Ya Rab, bu uğursuz gecenin yok mu sabahıEdit

Do not have stayed forever and desperate to get rid of people!

We want ... You give us light the fire!

"You have won" call ... to strangle you send blood!

Esmezse if an eternal breeze, soon,
O Lord, from hell, this flood,
Soil cut, cut and sand the Islamic world;
Always under the idols of places will be revealed!
-I 'm afraid Cedd Hussein incitecektir
In the end, cross the forest to see the Harameyn'i

Thousand three hundred and thirty-five years, the territory of Hijaz

Moved around the burn burn,

Waves taşıp exiting the world of angels;
Full of the bell sounds, disappear the silence
Put out also, my God, this burning torch of unity,
Trinity is covered with dark entire world?

Three hundred million of that portrayed the faith,

Does the victim get five to ten suckers?

Is itwise Qur’an flare bright side?
Did you let it touch the end of Islam under foot?
Lord what a great pain, my God, what a bad pitch?
What is oppressed, crushing a small vision, meaning?
Behold, justice still did not kill those who do wrong!
Killer browsing the energetic ... Life is not guilty!
Why someone else is convicted of crime to someone else?
"La-yüs'el" (5) the orders of the question even though thousands of victims,
Caring for all these riddles of human horror.
Alas! I was down five on the belief that infidels;
We dived in a sleep that: woke up in hell!
Now that you, divine justice, crime, you will find…
Signs ofa bad word she wiped her handson a low
Thousands of the mosque fell down and buried!
Has been a two, if the temple, and he changed religion:
Cross on his chest,solid evidence of a bad word Widowed women remained,
left fatherless children, Lament of the family through the ages in a thousand years old!
Most were expelled from the bloody brutality homeland,
Millions of blood goes to heart of life!
To hold the hands of Islam, do not remove ...
Is far cry in vain: the weak do not deserve!
From all this disaster on our heads is not enough?
My mouth is dry … Divine Justice, No Deal!
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