Kaji is a respectful title given to certain castes in Nepal.


After Shri Paanch Bada Maharaj Dhiraj Prithvi Narayan Shah formedGreater Nepal,he honored five castes with the hereditary title of "Kaji". Initially, four castes Basnyat, Khadka, Pande and Thapa were esteemed with the title and later the Kunwar clan was also subjected to this respectful designation. This honorary hereditary title is in existence even in today's time as respective 5 castes are till date corresponded to with the title "Kaji" prior to one's family name.

The respect that is to be provided to these elite classes of Kshatriya was even implemented to the likes of Brahmans, the highest of the Hindu castes.

Similar, another form of Kaji System came into existence much later which was non-hereditary. The title 'Kaji' was provided to the representative of the people's governing body. As it was a non-hereditary title, this term was only enjoyed by the personal till he was incumbent to the King and the people.

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  • Kaji or Kaji family is a Ottoman Empire's family name. (According to Von Hammer in Ottoman History book.)
  • Kailar - Kajilar (-lar suffix makes it plural, so that it means Kajis in Turkish.

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