Pronunciation K
Gender Unisex
Related names Katherine, Kaye, Kayanna, Kail, Kayla, Kaylee

Şablon:Kaibakınız d

Kai - Kaji - Kayı - Kays - Kayser - Kais - Kairawan
Kayı boyu - Kaji family - Kayı aşireti
Kailar -Kajilar - Kayılar - Kaylar
Ays - Iys - Iys bin İshak yanlış
İshak bin Ays
Jabal Bil Ays
Sakin Wu`ays
Ais people
Ay Ruyal name
List of unrecognized tribes in the United States Louisiana : Apalachee Indian ... Atakapa-Ishak Nation. Avogel Nation of Louisiana. ... Montana : Ahon-to-ays Ojibwa Band (a.k.a. Rocky Boy Ojibway Band). ...Turkey Town Association of the Cherokee.[1
Süleyman Şah -EÇS/11/219
Nuh Nebiden Süleyman Şaha silsilename
Ertuğrul Gazi
Osmanoğulları - Neden Osmanoğulları denir? Aleaddin Paşa Osman Gazinin oğlu
Alâaddin Paşa



The name Kay \kay\ is found both as a surname (see Kay (surname)) and as a given name. In English-speaking countries it is usually a girl's name, often a short form of Katherine or one of its variants; but it is also used as a first name in its own right, and (more often in non-English families) as a boy's name. As an English name it is pronounced kay. The alternative spelling Kaye is encountered as a surname, but also occasionally as a given name; for instance, actress Kaye Ballard.

A dynesty name:

  • Gakhars therefore use the ancient royal Persian title "Kay or "Kayani as did the Sassanian aristocracy as they claim connection with the semi-mythological Kayani Kings of ancient Iran.

A female first name:

A male first name (see also Kai (name)):

The name of a fictional character:

  • Agent K, a character in the Men In Black film series and animated series
  • Sir Kay, character from Arthurian legend
  • Kay, a protagonist in the video game Legend of Kay.
  • Kay, also spelled Kai, a character in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen
  • Kay, a character in the Vertigo comic series Fables.

A brand name or pseudonym:

  • Kay Musical Instrument Company, brand name of a double bass popular with blues, bluegrass and jazz bass players.
  • DJ Kayslay, the ringmaster of the new hip-hop rivalries
  • Kay Jewelers, a fine jewelry store chain in the United States
  • Mary Kay is a brand of skin care and color cosmetics in USA

Kay may also be:

  • the surname Kay
  • K, the eleventh letter in the Latin alphabet
  • 'kay, short for okay, a term of approval or assent
  • an epithet for a ruler of the mythological Kayanian dynasty
  • Kay, an album by John Wesley Ryles, or its title track


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