soul of Islam itself and its real meaning on the concept of the host society and the civilization of any society is unthinkable. In this very small and narrow yaşıyamazlar consciences, small frames, small gods seek out and brotherhood would be comfortable to imagine how much küçülürse it, but can not hear. In the heart of a Muslim trust, a kind of fortitude and calm eremezler.

Strength of the Islamic community in this way, a majority of people is directly proportional to the force and the Islamic conscience. While there is a strong social structure and the social spirit of the person to hear and be easy to carry. But when the community structure is weak and difficult to move such a conscience, especially when there is not really like that forever ended the congregation to have a strong conscience, to have the whole world will keep the spirit of a whole which is to say, a divine person to another to support a very difficult thing back, chest . And that V-chair of the prophets, and especially as the last prophet. Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the seat.

Indeed Allah is supreme in this contract before the big friendly Fâtiha'da Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) to make, and this agreement with Efendimiz'in risaletpenah the heart of the revelation of his social conscience and worship him with the language söyletmiştir. Therefore, can say exactly the most faithful and excellent use has been approved, the person that represents all of humanity, one of the prophets the Lord. And the keepers of the main office of worship. To do this, "I bear witness that there no god except Allah. And the Prophet. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah's slave and bear witness. "Represents the principle of faith. His chest was attained so that a refreshment, with the universal spirit of worship during the solitude of Hira cave (full of high spirits), and has represented his social conscience and that all creatures have been the imam of the Islamic community was born from now. And every century of his nation can be truly obey his Sunnah in the Islamic community members, but also all of the right to social heyetleriyle söyleyebilmişler this contract without prior servitude. What succumbed to other than Allah, nor asked for help from someone else have made Him. Because the sample state of the world they had created. Twenty-thirty years Kâbe'deki in breaking the idols, shaking the world saltanatlarını Kisraların toppled, Kayser eğdiren neck was this spirit. Turkestan, Turks go sahrasına attracts, İstanbullara out there, this spirit was still leading up to Viyanalara.

Fatiha in prayer over a person while reading "I am alone and lonely, I worship you wish to help." say to be broken prayers. Because the supreme God alone, the personal conscience of people who do not want to make a treaty with a treaty that wants to do with social conscience. Wants to strengthen and edify the conscience of all those prayers. Therefore, one should think he is a Muslim saying: "However, we worship you," said Who represents you? and "We wish to help, but you said" This is when you act for whom? In other words, with which the community's unity in this passage olabilecekse stopped thinking about them at least should tell you. If you have such a worship community at the present time it is really-sufficient, if not the potential of existing community in the congregation, in any case must not forget to add the angels of God. Commentators to refer to this state where we saw three, "with an accompanying reading this one made by man, the angels assigned to write or present their work to the congregation, or all Muvahhid racin" they say.

"But you shall serve and would like to help, but you" and God is a heresy to accept and combine both kulluğu. A God to accept, admit and accept the essence of Allah and the truth of oneness, unity in kulluğun thus making a treaty is going to bring about a social union. Therefore, unity of the Lord, since the beginning of Fâtiha'nın gıyabî tevhidini etmekle determined and suggesting the means by which genuine unity of God's unity, worship together with their servants in the various elements of the existing unity and the unity of existence is expressed. In this verse, "God, I bear witness that there mabud worthy of worship to another, and we promise to act with it." Martyrdom means that allotment. Such as the social meaning of this appeal in the language of the Qur'an and the two have commitments. One of society, the person, the person taking the community as equal rights and duties of each person to distribute it, in this sayılmaksızın disregard their personal values, the sum of a society that truly takes place. This is called a whole set of coverage or the member. And assume that-i refers to the same. The other is to eliminate individual meaning, and only a duty to society is to address the community's reputation in mind that it is also a comprehensive or general matters related to the general, or social means kifaye called and assumed-i. At other times we will see and understand the Qur'an in the above manner shall be null kılınmaksızın personal meaning each of us do so-I assume he understood the meaning of the same. Therefore, the allotment-i şuhûdîsi congregation, fertlerle "I bear witness that there but Allah." şuhudîlerinin tawhid-i will be the sum in question. And this is the perfection of order orders of allotment. However, there also have seen the secret seasoning rububiyet law. Fâtiha'da for this, as Islam has been the source of all nasslarında induction of conscience and faith, with the key asset, the unseen visible and the Unification and perhaps only-I assume the same rendering gıyabi Tevhidi allotment martyrdom, kifaye-I was assumed. In this way, Islam, and the conscience of society at one point and both the merger of the person in question. And these are the guarantor of each other mutually. Social committee, to be unconscionable, let alone the most perfect of tawhid-i şühûdisini allotment orders of bringing in the most perfect master of his conscience will be. It encompasses such a thorough explanation of oneness is pure. And in this refusal, with Allah, there is a disposal of all types of running. Razi Imam Fahreddin here has the following summary:

"Those who shirk Allah bölüktürler company. Whether because the claims against the worship Allaah joint, or body, or an outside body would be something. Field of the partners or vulgar cisimlerdendir or high (supreme) cisimlerdendir. Quite common parents of objects, or a simple substance or compound objects received. United is one of the bodies of three asset. So in the meantime, especially mines or plants or hayvanlardandır or mortals. Idols with Allah, parents of metallic objects, such as stones, gold, silver, worship of idols. Herbal parents of objects with Allah, for instance, do any particular tree god. Parents of animals with Allah, for instance, an ox, an animal such as calf sayarlar god, worship. Mankind (God) in the joint parents of, say, a Pharaoh, and God save the LORD gives the largest Nemrud veyahut Ezra the son of God, the Christ (Prophet Jesus) the son of God diyenlerdir. Parents of simple objects with Allah, for example, a fire is like worshiping Zoroastrians. God in the common parents of lofty objects, the sun, moon and other stars such as planets and worships them happiness and uğursuzluğu proportion as the Sâbiîler. Most astrologers are as well. As for objects other than those who associate with Allah, which are part of the section. With the dark part of the universe into two bright ones who give a maintainer. These are those Maniviye namely Mani sect. Which are not yet a part of spirituality-yükselmemişlerdir Sineviye-angels in the sky sky-spirits and souls of every country müdebbir has a certain spirit and the manager of each of the various worlds in the sky has a soul, they say. And they worship the spirits by making some pictures and sculptures. These angels are called worship. (These are sensed and spirituality, but objects to worshipers, worshipers of idols had grade). Some of the other two god recognize them through the universe a little more rise. One is very good, very bad one, that is, one of the source of goodness, evil, a source at one of the two had claimed that the first resource that the universe according to them, one Yezdan, that is one of the one God Ehremen or span, is considered one of the two brothers known as Satan the devil god veyahut is managed by the measure and is assumed. Allah, all the goodness the universe, all the evils in the iblisten known. They are also becoming Sineviye.

Mani is the brightness and darkness maneviyetle commentary will be suitable to them immediately. For this angle, these two kinds of changes and disturbances to many in the infected ... Obviously, this last point, "a brotherhood Sinevî'lik together to manage the universe of possible starting point for considering the two first olamıyacağını also detected. Indeed, a link between them and never be found in common with the starting point of the two first order kuramıyacakları evil with goodness, and therefore the universe is no unified (common) aspects of the bulunamayacağı obvious. Because otherwise this contradiction. However, this fraternity threw a shot to see the two of them previously on the sovereign is understood to mean to see a common starting point. And then this is a first starting point of the two brothers, but one must be the starting point of the second degree. So these are God's order is issued, a father of the idea of a triple gelivermiş God, and that this philosophy, this philosophy has taken final form of Christianity at the end of wandering. That's humanity, because of the simplicity of the idea of god is the only real perversion of the intellectual and emotional belief in god because of the remote handle more than one dip dağılırken, can reduce the other hand, can reduce more than one god faith god faith gone a triple and two sent down the order again at the end of the true religion of Islam and the unity of God found maturity and self-collected in full. verse, there has been no evidence Rahmani destroyed all ideas of this circus. That is, people gathered koştukça Islam, the religion of Islam kaçtıkça finally dissipates and eventually become despicable and miserable. This is only theoretical, but also fixed with the experience and the fact that Islam is a universal religion.

6-a breath is taken after such a treaty and contract, to apply the provisions shall not be taken for girişilmek "Hidayat off to entertain us, the way that people who happily gave their blessing, what he suffered wrath, nor is deviated to a path of ..." Starting prayer.

This desire to help and pray for it, the most important and most comprehensive description of the application form. Because "we wish to help nesteîn =" Foundation (stop), I take a breath to begin to think about what you need and where this demand. This is in response to our needs in this prayer, have been suggested to us to make a statement. In this way, "ihdina, nesta'în = bring us guidance, we wish to help" promise, that "we worship you alone iyyâke na'budü =" elhamdü'de yeralmış with all the Fatiha is an "alleluia" is a full explanation of the sentence alone, per- and not with the whole question of a single case of a "elhamdü" is the time. And the foundation for the previous two (pause) I need but do not complete and absolute.

Hidayat masdarından imperative. With this top-down mode, the actual making of Never ask for descending order, the request to pray from the bottom up, making an equal level is made between those who ask (ask) is called. Hidayat, something to reach the desired goal is to guide the grace and gentleness that the only way to gösterivermek or even until the end of the road götürüvermek and forms one of götürüvermek happen. First one to deliver, or spiritual and moral guidance, guidance or Tevfik called the second exchanger. Kılavuzlukda purpose of this grace, strength and violence of the sweetness and soft money huyluluktur. Letafetten the inceliktir purpose. Hidalgo solo, the good belongs to ask. For example, to show the way thief, to guide denilmez guidance. "They take the path of hell." (Saffat, 37/23) the use of verse as well as bad things, such as teasing and grinding to be a metaphor for nükteden. This means that all the required guidance to guide, not necessarily things, spiritual and moral well-being, such as maksadında is made, in the form of a guidance in the goodness and grace. Therefore, "ihdinâ" mealinde of the most appropriate phrase, such as Turkish, is known by everyone, "guided us meat" means. Profile deyince drive remains, and none will take the full meaning deyince subtlety of expression and does not necessarily replace a word in Turkish, this well-known work to put a word to explain the violation of the purpose, is a dry bigotry.

Allaah's guidance, as features such as counting and the calculation is not possible, as varieties of it is. However, species of the stand-alone can be considered:

1 - spiritual and material strength fecundate that causes people to fix the outer and inner feelings of their jobs, and even the power of the mind and the will to bestow and resume the course, and the animal forces, and will reduce maksatlarını appropriate, ensure the success of such.

2 - Rights and western, with good evidence to reveal that separates fenalığı "As Semûd'a; We showed them the right way. But they preferred blindness to guidance. " (Fussilat, 41/17), "We no to him, and evil, both also showed the way?" (Municipal, 90/10) âyetlerindeki this cinstendir guidance.

3 - Prophets send and download books that "them, showing emrimizle leaders have made the right way." (Surah Ta Ha, 21/73) hidayetten divine purpose in this passage, as in "no doubt that the Qur'an, the people will take the right path." (Isra ', 17 / 9) verse is like this.

4 - Revelation or inspiration or extraordinary means, such as the right of the dreams of their hearts and belongings as they really are secrets keşfedivermek gösterivermektir specific guidance that called it. Because the prophets, and parents in particular occurs. To do this, it means in general, extraordinary ways. However, not everyone shares that is not a slight. In so far can not raise the degree of precise information. These are subjective, objective, can be summarized as tekvinî and Less. When used in the Quran the word guidance, according to which one must understand kasdolunabileceğini.

Hidayat, the second object, sometimes (up to) and sometimes they will pass here as well as himself. Transitivity patterns and with it lowering hazf and diarrhea (edatını reduction surgery and the actual object, transport) that is expressed in terms of transitivity of the original or in this case would mean that there are sayanlar. The actual return geçişsizi and converted to Islam (guide coming) is. "Huda" in both the guidance and both converted to Islam (guide coming) mânâlarına income. Guidance before the opposite perversion, religion, faith and Islamic rights in all parts of the guidance saptırmaktır opposite. Sapıklıkta those wants guidance, ask for the occurrence of the original guidance, the persistence hidayette wants salvation of those (to be determined, the so-called stop), or will ask for the order to rise. However, guidance of people who are original. , With slide-i Testament "your way" and directly refers to the meaning of izafet phrase "God's way" means. Type which means "slide" with certain features, although not yet in general and the specific type of metaphor in the street with the right means that the road would be appropriate, Sirat lügatta street, the busy main road, to say the way the original is great. And cumhurun (the majority) is lexical. Such as Ibn Kesir'den Kunbul and Yakub'dan Rüveys rivayetlerinde (sin) and "al-Sirat:", "Sirat" is read. But, "Sara thick of reading and itbak (upper palate closure of the language is read from the letter) because when" sin "letter" sad "with a Translation of Sirat fasihdir smoother and more so, is the dialect of Quraysh. And that is imamda "Qur'an Hazrat Osman," it is written in the Aser (On Kırâet) than is the case in other kırâetler. But Hamza kırâetinde "sad" a "za" Kays dialect of smell, which is done by giving a isma. Sirat Street mean that the word used in Turkish. But the hell out of uçurumlarının hair thin and everyone would be forced to geçmeğe sharp sword, rolling, hilly and flat like a bridge with thought and expression of our times (electrical vsyi) an overhead line carrying the name of religion as understood in a street known hereafter. And here it is also a sign.

Even Amr b. With the interpretation of this meaning is transferred to the Ubeyd'den. But the main purpose here is a metaphor-i temsiliyye (by analogy, the metaphor) and the "right way" and the "Islamic nation" that has long been tefsirciler açıklayagelmişlerdir precious. Tarik is usually set off the Arab language, the busiest road fountain, true, according to the emergence of one of the great qualities of the open road, street, Sirat, and the Bank is called şâria. And for this reason that the word Sirat Sharia should not be forgotten to tell the word. Müstakim, slope and curvature of nowhere with no means flat and straight. Sirat is true also in the direction of descent, could have hill to tell the plain meaning of müstakîm (straight) kaydolunmuştur with qualifications. For that reason they are interpreted to flatten it. So the correct word, the word is completely müstakîm tutamıyacaktır place. Indeed, the correct word in Turkish müstakim, right, is also used mânâlarına faithful.

Need to take care of all the subtleties of the word while trying to understand the Qur'an and terkiplerinin. One of the most open in terms of rhetoric in the Qur'anic truths that show the fine lines in a variety of points of register with the collection of all the subtleties. Affirmation aspects covered by the precision from the direction of at least sixteen usulce (methodology) is clear. Mark and uncertain aspects of eloquence that can not be counted in the pleasures of the science of eloquence and clear. Herewith is a science with theology here, let the law of supply. That is to say: Randomized, according to the opinion of ignorant of the secrets to see you off guard. Hikmette (in knowledge) there is a coincidence. Wise-i profile in the selection of the Absolute any reason there is a wisdom. Although willpower is actually an asset. But the will of the Absolute Judge-I, not being under outside influence that makes him the wisdom needed are included. Therefore, the promise of God who wills and words of wisdom, who owns a selection of features based on the work of wisdom always will be, for example agriculture (way) to say, not as the Sirat, müstevî (flat) not as well müstakim say, and meaning to be considered directly by him to be considered a They also contain wisdom. In the Qur'an the Wise (Wise) book. "This book is the owner of downloading anything from Allah and wisdom prevailed." (Az-Zumar, 39 / 1). To do this thoroughly to determine meanings of words before the second could be related to the direction of the parts of the Rhetoric versus or meaning of words and meanings to make a comparison with the third as the forms of composition, Siam and on siba think, the fourth of which is necessary to distinguish between the actual kasdedilen meaning with the decorative elements. Kasdedilen mana in determining both the reputation (of measurement) are available. In fact the meaning of the mind by the word instead of someone or the other is addressed actually received them, the meanings that signify generalization, allocation (privatization), the absolute, ıtlak (kayıtlamama) occurs between these two provisions, such as the removal of these features is of great importance.

Commentaries about these rumors of what we see when we look at from the intention: God's way, the correct way, the appropriate way, the book of God, faith and the things of faith, Islam and Islamic Sharia, the Prophet and his companions the way the elders, Sunan (roads) circumcision and the community the way, the way of heaven, hell, the bridge finally summarizes them muhakkîkler (investigator, kritikçiler) in the right way and the interpretation of the Islamic nation.

Now, these various statements to the stock and its predecessor, and his Companions, "slide" of the meaning of Testament (kasdetmek something) or to consider the meaning of sex is a part of the meaning and most of them on the table according to the explanations on the turn and Touring. Miracles aside the other bridge is actually the word adoption signify nothing more than that expressed by one mana and still on the table with meaning (meaning great thing) who do not know the difference of them, how much can fall into disagreement. Investigate and reveal the truth really the right way scholars and Islamic nation is suitable summary of these two conditions. Meaning to the rights in the Islamic nation at the table. The difference of these two to draw attention to himself in the text of the Qur'an Sirat cited twice. (Sıratallezine), "al-Sirat" is equal to tan. Bedel-i ash (for itself), or the price-i ba'z (a part of the money list). And speaking of will on the basis of the cost to kasd and addressed. Mübdelü Minh (the price used instead of words) have not been completely abandoned and removed from the sentence that appears in this kasdolunan a value of something, and so the cost to make preparation a little firmer which resembles a little explanation and a meaning force occurs. This price is the "Sirat-i müstakim" of both itself and the Attribute (quality), there are records describing the first Sirat muzafun ileyh (stating) of the ism-i mevsûl (relative pronoun) and Silas (pronoun interest in explaining the sentence), the second ism-i mevsûl that (relative pronoun) is the title of fame, and the third is attributed to this record.

That's from the table, all of whom kasdolunan meaning will be clear after considering bulundurulduktan. For this, the first is needed to determine the meaning of in yourself. Glossary of this in terms of mana, saw the true meaning of the street. But this is what we call way before you actually felt something that shows us the meaning. However, context help and assistance for it was disclosed. This is an imperceptible mana. So with this exact presumption that the way we understand the spiritual path. And the spiritual path, at least in the open field into a metaphor (analogy with the way that used in another sense) is. And frankly isti'âre-i temsiliyye (benzetilmesi many things to each other), dir. As we said before things felt busy, large, clear, straight, a right way and bring it fully into account we put in our minds.

Meyillerimizin Second, as a basis for a flow of ideas and the actions we will take you directly and soundly maksatlarımıza good scientific, practical, clear and comprehensive and a right to put Allaah bring the law into consideration, we also take all our consciences.

Third, the whole of the moral clarity and shape, which is the subject briefly to describe the previous sensed müstakim Sirat-i (right path) lafzını zikrettiğimiz presumption on the basis of whether metaphor in this (spiritual path) and use "ihdinâ" are making a statement with it. In this way, put something in this sense is understood to issue the requested favor of Allaah are not with the right spiritual path leading to that superstition tahkikçi scholars "right way" as their interpretation, is to explain the meaning of Sirat-i kasdedilen with müstakimin concept to understand. Now we find mâsadakını: So you are worthy of trying and all the way to right itself, the road enters into the desired, as soon as? This is a place needs to be considered more or less closed. First, "nesteîn" The arrival of the first verse to us and our goal is the help of Allah Allah's assistance initially suggested istememizi is one of the most important and most prominent. More than that set out clear guidance is usually a celbeden request the help of Allah, the most important instrument for it help and what is at the forefront, giving him the guidance and assistance to the most important instrument appears to be most prominent. However, the assistance of God in all the right road at the forefront of this aid is the best and the most important thing? It is a place on the detail to be considered.

Fourth, the guidance is interpreted favor. I wonder is there any bad ones in the general sense in the right way? Indeed there are. Because lead can not be found without the evil, no evil could be done. Though I actually just because of the way each right is no. Manifestation of God's mercy and his main position (out of) is to show ni. However, depending on the benefits and harm the creatures in the universe, good and evil is no purpose in mind that it's a right way şekillendirilmez presence. Each of these is a sunnah of Allah in the (statute), there is a law.

He came into the road goes to the goal of true. In fact, be said that it all leads to Allaah. However, the consent of one of the leads, one leads to anger. So right path, "leading to the consent of the way of Allaah," he matlub should not be here unless they are interpreted. The concept of rights necessarily lead us lofty verse really private people and are more open to suggestion of a meaning. Here's promise to resolve all aspects of this off with the addition of the concept of the price allocated to signify the meaning or interpretation of Islam Telescope and told with a suitable mold for a full limitation buyurulmuştur et al.

This is the first before us shows that all the required things the right way of Allaah and "ihdinâ" istememizi it is suggesting to us the most important and the most important aid in this way and also says that it was the beginning of his true path of salvation. Indeed Allah is the Lord of the Worlds, the laws of the universe in all its valid. Laws sometimes koyanlarına law issues, and sometimes, what proportion shall be in relation. For example, the law of Solon, as koyucusuna proportion, Akar (money bringing real property) or the subject of law, prisoners were proportion. Rights of Nature (God) the laws of the prisoner (under the jurisdiction of) the law will be someone else as their "natural law" is the name. But the ruler of all the laws of God and the divine order to say to them that Allaah is more accurate, of course. These laws bilmeğe and science as it is called, in their favor götürenlerine religion, nation and is called the Sharia. Placed outside the law of God and God's religion, however, call the Western and the law of God is not a religion. For example, the law of a right brain death is a strong gun bores. Allaah will not forbid the lead of a special self-tapping dies. But a favor to commit suicide, is not a religion, rebellion, evil. God is not building your own property (his body) was demolished injuring.

Discussed his work with people like this, which if taken would be consistent with the direction it's a good or bad, there is a law of God. Accordance with the direction of well-being of the religious law of God, the bad aspects of religion in accordance with the law of Allah is the opposite. The two sides in accordance with the law of God falling business, the bad and the western.

7-sum every law of God, because it is laid out by God doğrudurlar. Placed by human laws, nor knowledge, nor religion can not be none. These are false in terms of knowledge, in terms of religion and the right not constitute harm. For this, human rights, both in science and religion need not put the law, is to reveal God's laws to seek out and discover these laws. Archimedes' hydrostatic law, the law of gravity Nevton, Aristotle is not correct to say they put the law of conflicts, such as Abu Hanifa in the Comparison of Holiness, fiqh (Islamic law) is not correct to say the laws laid. These curves were laid out by them and would be a lie. They are correct, the fact that God's law comes from the nail to be Discovery. For this, the scholars, who invented the Discovery is not revealing who and whom. Because the laws of God in the secret ones are also present. because they include them in the open to reveal the meaning of the occasion will be the obvious and tells a busy main road and not the law of God, do not have nothing to do with the help of God above all sakındırdığı crooked roads, such as guidance in the interpretation on goodness, evil to lead directly to the right The regulations are also sakındırılmış. But this last sakındırmada need to look for a foothold. Because the evil get to know him and to introduce a iyiliktir sakındırmak. Who do not know how the snake tries to avoid him? Therefore, the meaning of salvation in the word good, the right way, the right way out and remove the concept of evil is not necessarily the laws, orders, perhaps as a positive good and evil laws as the laws prohibit the terms and conditions to tie in measure would require a negative. That's just the price by then, "He gave them the blessing of the path of those happy, what he suffered wrath, nor is deviated to a path." revelations, it also reveals the negative and positive aspects. This means that "al-sırata'l-müstakîm" slide-i ahd (hand pointing to something specific suffix) and a full description of true religion. After that, the description of it. İn'âm give the blessing, to bring blessings. In fact, müteaddî (pass) dir. But the glory and blessing to increase the superiority mean the employer to point to the coming blessing "to" sılalanmıştır (attached). Blessing in fact the situation of human taste, the taste of happiness is so beautiful that is. To get this taste in the things that cause has been taken that name. Original softness is related to the means by which nüûmet. In Arabic, the first sense, people with very high (na'met) is used as a. Because "" called. So nice to have the owner's blessing and that blessing is to live in abundance. For example, there can not eat bread, eats not find the taste. Enjoy God's blessing in finding a basis to give. While blessings of Allaah be considered. "If you want you could never count the blessings of God." (Abraham, 14/34). But the main thought in the world and the hereafter is related to two sources. Two is the part of the blessings to the world. Vehbi (innate) and those obtained by working. Vehbi or body concerned with or related to mental, spiritual or otherwise, that is, or is material. Those relating to the body of the soul üfürülmesi Spirit, wisdom and intelligence, they are subject to the flare and understanding, thought, speech, conscience (inner feelings) needs to be stable, those relating to body and body organs of the body, and therein the nerves, muscles, hazm and other physical forces, the creation of situations and things like forms and completed her. Ashamed of the things that wins by working in self-cleaning, knowledge and ingenuity, superior morality and generosity, bravery, integrity and honor with the dress, the beautiful body shapes and decorate with Hot moralities, CAH, and social honor to have the position, such as property and wealth to win things. The blessings of the Hereafter, in the world ifrat (go over) and tephrite (reverse extremism) and consummate God's assent URLs by donating close to heaven with the angels of peace and tranquility forever to get the highest layer, it also gained through the study and given by God spiritual and bodily injury are divided into sections. All of these are no doubt a blessing in itself, and immediately düşünüldükleri time. But in front of each eye to the future and his next bulundurulunca initially thought the blessing of many things, in fact is a fact that severe punishment and out of trouble. In contrast, some of the evil that appears in the initially painful and severe punishment, then that is a fact that means a great blessing and happiness. And the stage the (heart festive event), then how much pain distress, the distress of mind after the festival, the more sweet. For this reason, serious and true in every case the end of the blessing and happiness intact ones. Therefore, the main thing will be asked not only blessing the beginning, the result must be blessings grow soundly. Attribute this fact that the word Islam with the inspiration of this program. In this way, "en'amte aleyhim" giving the blessing and the blessing of all-inclusive and, although not the general meaning of a word that expresses a meaning that any kind of unconditional blessing for the blessing might contain all kinds are likely to olunmak allocated within the scope of blessings, anger to be connected with the registration conditions and sapıklıktan Sâlim and fully expressed in the blessing that the blessings of the hereafter, and it also means that the innate (God-given), kesbî (obtained by the study), spiritual (the spirit), for bodily injury (related objects) means that the blessings of the world. They also head of the right to life, liberty rights, faith, conscience, health, good moral, social improvement, beneficial knowledge and good deeds. Islamic literature, liberty, individual rights are defined as ownership. (Discovery-i Pezdevî). Quite the contrary, (a person) to have someone else's rights, the means by which Slavery and slavery. The rights of the original, is that God put. Therefore, any person, put God's law, without their consent, another person with the other to change a law, may have doomed not to disrupt or dispose of it now is not the servant of God and in him alone has a share of Slavery. Accordance with its obligations and duties alone for right now, but the enthusiasm and the desire of this and that are applicable. Therefore, God knows no one has gatherings, to assume the right to liberty is a contradiction in terms of ownership rights, such as those used on someone else Teâlâ'dan God, freedom is impossible to opine. And I vouch for the freedom of being alone in worshiping God. And the starting point of the right of the road and about the world's first purpose of this worship is the greatest blessing that has the right to liberty. The head of the God-given blessings of life and won the îmân blessings. Here are the two blessings of the originals. God help them in the beginning and hidayetidir. This is the way of assistance towards the desired path. And here is the right way, this blessing of Islam. comments of the two is possible: no, as someone above mef'ûl (object) gave blessing to them as gözetmeyerek absolute meaning of that has made them happy, like the other one mef'ûl-i BiH (object with) a pronoun appreciation (reputation) is. Keşşâf owned one before, Ibn Tabari Cerir have preferred the second interpretation. A sentence to get rid of everything in terms of dropping the first comment, but an allusion to a better and more open (closed expression) the characteristics of. For this reason, the second version of the verb is required. However, with the presumption of Ibn Tabari Cerir turning back to obedience and worship "as you gave them the blessing of obedience and worship" as shown. Acizane anlayışıma pronoun in this case, according to the "sırata" turn "with the blessing of the way as he gave them to you" is more open to give the meaning of. And here is best appreciated without pronoun, verb indifferent to the blessing, the blessing of the way toward giving the allusion is to do = en'amte'yi = en'amte bih'ten and knowledge mean a certain irony to be the view of the special interest of the object is not here.

Indifferent to the blessing of giving blessings in this way to the right and understandable that even in making all kinds of blessings. There are three noteworthy points here. First, the way in person, Sirat is the most important blessings, to understand that the greatest blessing. Second, the Sirat (the correct way to show), blessing, is the most important aid to understand. Third, the proportion of them in this Sirat (road) in a way that they are not prepared, and their way of Allah is to be prepared and given as a blessing, and he set out to nail the clear as to enter. And with these special blessings God and God's help and the right proportion of the income for the right path takes you. Indeed, the way blessing, the greatest blessing. Because any blessing (of acquiring) the way the law is not always time to get it to obtain results in a blessing. Is why the importance of sciences and fenlerin. Ten pounds to ask someone for help, constantly in a way that will bring ten pounds, one reason (vehicle) to ask what is the difference between. Allah Almighty: "O Lord, help me give the blessing or something." I wish to pray and help will be very small request. In fact, "Give me all the blessings in to say" even so. Because of this prayer continues always to accept the blessings of olunmakla he would not have been available to go and ride. But, "the blessings or something (of acquiring) and then persevere on the path to locate the portion ihsanda entertain." If she be made to research requests and, Also in this prayer when she accepted a blessing, not a thousand kerr kerr is obtained and forever. Assistance in the path of God to enter the largest of the road. This is the shortest way to the right. These are all found ways of blessing is found. Path is found, all the blessings and the blessing of erilir continually blessing us here at the beginning you wanted to teach me the right way to pray at denmeyip, this supports what a beautiful meaning. Fâtiha'ya (Ta'lik-i issue: asking teaching) in the name of the issuing of this nüktenin remember that a large share. However, taking into account this special link will be difficult to extract the meanings of the sentence if bulundurulmadığı and Sirat (the road) to them a God is Encompassing will remain confidential. Blessings in the first case, that way complacent rhetoric (beauty), even if it means lower degree. Although the tenth Sirat (the road) there is a clear signal that the goal was unconditional blessing and meaning for the people of this attractive and adorable. But the word coming initially requested the help of God's intention is obvious. And so the purpose of the road, and more precisely the person he is Allah, the first time comes to mind.

All this stems from the blessings. And here's the real right way, right way, this sense is a special name. One way out is a blessing because it is known, and he himself also entered the help of God, God is not found tevfikı an obstacle arises, or fatality does not occur anything like this imiş called desired. Therefore, first of all for coming to the success of this assistance and have taken all the desires of his lap, a big, open, accurate, should ask for a straight path. This is a way to carry out the agreement with the persistence of religion and nation. Each request from the truth and embracing a religion and the nation, only one correct way to request a design and the illusion is not a request. This came to the road and walked on, so all he has achieved his desire, and have obtained the blessing of full salvation, and happily domesticated, human history has been hard to deny definitely not happy with the experience and truly been seen and observed the traces of such a desire, a thing occurred. And so from that too, especially after the show buyurulması.

Now they try to figure out who. These are all, collectively, ahd-i external to us is not a community with limited gösteriliverecek. Until the beginning of humanity and God's discipline came one after the other from time to time with the maturity showed widespread and unlimited consecutive MEDIA and communities. We have them alone "mün'amün aleyhim," ie, God's blessings, and recognize the right to have attained adıyle arrive, prosper, and we think he is no doubt that this genus do not exist in the world. This point is clear and kat'îdir. And certainly the way they want is to move with this exact information. But members of this genus and varieties and a thorough description of sample determinations when it comes out to get: this, we appreciate the meaning of blessing to a rate of mental ahd-i (with a certain object in mind) and think. For this, the specification or ahd-i mental or sex (in the mind of certain things) are considerations. Type according to that price; ahd-i according to the adjective that is mental is clear. Therefore, they ahd-i mental initially happy with the design of this community we will seek a qualified and ask God Teâlâ'dan their path to salvation and that we are successful we are now on the road, she had sex universe would be an example of a community constitutes zümresi'll be found. Many communities will show us that this kind of Qur'an "Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, here they are, God's blessing, the prophets, Siddiqui, the martyrs and the associated salihlerle. They are wonderful companion. " (Nisa, 4 / 69) babta this verse is one of the most comprehensive verses. That is literally true bahtiyarlar given their blessing, the prophets, sıddîklar, martyrs, righteous and the righteous who believe they are friends. But this explanation is for the beginning of Islam. As for us: for example, all the incomprehensible things This is a far ahd-i hâricisi (previously the name of the one in the past) is that it is also one of the prophets Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) Kiram'ıdır Efendimiz'le Ashab-i. Manifested in them in less time nimetinin success, happiness of the world and the Hereafter is more an instance of the history of humanity has made so far. Please read the general history and the nations in the world today, a quick look. See an example in their Prophet. Would you be able to find any examples like Omar siretinin? On the one hand with the speed of the conquests in the east and west of electricity spread all divine justice on the other hand, places, and fills the heavens and are immersed in the pleasure of the blessings of Omar's back in the right eye patched shirt Kisraların realm, Kayseri majestic taclarından saçıyordu a very high sense of joy. But this kind regard of the world (orientation) in one day, surprised at all, the Prophet lost steadfastness Ömerü'l-Faruk, Faruk on the death of the Prophet (reserving the rights of each other with a western), it seems like when you lose expand, Hazrat Abu Bakr al-Siddiq all loyalty with the existence of putting him and everyone has spiritual and moral way of the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic community yürütmüştü as before. His friendship with the Holy Prophet migrated before the day hiding in the cave Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Pagans suffered when the flood of grief and come loose, while "Do not worry, God is with us .." (Repentance, 9 / 40), but the Prophet Muhammad that he was satisfied with him and was comforted. That is a once-i ahd mental (the mind is clear) the nature of a happy society in which he appeared to be an example to all humanity is the most perfect ahd-i external to us (before the previous ones) with the obvious. For this, his predecessors and successors (and renew old ones) many commentators from the verses of the way and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and kiram'ının ashab-i have with the commentary. But with the start and conclusion of this meaning in mind when bulundurulduğu given their blessing to a community in terms of who he would have ahd-i mental nature.

"Ellezine of" Being and the essence of Islam indicates hasletinin piety. Arabic adjective (describing) and mevsûf (regarded) as described in (certainty) or tenkir (uncertainty) in terms of fitness is essential. However, = gayr word, "al-âlimü gayrü'l-ignorant", "al-hareketü gayrü's-no peace" (scholar, is not in ignorant; motion, durmakdan another thing) is the exact opposite of something in the form of müzaf (in phrases), unless specific can not be like, (ellezine) ism-i mevsûlü (relative pronoun) is certain, I ahd-mental meaning of a word can not be characterized yorumlanmadıkça uncertain. Therefore, it is an adjective, mevsûlün interest (pronoun) on mean mental ahd-i is a clue. Because (mağdûbi aleyhim) and (branched) qualifications must be given the blessing of their opponents unto those who have the qualification to be considered a full point. As a blessing given to them in what seems really angry at people who are convicted or haywire which is nice. And the blessings of the world appear to be floating in the example it can be shown in many individual and society. In this regard (gayr) adjective, anger and perversion of them will have a negative given the blessing of making them is allocated to someone else and then the beneficiaries of robust blessings and blessings, they are the exact opposite of them beneficiaries of the blessings that are not absolute. Therefore making the blessing, and are considered as indifferent (ellezine) this sıla (describing the interest pronoun sentence) and as a breed, or with external ahd-i (known to the prescribed before) the specific Tanılır (gayr) can not attribute to him, maybe the price may.

Keşşâf and obeying him, and others Beydâvi Kadi saw the price to be permissible. But Ebu's-Saud, rightly rejected this interpretation. Because the price, the sentence would be proportionally based kasdolunan. Mübdelü Minh (themselves brought the price), although not entirely neglected, and abandoned even though, as the sentence does not target kasdedilen. Then (gayr), while the price (Sirat), the word is not the blessing of the main goal, anger, and will not go haywire. And I mean the ones in this way given their blessing, God's wrath and those who survived sapıtmakdan Keşşâf have clearly stated that would mean. Although def-i mazarrat (loss elimination), subpoena-i interest (interest cite) is better than the main goal is not only to eliminate losses, it is safe from harm and menfaattir blessing. This is not the price, but it could be the meaning of the adjective. Therefore, the target word (en'amte aleyhim) is presented. And the wrath (anger) go haywire with him, subject to the elimination of (compliance) is kasdolunmuş. And given their blessing those who say, with absolute blessing to say who will get together to get rid of anger and sapıtmadan that is what Islam. And indeed this is the piety in Islam and Ebu's-Saudi completely right. Therefore, (gayr) ahd-i mental meaning of the word is an adjective and the word. However, the absolute blessings, blessing, or as we say robust Sirat (path), blessing, blessing of Islam kasdedilirse, (gayr) it will have the full zıddına muzaf and therefore specific breed or external ahd-i will be in the form of an adjective.

Wrath, soul and excitement of a desire for revenge against the disgusting thing is the opposite of that consent. Turkish anger, rage with a difference, also called kin. Proportion when the wrath of Allah, the most recent rate, and the goal of self used by affected tecerrüd edilmekle the will of revenge or punishment, the meaning of making kasdolunur. This is by Rahimiyenin Rububiyet-i. That anger is not necessarily the opposite of mercy. For example, steamed oppressor, oppressed is by mercy. the term of this title as they have nearly the name is a force that condemned anger, anger is concealed beneath the mean gone. Therefore, sometimes incur a penalty, and especially when he is not being öfkelenilmiş really the beginning of some future blessings, and the occasion is not the pain and anger in no time penalty. "And verily, we fear, hunger, goods, things like rats and decrement of the products we try, give glad tidings to steadfast." (Bakara, 2 / 155). Because for every job, according to the result.

Dalal and heresy, straying from the right path that deliberately or by mistake, Huda (to show the right path) of the opposite. Diverge from them in Turkish, also called perversion and perversity. Dalal, heedlessness and confusion sometimes occurs. And usually, it also comes after the surprise. Then yitmekle and then ends up being no. Dalal these occasions, blindness, astonishment, destruction, destruction being used mânâlarına. In fact, straying from the way the material felt. Then, in what is known of the famous and the mind has been maneviyatta. And we usually only religion heresy, and heresy; Dalal and perversion of the mind and the alleged use. Therefore, (branched) literally means heretics.

You need both, and described at (certainty) patterns and istiğrak (including everything) or that sex is for. Because the blessing to be part of this process fully intact. Many tefsirciler making such type of negative commentaries about the shape I chose, so that the opposite of blessing and righteousness of the anger and perversion, and kitapsız kitaplı idolaters (God runs the circus) and the idolaters do not open all the way to righteous curse is sakınılmış. However, the recipe's premier edatlarının yorumlanmalarında ahd-i mean that the external acquisition is possible because of the same meaning. And in this there is also an eloquence. Because the exact qualities and is known as the lowest and most azlarına sarfedilmiş If öbürlerinin steer clear of them, first of all requires to avoid. This is a difference between the Islamic nation of nations other than the show that includes belağatini.

I wonder with every order of at least two external Is there such a ahd-i? Yes, both the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet, and often need to have evidence of Islamic şeriatında about it. And these are people of the Book of the Jews and Christians. Both God and the need for running the circus circus runners all the unbelievers in the Qur'an about the sublime "....But the blasphemy that opens the chest (joy, disbelief who) goes down the wrath of God to people and they have a great punishment. " (Nahl, 16/106) as well as anger in verse, and "(You dignitaries) menedenler denied and the Path of Allah, I really fell into a deep perversion." (Nisa, 4 / 167) as in verse about the perversion of the Jews and generalizes it clear that although the majority "stamp on them was shot in infamy, and poverty. Suffered the wrath of God. " (Bakara, 2 / 61), such as wrath, about Christians: "O People of the Book, your religion unjustly, and pre-dive extremism gone, many to or diverted, a nation's imagination şaşmış not follow the straight path." (Maide, 5 / 77), such as perversion, clearly said.

However, Jews and Christians to eat and girls marry as close as kestiklerini also showed differences in the proceedings other idolaters. Jews and Christians are People of the book to understand them, the wrath and sapıklıkta other idolaters, unbelievers, and other superstitious than religious ehvendir owners. And they close zıddıdırlar Islam. Therefore Fâtiha'da "from people who owned the wrath of their" purpose ahd-i with external Jews, "sapıtmışlardan" purpose, Christians, as a matter of interpretation, (gayr) and (lâ), being negative for the first month and with the text and therefore the first of their way to (ie, branch bi'd-Delaney: delaletiyle portend Killer) is also sakınılmış all other infidels. And this interpretation is strong transportation bill. Cerir Ibn Tabari hadith transferred quite a few. "Dürrü prose of" According to the statement, Ibn Abi Hatim: "(mağdûbi aleyhim) the Jews and the" branches "of Christians in the form of tafsir, is a conflict between tefsirciler do not know." he said. How to judge the Ibn Hibban and (Neysâburî), sıhhatına hadiths on this subject; Tirmidhi hadith tahric many of them have ruled that they are Hasen.

Nass ostensibly to collect the generality of the two types will not be permissible in terms of style, recording procedures and tie up with the idea that some tefsirciler ilişmiş and verse text general meaning Jews and Christians with the release has seen fit to accept as an example. Jews and Christians, known as the most harmless and definite if this objection rightly be considered as the closest people can come to mind. Because of assigning them to avoid both the mind and the exact meaning of Islam is contrary to such transplants of External ahd-i is not possible. As previously mentioned, these are known as definite as the closest people in general to avoid considering the others will be primarily due to hard to be allocated to a group, and already at a party thrown and atlatılmıştır circus mind the clear light of the Jews and Christians other than the idolaters, and they also sakınılmış so here it is, the eloquence of them openly, and others are therefore being sakınılmış. Then a little talk about the hadiths on this subject:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) Effendi, "The Jews were located in their wrath, Christians or perverts." buyurduğunu Tirmidhi "Sahih" interpretation of this section as the son of the famous Hatim meat-Tai. Name, stock and a Hasen has narrated the hadith that purports to be as follows: "Name b. Hatim (ra) said: Messenger-i Ekrem (sav) 'e went, was sitting in the mosque. Congregation: "That this name b. Hâtim'dir. "They said. I've been doing in my writing for it. Immediately before the tread. Immediately took my hand: "In the beginning God is my hope that I get to put his hand." come. Then got up. At that time, a woman with a child before they came along and said: "We need you." they said. Got up and went along with them their needs. Then I took home blessed me by the hand. One girl put her down and she sat on a pillow. I also sat in the presence of. Praise be to Allah, and praise on this, and he said: "There is no god except Allah." Why are you running away saying, Is it another god do you know? " Me: "no," I said. Then, after talking a little bit "in any case you (Allahu Akbar = Allah is the Greatest) denilmesinden running away, that is to say you know something bigger than God." said. I am still "no," I said. He said, that "Jews have suffered wrath, mağdubi aleyhim became Christians in the wrong Path haywire as" fallen. Then I said: "I came here I became a Muslim." I said. And I looked at the face that blessed opening joy. Then ordered. Ensar'dan were given to a person's next. Evening-morning always comes before the prophet used to stand. However, I was next to an evening. A man came to the community. Wool clothes on them had. Messenger of Allah got up, prayed, and then began to promote them. He said that "a right '(four palms, about 3 kg.), Even though the half-right', even though even a pinch, a pinch each of you face it, even if part of the hell-fire-or heat (temperature) en used forbid, even a palm one, even though half of them, even if palm.Each of you will arrive in God, and he will tell you söyliyeceğimi söyliyecektir: "I look at you, I did not listen? Did you say yes. Goods and / or children did not? Did you say yes. Then Allah: "Then you know you say you seen prepare yourself in advance for what" human work and time into it, the back, right, looks to the left of the temperature of hell can not find anything to protect his face. Bless each one of you in the face of fire, even with half a palm. Does not find it, even get a sweet contract. Because I'm not afraid of poverty and poverty is no longer about you. Assistant to Allah and the transmitter. Fear poverty for you, finally, a caravan from Medina Hiyre with what is going bineğinin fear of theft is not more than ten. "Said.

B. Name Hatim (ra) narrated that after the addition, I also have: "I'm listening to this, my heart, this is where? Thai mountains where eşkiyası? I was saying. "he said.

But the wrath undergone saying Jews, Jews, does this mean there is a big difference between. Therefore, according to the hadith of the Jews and Christians in this and similar Fâtiha'daki (mağdubi aleyhim) and (dâllînden) is understood to be an example, the verse consisting of words that signify that the mana of them incomprehensible. However, the second way, there is a solid rumor. Recipe (Specify) patterns and the meaning of the most prominent of External ahd-i according to the interpretation of the above, with the convenience of explanation when possible mutawatir office records and non-hadith verse vârid contingent will not mind linking is proof of God because of the use of this hadith. Therefore, the difference between the two commentaries, one that is all about avoiding the question and the text and the sexes, the other being the meaning and delaletle. People of Islam, according to the book with the first one in terms of the difference between Pagans Fâtiha'da unexpressed, the second will be shown, even this difference is that we find it more appropriate style of the Qur'an.

There is suggestive of us in this very important points. Could Prophet Muhammad, "The Jews have suffered wrath, sapıtmışlardır Christians." When commanded, how were they? Jews, more time before the world while ignoring the provisions of the Torah with love and selfishness, and even separated, even by breaking the path of Rights and consequently many great prophets, and especially Zakariya, Yahya and Isa (as) and Allah's wrath on the haksızlıklarıyla and both had won the hatred of the people. And already completely lost their political freedoms and marie had become scattered. And in this way instead of their lost communities as apparent. Solomon (pbuh) since the time of follow-up and uğraştıkça edegeldikleri had engaged in secret cemiyetlerle kuşkulandırmışlar and all the nations of the world in the eyes of people who do not obey the inner dışlarına sayılmışlardı head. However, the book is actually a backlight the world, belonging to a date because they are full of wonderful intellectual and to some extent at least as of proportioning between past, present situations were much more remarkable. In the past, always live in God based on a very fertile and thus the circle of the religion of nationalism in our time by connecting with the right to go out on a continuous (right to crush) and I want to düşüyorlardı person wants.

As for the Christians: that time they heir to Rome, Istanbul, as the owner of one of the world and even the first of the two largest were in the state. Iran against them (the state) had. So that day's position in the world of Christianity in today's Christianity was very high. Zannedilebilirlerdi blessing is given to them when you look at these external appearance. But in reality they were not the case. They had been walking towards a bad outcome. Results of the Hereafter, and was really dangerous. Though they were not stuck in a circle of racism, such as the Jews. But the size of the lost rights. Tevhidi oversee the work instead of at the beginning of a triple god saplanmışlardı faith. And I had in the name of idols such as idolaters. Although Manîviye and Seneviyye (one of the other evil, kindness for those who accept the existence of the two divine), according to the belief in god at the beginning of the trio because they give more or less a god, a father was not the meaning of monotheism. But the belief in god, the trio, consisting of Alexandria, the philosophy of different three-PERSON-i selasesi ekânim (three elements), instead of a three-party merger based ekânim-i Selas (three elements), respectively. He is both a way, and three, respectively. Violate the law of contradiction in the mind of such a belief in god is no longer triple challenge not left intellectual advances they have obtained through inheritance and all the sciences and fenleri çığırından isbatlama removed and the path of evidence, leaving only the taste and cardio on the basis of slopes that do not follow a path to random religious people to curb such an occasion and had follow-up for it in the hands of a logical application, since the slopes of psychology and emotions out and just to attract the hearts of the people of division and how many had engaged sapmışlardı excesses. On the other hand completely çiğnemişlerdi thinking about law. According to them the rights, the concept of Sharia was not about the truth. These are scientific, not a concept that was true and divine. Indeed, the case law mean that while the language used in the words of the Christian right and the truth (true) has nothing to do with substance. (Druva) other, (verite) are different. And at the same time as ancient Rome, a law was not normally prepared. Therefore, at the will of the people was not connected. Law alone, spiritual and spiritual principles that were put assemblies. These rights and ijtihad based on the science, not with a thought, will, with the idea of a legislator who did not completely moved by the belief of god and as a result of this trio, however in the Lâhut (the divine) and nâsut (things that belong to the people) of a mixture of incomprehensible , respectively. Human rights, not based on laws that God put in the hands of law koyucularının be put to the desired shape and in good faith, not to act arbitrarily and enjoy the points and the fact that recognition of the right to live the Christians in any way to someone else, the society was preparing a large falls. Because people around the world when poetic pleasure to enjoy the real pleasure of this eğlenebilirlerse doomed to flash immediately when you start chewing. No value for human rights in fact granted permanent sovereignty of the divine there is no meaning and cardio slopes (desires) will warm up right in the face of all other vehicles will remain inconclusive. Contrary to the faith and belief do not come in here that we do not see the perversion and ahlâksızlıklardan to mention. Because they are not connected to religious principles. In this way, Trinity (triple god belief), ideas, sterilization, their hearts fishing, şeriatsızlık, shortness of conscience and as a summary of rights and with a single word of truth go away. That these qualities were apparent at the time of Christianity. This was a deviation from the road right of way of the prophets. And as a result of the perversion of the course will be severe punishment. For this, the next states that the blessing given to them in sight with the Christians, even sayılsalar consciences and their future was not robust. Fall in force in the world and the Hereafter, a fine candidate and sapıklardı these injustices. Indeed, it was so. And Allah is exalted worshipers such defects (spots), away from danger and robust, with God's blessings in the future can deliver full salvation religion of Islam, has bestowed the right way and not to those who accept the religion of Islam in a short time away from God's promises and blessings of suspicion took place. And they are an example to the world the latest and most mature religious. This is hard for those who are on the right track with the same result-God 's help-will be held forever. That agreement says the truth.

SUMMARY: sura Prologue head start on the universe and that God, knowing all bets with the desired properties, the science of the Qur'an and the subject of Islam, the principles, the central part of a special issue of the science and the goal of the Qur'an and Islam is the beginning of the largest commitment to the law of God with the creation of all social secrets and principles of law the rights of notification and after saving three verses of the road, efradını Islam mosque (in the members area), ağyârını curb (foreigners issuing) certain limit, a delicious portrayal of eloquence and determined and all of them had gathered at the beginning of the validity of an eloquent sentence has been announced with the name of God.

Islam is going on this recipe: without wrath, without degrading wrong Path, directly to God and God's blessings and peace for him took "Praise be to Allah, al-hamdu Lillah =" dedirten and soundly attained to the full blessings of this clean, really happy, and praised , undergo anger, and was seen by history and experience has been followed by sapıtılmamış MEDIA known with a big, obvious, plain, accurate, and heading the way right way.

To accept this religion, religiosity before the start of the first gatherings and to know God other than Allah, God save him if he promised to give a full and make a deal and then a full one with perseverance and sincerity to fulfill all the limits of the rights and duties and reporting on the convenience and soundly as possible when you walk in a straight street to Sharia guidance, that is scientifically and practically to be successful is to ask the right way to show that this conscious response to the request will begin at the beginning of the duration of Baccarat.

So you want us to piety and religion, the Sharia and the Quran to show the right way. And this guidance (to show the right way) in two flavors. One of the spiritual and moral scientific, the other actual (practical) is that the Almighty to help oversee his servant. Noble Qur'an, scientific answer to ask for spiritual and moral. To make a successful response to this request as de facto accepting Irshâd dindarlıkta thoroughly at any time and will occur every split second.

Here is a God like that of Islamic religious law. Fatiha defining the meaning of this mental and cardio irşadlardan isbatlamak after the initial observations and history to bear witness and other evidence and vesikaya gösterivermiş the experience has not left even a need.

Constant observation and experience with those who doubt in this instance is one of the prophets Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) Nail the blessings of God so that supreme Efendimizle ashabının size and still half-dazzled KAMASAN mukaddesliğini can read the date. Hallelujah God's book, even if a letter like that we do without disrupting the existing and circumcisions of the Prophet is preserved, any deviation from Islam hakikatında, which attack has been no perversion. For this, the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad mu'cizelerinin maximum depth, the date that his rights, the trial witness accuracy. And in this way for our religion, science, and with reason and transport complex. Them, with integrity and sincere love of the communities to implement the experience they'll get the same results with a constant there is no right to doubt. In the name of science and learning to throw out such a doubt, yesterday to claim me as the sun shining tomorrow aydınlatamayacağını, is to deny the law of induction. But science and Fendi, experience and gives great importance to many Europeans, this stability in the law of induction (proposition) in t by not confuse ideas. Because the nature of Islam, in fact, and with the right resources dindarlığına in araştırmıyorlar; collapse Mohammedans are seeking in the current rolling. However, the true, the comparison will be time in the past with the present tense. He is always on the right path that he has really big difference between yürüyenlerle yürüyemiyenler. And this difference is the difference in a regression with no progress. This means that elevated loyal, loyal gerilemişlerdir not. So, religion, rights law, but in the name of religion, and deficiency is not true. Science and fendeki all rights law it is not like that? For example, a man who knows good math üşenir Transactions in the account to apply the mathematics of fault can be said? And no one knows the streets, for example, the losses of nasty germs sitting or lying papuçlarla visited the habit of entering into the room to bring in the end effect will be in charge of the science of preventive medicine to keep germs and can be eligible for disaster? People are responsible for themselves uydurmakla law right, while she tries to fit their fault that the law of the rights of the law, but he is human and suffer the detriment of the people. The first is for those who knowingly do it before the wrath of God. Those who unknowingly or perverts. They are doomed to the fate of the end of it. Unfortunately, human beings, especially in religion asrımız right to keep their love of the law seems to have been superior. Science, despite advances in science and industry all over the world so much as getting a general increase in the problems of humanity is the reason. These problems, but you can cut on the right path to walk.

"O Allah! Et us the straight path guidance. The path of those whom you gave the blessing. And not to be the wrath of sapanlarınkine. " Amen, "accept" which means a verb ism-i (verb meaning from the name), dir. Te'min to say Amen at (give the feeling of safety) is called. This is not a part of the Qur'an Nazmiye. To do this, write Mushaf'a. But as it was narrated in Bukhari and Muslim The Prophet (peace be upon him) That the Lord said, "Imam said veleddâllîn time all of you say amen. Because the angels say, amen. Amen to say, the past sins will be forgiven for arbitrary âminine angels. " Other Mawquf in a hadith: "The world population at the level of the ranks are the ranks of those above." Therefore, where "amen" in the sky "amen" e rastgelirse worship has any sins will be forgiven. "Buyurulmuştur. Therefore, "amen" to circumcision is constant. Both should be done in secret by the imam and the congregation. Alone or in secret prayer as Imam tells.

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