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İsmail Hakkı Bursevî Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi Ismail Haqqi al-Barsawî شيخ اسماعيل حقي البرسوي İsmail Hakkı Tekkesi
Milletlerarası İsmail Hakkı Bursevi Sempozyumu Dosya:Sayi 4 makale 16.pdf İsmail Hakkı Bursevî Uluslararası Sempozyumu II [1]
Ruh-ul Beyan Tafsir Ruh al-Bayan The Kernel of the Kernel
Google books : Online Tefsir - Mevzu zannedilen hadisler çıkarıldı deniliyor. [2] ........ okuma [3] Tafsir Ruh al-Bayan تفسير روح البيان Author: Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi (died 1127 AH) شيخ اسماعيل حقي البرسوي Tafsir Ruh al-Bayan is one of the famous Sufi Tafsirs of Quran, popular in Sunni scholars and often quoted from. Arabic version contains 10 volumes. It has also been translated in Urdu by Mufti Faiz Ahmed Owaisi The author Sheikh Ismail Haqqi was a great sheikh of Celveti Mujaddidi order. One of his Turkish books has been translated into English with the name "Kernel of kernels" The Kernel of the Kernel
Allah converses in Persian when content and in Arabic when angry ???[4] The Sunni scholar Imam Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi (died 1127 AH) in his esteemed commentary of the Holy Quran, namely Ruh al-Bayan, Volume 10 page 480 under the commentary of Surah al-Qadr states: وفى بعض الاخبار ان الله تعالى اذا تكلم بالرحمة تكلم بالفارسية والمراد بالفارسية لسان غير العرب سريانيا كان او عبرانيا واذا تكلم بالعذاب تكلم بالعربية "And some narrations state that when Allah (swt) converses in kindness He does so in Farsi (Persian), Farsi meaning a language other than the language of the Arabs; be it Syrian or Hebrew, and when He makes reference to punishment, He converses in Arabic". Bazı haberlerde gelmiştir ki Allahü Teala rahmeti ile tekellüm edeceği zaman Farisiyle tekellüm eder; Farisi'den murad Arab lisanın gayrı Suryanice veya İbranice olur. Ve azap ile tekellüm edeceği vakit Arabi tekellüm eder.
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  1. Volume 0: Title page - Read / Download
  2. Volume 1: 506 pages - Read / Download
  3. Volume 2: 532 pages - Read / Download
  4. Volume 3: 698 pages - Read / Download
  5. Volume 4: 568 pages - Read / Download
  6. Volume 5: 614 pages - Read / Download
  7. Volume 6: 508 pages - Read / Download
  8. Volume 7: 508 pages - Read / Download
  9. Volume 8: 534 pages - Read / Download
  10. Volume 9: 626 pages - Read / Download
  11. Volume 10: 558 pages - Read / Download

New Edition of Tafsir Ruh Al Bayan

SUNDAY, 17 JANUARY 2010 23:40

All praise is for Allah, Lord of all the worlds, and blessings and peace upon His servant Sayyiduna Muhammad (sall-Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), upon his family, his companions, his wives and those who follow them for the best until the Day of the judgment.

New Edition of Tafsir Ruh Al Bayan[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

The great Turkish Imam and wali of Allah Imam Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi (died 1127 AH) wrote tafsir of the quran Ruh Al Bayan Fi Tafsir Al Quran. It is available in 30 volumes.

This tafsir has been widenly accepted by the scholars of Ahlus sunnah, in particular those who have inclination towards tasawwuf.

One can be benifited from this tafsir a lot. However , there are certain daif and mawdu hadith present in it. One thing about which we can be sure is that , Imam Haqqi [ Rh] was ceratinly not aware that these hadith were mawdu, othersiwe he would not have mentioned those hadith in his tafsir.

Recently, Shaykh Muhammad Ali al –sabuni , has publsihed Ruh Al Bayan after removing mawdu hadith.

Shaykh Noor Mohammed kotawli[Pakistan] has found out two such narrations which has been removed from this new edition. There are many other narrations which are absent in the new edition. Those interested can compare these two editions for academic interest.

Imam Ismail Haqqi has mentioned a hadith , narrated by Abu Hurayra (Radiallahutala) that he said: the Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) asked Jibraeel ( alayhis salam), O Jibraeel, how old are you? He replied: O Messenger of Allah, I do not know except that in the fourth veil (Ḥijāb) there is a star that appears once every 70,000 years. I have seen it 72,000 times. The Prophet then said: by the Glory of my Lord, I am that heavenly body .

Shaykh Muhammed Ali al – sabuni has deleted this narration from his edition , as it has been agreed and called mawdu by the scholars of hadith.

Another deletion is the statement of Imam Wasti [Rh] which Imam Ismail Haqqi has mentioned while explaining verse 10 of sura 48 [Surat Al-Fath]. Imam Ismail Haqqi writes

“قال الواسطى اخبر الله بهذه الآية ان البشرية في نبيه عارية واضافة لا حقيقة يعنى فظاهره مخلوق وباطنه حق”

Narrated Al wasti: Allah has informed in this verse that the humanhood ( bashariyat) of my prophet (nabi) is temporary and his secret( batin) is haqq ( truth).

This can be seen on the internet edition of tafsir ruh al bayan .

Shaykh Muhammed Ali al sabuni has mentioned in the foreward that he has edited the original Tafsir Ruh Al Bayan and has deleted many mawdu/ unauthentic narrations. However, it would have been better that instead of deleting what Imam Ismail Haqqi wrote, the learned Shaykh Muhammed Ali al –sabuni would have mentioned in the foot note that these narrations are mawdu or not authentic or its origin could not be traced. In this way the coming generation can read what Ismail Haqqi [Rh] wrote.

May Allah help all of us to remain steadfast and die on Islam. Ameen

Abdullah Sabri Chisti

7th Zil Qadah 1430

27th Oct 2009

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